The 7 Best Tablets (Android And Ios) To Buy In 2020

The 7 Best Tablets (Android and iOS) to Buy in 2020

For those who prefer an intermediate device between the notebook and the smartphone, tablet and comply with this proposal, because of its convenience and variety of functions.

With ideal size to develop various professional or entertainment activities, this technological tool ensures more flexibility and mobility and can be taken anywhere with great discretion and ease.

Although the functions are based on the touch system through the touch of a finger on the screen, some versions of tablets have compatibility with pens and keyboards, which makes their use more practical.

Among its main proposals of applicability, access to internet, e-mails, games, social networking, photos, videos and other entertainment such as playing movies, series and reading digital books, make a very satisfactory efficiency for users with needs and expectations varied.

Another advantage of this compact but powerful device is the possibility of integrating the various applications and software for professional use.

Whatever your purpose of use, the basic rule for choosing the best 2020 tablet is the quality and efficiency that this equipment can offer in various activities.

To help you in this, we selected the best tablets of 2020 with their technical characteristics and use of information, including considering the views of buyers and number of sales in the main virtual retail stores.

Best Tablets 2020

With advanced technology, easy handling and compact design, these tablets were considered the best of 2020.

Samsung brands, Apple, Multilaser, STI and Microsoft, as well as monitor and integrate digital innovations with each release of the devices, also seeks to meet different audiences, whether for professional needs, leisure or entertainment.

The details of each model, advantages and benefits detailed below, certainly will direct you in choosing the best tablet 2020. Check out!

Review of Best Tablets 2020

Due to the many features of the new tablets, some models have to equate with notebooks and computers, but always with the advantage of compactness in his favor.

Many versions, inclusive, are intended for children’s use with easy accessibility features, block websites and other more limited functions. They are generally more affordable as well.

It is important to attend the activities arranged by each model, as some that are specific to particular and unique actions, such as read-only as is the case of e-readers and others just to have installed games without the possibility of access Internet.

Tablet: Choice Criteria

Amid so many options, choosing the best tablet of 2020 may seem like a complicated task, however, analyzing some criteria such as battery life, memory, camera resolution, among other features, this decision has become more accurate.

Remember also, that there are specific models of tablets for certain activities or public.

Some limited to entertainment activities, such as listening to music, watch videos or read e-books, while others contain software that allows use of heavier programs editing and creation for professional use.

As well as its specifications and features, the value between them vary widely, this factor also directs at the time of choice, especially if the tablet is used to replace the notebook, which can further increase its benefits, and therefore the price.


The battery is a very important factor in choosing the tablet, since one of its main advantages is that mobility and flexibility it provides.

Mainly for transport, no need to take the battery or even have a recharge time faster, support this feature equipment practicality.

Batteries usually last about 6 hours, depending on the model and quantity of integrated functions.

To optimize a few simple precautions battery can be applied while using the tablet on a daily basis, for example, do not let it fully discharge to plug in to disable automatic notifications when you are not in use and finally, avoid leaving your tablet in extremely hot places, it helps in faster unloading.

Screen size

This criterion depends largely on what will be the applicability of the tablet. For those who prefer a more compact to carry more easily and discretion, the displays 7-8 inches are ideal.

For those who need more clarity and detail in the image, whether for professional use or even to watch content more ergonomic way, with screens up to 10 inches are the most suitable.

There are also hybrid models options that come with covers with keyboards and even mice, these generally have screens 11 to 13 “.


Most models cited comes with internal memory and RAM, which further enhances the storage capacity of the tablet.

As in the case of the screen size, the activities to be developed on the tablet is that it will drive the amount of memory required.

For more simple actions such as navigation on websites and reading digital books, memories 4GB to 8GB are very useful.

As for storage of music, videos and applications; one 16gb 32gb of memory is required.

Now if the intention is to use the tablet for heavier games and not worry about the amount of stored content, a 64GB tablet will fulfill all these expectations. These are generally used for professional tasks.


The resolution of the image, either in pictures or videos, also makes all the difference in tablet efficiency.

