5 Best Washers High Pressure ⇒ See The Winner! 【2020】

5 Best Washers High Pressure ⇒ SEE the winner! 【2020】

That heavier and difficult cleaning can be facilitated by a pressure washer. Its powerful jet of water can clean even the most inaccessible corners! Learn everything you need to choose the best model for your routine.

Yard, bathroom, car, floor grout and tile are just some of the examples where the washer can be used. For household cleaning, there are models for home use and for a more difficult hurdle, the semi-professional types also work well.

The powerful jet of water can combine speed, efficiency and economy of water. With the pressure washer, cleaning really is much faster and using less water. A real time-saver and the pocket.

Best Washers High Pressure 2020

Look at the main washer models for domestic use 2020:

Now, let’s check how to choose the best equipment for you to use in your home. Check out!

High pressure washer

Use a pressure washer to clean the house, the yard, the car means using less time and money for a much better cleaning.

To give you an idea, there are devices that consume up to 8 times less water than compared to a traditional hose. In times of water resources increasingly scarce and expensive, saving is a good deal.

In addition, the water jet can reach even the most difficult places. With his strength, and wet location, it’s enough clearing. Thus, high pressure holds in itself, work heavy cleaning. So less time faxinando!

Thus, the washer is perfect for washing yards, pools, driveways, walls, roofs and floors. It works great for car and motorcycle cleaning, speeding up the cleaning.

It can also be used on windows, carpets, and all outdoor furniture, facilitating the removal of heavy dirt.

According to the type of washing machine, it can have different duration of use:

These recommendations may vary from brand to brand to. In the case of domestic line, it is interesting to observe a period of rest of the equipment every 1 hour of continuous use. This will preserve the machine’s engine longer.

But how to assess what is the best model to use in your house? In seeking a high-pressure washer, you need to keep an eye on some important features. Among them are: maximum pressure, water flow, power, hose and weight of the equipment.

Let’s see each of these features separately:

Maximum pressure

As its name suggests, the maximum pressure is the force of the height of the jet and its cleaning ability. The higher the pressure, the greater the impact of it on the surfaces on which it is applied.

The devices usually have settings to control this pressure and thus use less or greater intensity. So if you need a washer for dirt and heavy and hard, pay attention to this feature.

This information may appear with many “names”. One is Mpa, the “megapascal”, which is the international system pressure measurement unit.

Another unit is the pounds, which appear by the abbreviation “lb” or “lbs.” This unit mass may also appear in English, with the “psi” abbreviation. So, keep an eye on those little letters, when searching for your new pressure washer.

Water Flow

This is the measure that will define how quickly the cleaning will be done. The flow of water thus relates to how much water will be ejected at the same power.

There are devices that have different jet options. Among them is to keep the concentrated stream – increasing local effectiveness – or using the array format. With this last option, for example, increases the range of washing, reducing, however, the strength of the jet.

The flow of water does not necessarily mean the waste of water resources. The high pressure washers have own saving systems.

Thus, it is possible that equipment to use less water, compared with traditional hoses. Moreover, it relies on the rapid and effective washing incomparable with other cleaning methods.

This measure may appear as liters per minute (l / m) or per hour (l / h). Stay tuned to it to know which washer has the features you need.


In a high-pressure washer, the power means is how strong the machine. The more powerful, the greater the strength of the equipment and cleaning efficiency.

So if you need a product for hard and heavy dirt, as grimy places, long-standing stains, mud, among others, is worth betting on washing machine more powerful.

It is important to note, also, that the power is equivalent also to say how much the machine spends the energy per hour on average.

Thus, if the equipment has high power, compared to others of the same category, it tends to consume more power than others.

The power appears in watts (W) per hour. The average of a pressure washer is 1,300 W / h. Compared to other domestic equipment, it is behind the shower, iron and electric oven.

But the machine for cleaning consumes more energy than most of other appliances such as vacuum cleaner, refrigerator and microwave. Therefore, it is essential to keep an eye on power washer to also save on electricity.


A feature of high pressure washers that often get overlooked is the size of the hose. It does not help to have a powerful and good flow and pressure equipment if it does not reach where it should.

Thus, it is important to check the full extent of the equipment. Some manufacturers report, including the size of the wire, plus the length of the hose, ensure greater reach.

