The 7 Best Mouses Gamers With And Wireless (Razer, Logitech) 2020

The 7 Best Mouses Gamers with and Wireless (Razer, Logitech) 2020

Integrating our ranking of the best gamer mouse, the Razer brand, Logitech, fortrek, Zowie, HyperX and Deathadder are already very popular in the category.

Positive reviews, recommendations, and the number of shopping in one of the largest online retailers in the country confirm this preference.

Among the options, there are gamer mice indicated for professional use, they contain more settings and features, as well as more basic versions for hobbyists who appreciate the ergonomics and a more cost effective.

Review of Best Gamer Mice 2020

Just as there are a variety of games and gamer categories for PC, there are also several peripheral options between gamer mice, settings and extra features.

To find out which is right for your game, nothing better to analyze the difference between each model, we present below.

In addition to the technical features, we highlight the positives and negatives of each gamer mouse in order to further facilitate your choice.

Evaluations of amateur and professional users, were also key to compose this comprehensive ranking especially for you.

Criteria of Choice: Mouse Gamer

There are many differences between each mouse model gamer market. Some have higher quality sensors, customization possibility, macros buttons for configuration and key shortcuts, as well as design and ergonomic factors.

Other advantages, such as the focus of accuracy, speed and mouse response time may vary according to the game, which will be used.

To know that even worth looking into before choosing the best gamer mouse 2020, check the criteria below and see what fits according to your preferences and gaming needs.


There are two common types of gamer mouse, focused on the FPS games (First Person Shooter), which are the activities of shooting in first person and the MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online) RPG games with multiple players online.

The choice between the FPS and MMORPG is based on your gaming preference, so before opting for mouse gamer due to other technical features, check your specification between these two types.

Number of DPI (Dots Per Inch)

DPI (dots per inch) or dots per inch corresponding to the speed of the mouse.

The higher the number of DPI, the faster the movement of the mouse pointer on your game screen.

Remember, there are games that cherish the accuracy, rather than speed, so not always the more DPI, the better.

Ideally, choose a mouse gamer that comes with the ability to configure the number of DPI. If the model does not have this feature, prioritizes mice with DPI from 3000 for more agility and below 1000 if you want more accuracy.


The extra mouse buttons often facilitate access to keyboard shortcuts and other game settings.

There are models that have up to 19 extra buttons, which are next to the mouse.

Despite the ease and convenience that these buttons provide the game, many users still prefer a smaller number, for example, a maximum of 8 buttons, since they can often hinder the positioning of the hand and moving the mouse.

Internal memory

Among the extra features of more advanced gamer mouse is the ability to save settings in its internal memory.

This allows your preferences on speed, frequency and accuracy are recorded and used on any PC you are playing.


Amid the mouse connection options gamer, there is the cable and also the use of wireless.

Some users report that the wireless use can delay the mouse response time during the game, including the variation of connectivity that can be bluetooth or wireless, causing possible interference. But it is noteworthy that with the technological advances that factor has already been corrected effectively and satisfactorily.

Already the wired mice, has this advantage, according to users, a faster response time, however, like any wire, just fumbling a bit of ergonomics and visual product.

Design and Weight

For those who use the mouse gamer professionally and spend hours and hours manipulating the accessory, the ergonomics of the product is as important as its features and extra features.

After all, nothing on a powerful machine, it causes pain in the wrists, fingers and hand during the game. This can disrupt and the competitive gaming performance.

To avoid these annoyances, nothing better than to evaluate the design and material of the gamer mouse.

Some have material that allows perspiration and even heating up, does not bother the user. Other comes with softer touch, ideal curvature for support of thumbs, among other details, which may vary according to your preferred mode of use.

The weight also interferes with mobility, including the accuracy during the games. Some people prefer the lighter to ensure faster movements as well, mouses over 500 grams for more precise actions.

And once again, the type of game can make all the difference in this choice.


Customizing mouse gamer goes from the visual, through numerous combinations of colored LEDs that some models feature, as well as in the configuration of the games.

This criterion is more suitable if you play various types of gamers, as a call for more speed, other precision, finally, with the ability to configure the mouse technical characteristics, it is easier to ensure good performance and success, whatever the game.

This customization can be combined with the various combinations of LED lights mouse offers, which makes it possible to identify which you are using, for example, put the red light for a DPI higher and the yellow to a lower, among others, as the number.

What is the best Mouse Gamer 2020?

An ideal choice for professional use, but also for amateurs is the Gaming Mouse Lancehead Rz01-02120100 Wireless Black Razer.

It comes as all the criteria that prioritize the most demanding gamers, from ergonomics to technological resources.

With modern design, it weighs only 295 grams, but comes with a range of possible uses.

8 are extra buttons that allow you to configure and customize the game according to your preferences, and save them in order to follow the same pattern in other PCs.

The adjustable DPI reaches 16,000, ideal for those who need more flexibility, without losing accuracy in games.

The Gaming Mouse Lancehead Rz01-02120100 connection is via wireless and it also has a highly accurate laser sensor.

Mechanical switches of this accessory ensures greater optimization of the game even has factor ambidextrous shape.

It can also be customized visually by lighting RGB Chroma, which gives the touch that was missing in the gamer mouse design.

Faced with all these technical characteristics and also according to the positive reviews of its users, the Gaming Mouse Lancehead Rz01-02120100 was named best gamer mouse 2020.

mouse usage tips gamer

Now that you know what the best gamer mouse 2020, and the main criteria that make this the ideal option, know also how to leverage their use through these tips.

Do not you just plug the mouse on the PC to ensure the benefits of the gamer. One of the main differences between the common mouse is the ability to configure it according to your preference and need.

For this, use the software that came with the mouse, it will help you as the necessary adjustments, even if your option comes with numerous extra buttons you will be able to set keyboard shortcuts the way you want.

Each game can be customized through different settings of the mouse. As stated above in the review, there are games that need more speed, like others who prioritize accuracy.

The possibility to individually customize each game you can set these options by changing the number of DPI, response time, among others. With the internal memory of the mouse, you can also save these settings for future matches.

Despite the combination of lighting and mouse colors have a proposal for a better visual effect, be aware that some gamer mice allow them to be adjusted according to the DPI used.

This makes it much easier when changing game and check which the mouse speed is set.

If your mouse gamer option has connectivity via cable, nothing better than using a mouse bungee.

The mouse bungee cord will hold the mouse, so that it does not wrap and disturb your game.

Verify the amount of wire left on the mouse bungee is enough to move the mouse with speed and accuracy.

To ensure durability and protection of the mouse, using a specific surface is highly recommended.

In addition to providing greater mobility, avoid risks and mainly protect the optical sensor equipment, mousepad can complete the look of your PC gamer, as there are numerous custom options.

Although most gamer mouse models cited in this ranking has ergonomic design, which avoid uncomfortable physical, giving an elongated cuffs and fingers between one match and another is an excellent strategy to prevent possible injury.

Following these tips and choosing any gamer mouse cited in this ranking, you certainly ensure more pleasure and satisfaction during their games, whether professional or just for leisure and entertainment.

Besides gamer mouse, other peripherals can enhance game performance, such as headphones, microphones, including the gamer chair, which was also analyzed in a top 6, 2020 by Best of Home. Also check out this suggestion!