The 7 Best Iphones And Cost Benefit To Buy In 2020

The 7 Best iPhones and Cost Benefit to Buy in 2020

When it comes to Apple-branded smartphones, it is believed that the best iPhone will always be the newly-released but will this option is right for you ?!

To find the best Iphone, that meets your preferences, including their economic conditions, we detail in this guide, the technical, functional and differences of Iphones tops 2020.

Whatever the prioritized criteria for the choice of his, such as camera resolution, memory or even the cost; know that you can opt for a previous version without losing the quality and advantages of the device, as often, the news of a release to another are irrelevant.

In addition, there are also different versions of each release, such as the Iphone 11, which has the Pro and Pro Max model.

Check out all these differences and details that will help you choose the best iPhone to your day to day. See also some curiosities of the brand!

Best Iphone 2020

In this ranking we have since the launch of Apple earlier versions still very conquer the public, due to the performance, including the most affordable value.

These seven Iphones, despite the technological and even size differences, have in common the quality of the brand, which prioritizes fast performance without crashes and a photographic image of very high resolution compared to the category of smartphones.

See more details for each iPhone and find out which version will bring more satisfaction ara use you!

Review of Best Iphones 2020

Our list with the description of each product follows the release order to the older versions, which are still popular.

Knowing the technical characteristics of the Iphone is the main step to make a right choice, no regrets.

The views of users was also taken into consideration in this guide, as there is information that only those who used can confirm.

Here you can see also that the success and recognition of Apple Iphones are not related only to the status of the brand, as many competitors often accused because the technology used makes the difference.

Choose criteria: Iphone

Using the iPhone differs from person to person. There are those who need the smartphone with a large storage space to archive data, while others who use it more for communication, eliminating the need for such a great memory.

They also have those who opt for the brand because of the quality of the camera and resolution of the images, finally, the preferences are numerous and mainly different.

Given this, so that the choice of Iphone fulfill their expected use, know which sound the main criteria used to define what the best Iphone 2020 and check which ones are related to their needs.

Storage capacity

In addition to providing better performance to the iPhone, the storage capacity interferes with the resources you have available on your device through applications.

Remember that the iPhone does not allow the use of SD cards to expand the memory, as with other smartphones.

Given this, it is important to choose a version with viable capacity to your favorite applications. Models with 32GB is enough, if you prioritize only essential features of communication and social networking.

Now who need to archive a large number of photos, videos, movies and uses a wide variety of editing applications, communication, social networking, among others, a 128GB iPhone is the most suitable.

Of course, the higher the storage capacity, the higher the unit cost, so for those who need space but can not spend much, you can also opt for smaller versions and use cloud storage.

Apple offers Icloud service with 5GB free to its users, which increases the storage opportunity of your favorite files. You can also increase this cloud space with paid versions.

Screen size

The screen size is a criterion that really divides the opinions of users. Some people prefer smaller screens for increased portability.

The Iphone 7, for example, is a great option to carry in your pocket with great discretion. And the compact size of 4.7-inch screen does not interfere with their efficiency.

As for those who enjoy watching videos, series and have greater visibility of images captured by the camera, larger screens of 5.8 or 6.5 as the Iphone or the XS Plus versions are the most recommended.

Battery Life

With each new release Apple seeks to improve battery life, this is evidenced by the comparisons between the Iphone 11-7, for example. While the release lasts about 12 hours, the older version in the ranking takes 10 hours.

Despite these technical enhancements, the battery life varies greatly according to the use of the Iphone. After all, you can have a 12-hour model, but using the internet constantly, it downloads and other applications, surely your battery run out faster than a person who has the iPhone 7 and uses more communication.

Quality Camera

The resolution of the photographic image and video is one of the priority factors when choosing the best Iphone.

This feature is also prioritized and renewed every launch, to ensure more and more camera quality.

For an image is sharp and full of detail, resolutions up to 10MP is enough.

Most models come with a resolution lower the front camera, however, it is noteworthy that this amount of megapixels rear camera still outperforms many market competing smartphones.

Among the novelties of the cameras of Iphones, besides the resolution, the latest releases also bring triple rear cameras, double, wide-angle lenses, telephoto optical zoom of 2x to 5x.

image sensors, software Smart HD and extra features such as “Portrait” mode, which blurs the background of the photos also leverage the advantages of the camera of certain versions of Iphones.

The result of all this can only be photos and videos more and more faithful to reality.

All Iphones this guide have 3D Touch technology, which is nothing more than a pressure sensor on the screen to unlock the device and releases applications, running like a password.

Various applications, payments and even social networks can not accessed through this technology.

Another extra feature that makes a difference in the use of your iPhone is charging wirelessly. As of version 8, the devices now come with this possibility of carrying magnetic induction.

This function brings more convenience even for carrying your charger.


As well as the technological attributes, the colors of each launch of the Iphone can also be renewed, as is the case of the XR version, which offers models in yellow, coral, red, blue, white and black.

Since most other models have the most traditional varieties of black, gray, silver, gold and rose gold.

A very important detail about the red Iphone is that it is part of a partnership with (RED) ® and part of the revenue from sales of this model is donated to programs on HIV and AIDS.

What better Iphone 2020?

Comparing the releases, as they always surpass the previous versions in technology and performance, the best Iphone 2020 is the 11 Pro.

With ideal size, more compact than the top model Pro Max, this pocket-sized iPhone with great discretion and yet does not lose efficiency as a screen to watch their shows and videos with its 5.8-inch field of view.

Like the Pro Max, it comes with triple rear camera of 12 MP, ensuring an optimal resolution of 2436 x 1125 pixels your images. Shooting in 4K and you can even choose the amount of internal memory among the options of 521GB to 32GB.

Although your battery lasts less than Max Pro version, on average 11 hours in constant activity, Iphone Pro 11 is less time charging.

Now if you prefer a version that prioritizes the benefit cost, the iPhone 7 Plus also maintains various qualities of this release, as the amount of 12 MP camera, picture function, shooting 4k; all at an affordable value compared to version 11.

In short, whatever your choice between these models of this ranking you will be ensuring a high standard in technology and performance. The differences between them are, because every launch its main features are enhanced, however, this does not reduce the efficiency of the older versions.

Curiosity about Apple!

This company represented by a symbol of an apple goes beyond the most famous brand of mobile phones and computers around the world.

Apple’s story serves as an inspiration for many young people, who believe in the power of technological innovation.

Now that you know what the best Iphone 2020 and trivia about the Apple brand, so also check other technological products such as Tablets and Notebooks ?! Ensure more modernity and practicality in their day to day with these options.