There is always the possibility of using an extension cord with plugs. But if the washer is used outdoors, it is interesting that the product comes with good length of hose agree?


Finally, a very important feature to note is the weight of the washer. Some equipment comes with a stand that facilitates the transport of the machine.

However, most of them do not have this accessory. And even with him, if the product is too heavy, it can hinder cleaning.

The average weight of the pressure washer is 6 kg. Thus, careful to keep also the machine weight as when choosing your new product.

Review of Best Washers High Pressure 2020

We now know the main features to be observed in a high pressure washer: maximum pressure, water flow, power, size and weight of the hose.

Besides this information, we will take as a criterion to define the best washers assessment of customers and users. So, based on reviews and ratings made by those many people who have bought and used the machines, we will analyze the main models.

What is the Best High Pressure Washer?

Now, having assessed the five main models of washers today, choosing the best among them?

Everything will go through to know what your need to purchase a pressure washer.

As we have seen, this machine is used for heavy cleaning inside and outside the home. It can also be used in washing cars, motorcycles and bicycles.

Your water jet works accurately, eliminating the dirt in hard to reach places, as also more sparsely washing yards, sidewalks and other places faster.

To assess what the best equipment, it is still necessary to verify its main features and how they can help you in cleaning.

Thus, the maximum pressure tells how the washer is strong for cleaning. The flow of water, as suggested by name, say how much is released from the water resource for the equipment.

Since the power can be analyzed both from the perspective of energy consumption, as the ability to work the washing machine.

Finally, two features can not be left out of the assessment to best pressure washer: hose size and weight of the product. These two elements will be fundamental to find the usability of the machine.

Now that you have in mind to use the washer and wait as their characteristics will be important for that, see the best the brand, model washer and which is more cost effective. Check out!

What is the best High Pressure Washer mark

We analyzed five different brands washer high pressure, with their respective models. The Kala manufactures various products, but not differentiated from other companies when it comes to washing machine.

Already Intech Machine is one of the newest companies in this segment and has been operating since 2007 equipment, tools and household items.

Electrolux is a centuries-old European company that is spread all over the world. Among the various products it sells also manufactures washers. Even with the high quality, you can not say that she is an expert in this category.

Undoubtedly the best known brands of pressure washer are the Wap and Karcher, offering everything from homemade lines the semi-professionals. Therefore, both have more expertise, knowledge and experience to produce the product.

The Wap is more than 60 years in the cleaning and maintenance industry and has more than 450 service centers.

Meanwhile, Karcher has been operating for 35 years in Brazil, with large factory to supply parts and more than 1,300 service stations.

For these facilities, the Karcher can be considered the best brand washer high pressure Brazil.

Best High Pressure Washer

Among the 5 pressure washer models, saw machines that stood out negatively and positively in its main features.

Thus, Kala LK1200 figured as lower maximum pressure. The Karcher K2 Basic showed the lowest water flow, leveling with Kala LK1200 with lower powers.

On the issue of weight, Wap Atacama Smart stands out negatively. And, on the extension of the hose, there was a technical tie with all machines.

Meanwhile, Intech California submitted the best water flow. Moreover, it is the lightest of all analyzed.

However, Electrolux PowerWash Ews30 shoots maximum power and pressure, providing superior efficiency in heavier washes. It also comes with cart, making it easy to carry and use, even with the heaviest of the five.

Therefore, Electrolux PowerWash Ews30 is the best high-pressure washer 2020.

Best High Pressure Washer Cost Benefit

We have seen that the Karcher brand was voted the best among the selected, and that the Eletroclux PowerWash Ews30 model was considered the best among the five high-pressure washers evaluated.

However, which one has the best value? Making a comparison with the basic features of the device, plus the analysis of users, we come to the following conclusion.

Despite being the best brand, Karcher Basic K2 has a median price, but delivers some elements with performance below the median.

Electrolux PowerWash Ews30 have high performance, but the price is also the largest among the evaluated.

The Kala LK1200 works as an entry product with consistent performance with its low purchase price.

Already Wap Atacama Smart has a renowned brand, but is in a price range that could deliver more than it offers.

Thus, we can consider the pressure washer Intech California as the one with the best value.

The user finds it a quality product with maximum power and within the average pressure. In addition, the model shows the water flow better and the lowest weight of all analyzed. Worth betting on this model!