To ensure a quality picture is required that the device has at least 5MP.

All models of this ranking have both front as rear camera, some even come with the dual system, two rear cameras, which further potentiate the resolution of the image, such as the Tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 128GB.

The footage in 4K is another advantage available on the Apple iPad Tablet model 6. This technology present in the latest Smart TV, ensure more clarity and very close images of reality.

If the intention is to optimize the use of the tablet, replaced the use of the notebook or PC by this more compact, hybrid or with keyboard and mouse accessories will surely provide more satisfaction of use.

Despite these accessories often do not follow the factory product, some models are compatible with this covers integration with keyboards and wireless mice, which can be purchased separately, as is also the case of the Tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 128GB.

These accessories provide more convenience even for activity without losing the great feature and tablet advantage of the compactness.

What is the difference between Tablet and E-readers?

The appearance of the tablet and e-readers may even be similar, but the functions of these devices are extremely different.

The tablet, as detailed in this article, allows internet surfing, production photos and videos; playing movies, series and music; games, access to social networks, including use of professional breeding programs, designer among others.

The e-reader is a specific device for reading. Although the tablet also impart this function to the reader, and this activity becomes more ergonomic and easier.

The screen e-reader contains magnetic pigments that do not emit light and make a very close reading experience with conventional paper.

What is the Best Tablet 2020?

To be considered the best 2020 tablet is necessary that the device meets certain characteristics already described above.

A long battery life, ergonomic screen, but also compact for transportation, enough memory to a varied storage, camera with good resolution and compatibility with accessories that optimize its use.

Fulfilling all these criteria, including accessibility in value, compared to Microsoft’s model of this ranking, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 128GB Android Octa-Core 2.0GHz can be considered the best 2020 tablet.

It comes with front camera of 8MP, which already exceeds the back of many models. Have your back camera comes in dual system with two cameras, one of 13MP and 5MP another.

Only this image factor ensures plenty of exclusivity and efficiency in the production of pictures and amazing videos.

With thin and light design, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 can be transported with ease and discretion. Despite the compactness, the 10.5 “screen provides a lot of comfort when watching content with a capacity of unparalleled immersion.

The storage space of this tablet is as powerful as its speed, it has 128gb of internal memory, which allows the integration of thousands of songs, games and heavier professional software.

The handling agility is for the Octa-Core 2.0GHz processor, which combines the most modern and technological digital system.

Finally, another advantage of this model is its compatibility with extra accessories that enhance its use.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 comes with built-in stylus, which ensures greater accuracy and convenience in performing various activities and also is compatible with the S6 keyboard cover, which allows the use of this tablet as a notebook, for example.

What is the best tablet money?

If the option is to take advantage of all the benefits this system offers with high quality and efficiency, but without spending too much, the Samsung Galaxy Tab The T280 8GB Android Quad-Core is best tablet money 2020.

The resolution rear camera comes to 5MP, a great quality, as the most affordable product value. It comes with unique programs, filters and digital zoom, further enhancing the quality of photos.

Extremely lightweight, this tablet weighs only 285 grams, which makes it ideal to carry anywhere you want with ease, comfort and discretion.

The 8GB memory is ideal to use it in more routine activities, but it is also possible to store a certain amount of content such as music, photos and other applications, but not overly so.

The Quad-Core 1.3GHz processor ensures agility in several actions, including the Android system allows greater compatibility with various applications and other devices.

For those looking for efficiency and a tablet that meets the digital basic needs, the Samsung Galaxy Tab The T280 is the solution.

What is the best Tablet brand in 2020?

Mentioned four times in the rankings and with two models chosen as best tablets, Samsung undoubtedly meets the main criteria to be considered the best 2020 brand tablet.

Bringing the very latest in digital technology, the brand leads the sale of these devices together to smartphones.

The diversity of models, features, and of course, values, makes the brand accessible to diverse audiences, whether for professional use, for entertainment or even childish.

One of the great features of the brand is the compatibility of tablets with other Samsung devices, programs and software. This allows the tablet’s functionality is always optimized.