The 9 Best Bikes Ergometers To Buy In 2020

The 9 Best Bikes Ergometers to Buy in 2020

Include a physical activity on a daily basis is essential to ensure better health and quality of life, however, the hectic routine work, household chores, studies, among others, makes it difficult the fulfillment of this need of the body and mind.

An effective proposal and a lot of enjoyable for this is pedaling. Pedaling and help in weight loss by reducing calories every movement, also helps in toning and strengthening muscles.

For those who do not have time to go to the gym or a place suitable as a bike path, for example, the exercise bike can be a very effective alternative.

The simple fact of being able to practice exercise at home, already makes it more comfortable and easy. Another advantage is that you can pedal the time and day you want without depending on weather conditions, as would happen if it were outdoors or people using the equipment as happens in gyms.

Professionals in Health and Physical Education area recommend at least 20 minutes a day of any year. Only those minutinhos can already make all the difference to your health, bringing more available and happiness.

Enjoy this recommendation and choose the best bike ergometer in 2020 to start the year with a healthier routine and a fit body.

Best Bikes Ergometers 2020

This selection brings the best bikes of 2020 varied choices of models, values ​​and goals, so that at least one of them matches your usage expectations.

This variety very consistent with the purpose of the user, even with its limitations and needs.

To learn more about these details of operation and information, know more details of this equipment that combines health and pleasure in one motion.

Review of Best Bikes Ergometers 2019

Analyzing the technical, size and other features of the ergonomic chair is a key factor to ensure a certain and no regrets choice.

It is also important to combine their needs, preferences and limitations with the device, so that its use is optimized.

In this ranking, the best 2020 ergonomic chairs were highlighted because of the structure of criteria, technology and especially the evaluation of consumers.

Whatever your choice among these models presented, know who will be getting a device with high quality, that will change your routine and make your health with the advantage of being at home.

Criteria of Choice: Exercise Bike

Now that you know the main stationary bike models 2020, it’s time to decide which one to choose among many options.

For this decision it is important to prioritize certain criteria such as the type of bike, operation, technology equipment, ergonomics and size.

These items will surely make all the difference in the practice of activity, according to your needs and goals.


The models of bikes are divided into three versions: vertical, horizontal and spinning.

Each represents a degree of ergonomics, including goal. To find out which is right for you, check the information of each of these types.


The operation of these three types of exercise bikes varies in two systems: mechanical and magnetic.

The mechanical system is usually the most economical at the time of acquisition. The resistance adjustment is made through the strap and the user himself controls the level of effort you want to ride.

Already magnetic, as its name implies, ensures the change in the level of effort by magnetic force, even these adjustments are made silently and with varying projections, increases, for example.

Information panel

Increasingly technological, some bikes already have information about the execution of the exercise and the health of the user.

On the bike display is available the rhythm of the heartbeat, blood pressure, calories lost, distance, speed, time and others.

With this feature, you can also adjust the level of activity, whether speed, route with climbs or linear and intensity of the pedal.

The more advanced models are compatible with mobile applications or smartwatch, which help to create interactive and adrenaline paths.


The ergonomic feature bike interfere much in their efficiency, after all, the position that each body part stays and especially the position provided by the equipment should not bother at any time.

To be considered ergonomic, the bike must have height adjustments both on the bench, as the handlebars. The pedals should also be positioned according to the user’s action.

Banks need to have soft padding and material that allows perspiration. The handlebars composition must also provide these qualities.


The conditions of space inside a house to accommodate a stationary bike may be limited. In view of this, the sizes of them end up varying in order to meet the different needs of each user.

For those with an appropriate space for physical activity, the spinning models, including the horizontal can be purchased without any difficulty for installation and use.

Now if the location is more restricted or if the device is arranged in a common room such as a bedroom or living room, there are more compact options, which do not cease to be effective.

It is very important before making the purchase, have a place for the equipment and measure both the space of the house as the dimensions of the bike in order to ensure that it be in a visible and accessible location.

Like that is hard to forget your daily commitment!

Weight and Assembly

These two factors are not as priority as those discussed above, but can make a big difference, especially if you need to change the provisions of site equipment.

Most of the models mentioned above do not exceed 25 kg, including, some come with wheels that facilitate the mobility of the exercise bike the other rooms of the house.

Already mounting the bike, usually it is on the buyer, however, in addition to the instruction manual that comes with the product, there are several tutorial videos explaining the installation of the bike.

If you have difficulties, prioritize pre-assembled models, which simply snap a few pieces like pedal, handlebar and lever or find an expert to help you.

What is the best exercise bike for 2020?

Despite all the models presented in the rankings having a lot of quality and good performance, according to users, we highlight the Bike Kikos A5 as the best exercise bike 2020, due to its multifunctionality.

It is the only model in this guide that simultaneously works the upper and lower limbs. This is thanks to your handlebars, which moves forward and back, as the pedaling.

This unique function is similar to the elliptical, which makes Bike Kikos A5 a two in one.

Moreover, the bike comes Kikos A5 ergonomic structure with adjustable seat and soft coating material which allows perspiration.

Your monitor displays information that guide the user, such as time, speed, distance, calories, odometer and scan.

Supporting up to 100 kg per user, Bike Kikos A5 has sturdy structure, all steel, which ensures greater durability.

The speed, as well as the intensity of exercise can be controlled easily in Bike Kikos A5.

Last but not least, she accompanies a towel and squeeze to leave your home or the environment to be prepared, even more similar to a gym.

What is the best exercise bike for money?

If the priority right now is to save the purchase of an exercise bike, the Kikos 3015 is the ideal choice, as well as all the advantages in functionality, it also has an affordable price, worth the money.

Extremely compact, the Kikos 3015 comes in 77x50x101cm dimensions and weighs only 14 kg, which enables greater mobility from one room to another, as well as to an easier transport.

Despite this compactness, the Kikos 3015 supports up to 100 kg per user, including its structure is sturdy and durable. Another feature of this version is its practical and fast assembly.

The digital panel Kikos 3015 allows you to check information such as speed, time, distance and calories burned during exercise.

Silent, has speed and load intensity settings even comes with straps for the feet, which enhances the safety of the equipment.

The Kikos 3015 is also ergonomic and may have the seat height and handlebar customized according to the user. The seat and handlebars are finished in materials that allow perspiration, and are extremely soft.

For all these reasons, the Kikos 3015 was considered the best exercise bike for money 2020.