The 6 Best Wireless Routers Wifi To Buy In 2020

The 6 Best Wireless Routers Wifi to Buy in 2020

The wireless router wifi, it’s as common in homes as a TV, for example. The need to be always connected even with the electronics themselves, as smartvs, sounds, robot vacuum cleaners and of course the computers themselves, makes it an essential tool in the daily lives of many families.

For a connection to the internet quality and appropriate speed, not enough to hire a provider and number of megabits or gigabits, choosing a good router can make all the difference.

Since this decision includes many terms and specifications of this device, we summarize the main information in a simple and objective way to help you analyze the decisive criteria when choosing the best 2020 router.

Remember, choosing the right wireless router wifi directly influences the better performance of their online activities.

Best Wireless Router 2020

In this ranking you can find different options and routers; this is due to the fact that each of these devices are indicated for certain connections, but also, according to the activities that will be carried out online.

So it is extremely important to know the details of each model, including technical and functional aspects, as well as the criteria to analyze which ones match your expectations and needs.

Review of Best Wireless Routers 2020

The router, the device that routes data between networks, providing Internet access between different media such as computers, smartphones, smartvs, among others, deserves the care at the time of your purchase, since it is directly related to so important, connection speed and activities that will be conducted online.

Despite the numerous models available in the market, Intelbras brands, D-Link, Multilaser, TP-Link, tent and Raser have been references in the item quality, good performance, durability and extra features, such equipment.

All these versions of wireless routers wifi, and meet the main technical criteria related to the speed, range and interference, are also highlights in sales and ratings of lovers users of the digital world.

To learn more about each of them, check below the main information of the best 2020 routers.

Criteria of Choice: Wireless Router Wifi

The technical features that enhance the performance and quality of Wireless Wifi router may seem very complicated for those who are not as integrated into the digital issues, however, we summarize some important aspects and easy knowledge to set you face, what it is worth looking when choosing your device.

The speed of transmission, number of antennas, frequency, interference, range, and extra features will be highlighted items to differentiate the types of routers and Internet information and activities ideal online for each of them.

Transmission speed

First, before choosing the transmission speed of your router, check what is the speed of your internet. This is because if you have an internet with speed up behaved by the router, it just will not enjoy it fully, using only the amount of your maximum.

This ends up creating a potential low, and soon, you will be “losing” internet.

An effective tip is to divide by 8 to router bit rate, the result is the amount of internet MBPS it supports.

Generally, routers 300MBPS transmission speeds allow for high-speed traffic on internal network connections.


The frequencies of the wireless router wifi range from 2.4 GHz to 5 GHz.

Explaining in more detail, the frequency of 2.4 GHz is considered lower and is indicated for lower connection speeds, so their power ends up being higher. They are more suitable for those who make use simple and basic online activities.

A frequency of 5 GHz has the highest connection speeds, ideal for those who make many downloads, uploads, online gaming practices among other actions “heavier”, but its reach, the distance from the router device to the device, which should receive the internet is less.

Note that there are versions of Dual band routers, operating in groups of two types of frequencies, which are alternated as needed by the user activity, including tri-band with a frequency 2.4 GHz and 5GHz two.


The main function of the antenna is to increase the scope of Field wifi wireless router, both in reception and in transmission. It enables more power to reach and greater stability in the connection, so if the router is on one floor. Recalling that the antenna does not affect the speed of the internet.

For two-story environments invest in a repeater device.

The number of antennas of a device leverages the data traffic, as shown below:

Despite these above mentioned criteria are paramount in choosing which router best, another factor that is making some brands gain prominence in the sector are the extra features offered by the device.

For many users is not enough to have good speed, alternating frequencies and quality antennas, a router considered top of the line to offer than just its basic proposals.

Among the main extra features of Wireless Wifi routers newest market, we can highlight:

What is the Best Wifi Router 2020?

The Wireless Router Wifi Multilaser Sirius RE016 surpasses all its competitors due to various factors.

Starting with the amount of antennas are 8, which allow a greater connection without the user numbers interfere with the speed and range of the signal.

This motif has become the Router Multilaser Sirius RE016 ideal for homes with larger families or workplaces.

The signal transmission has multiple direction, which prevents it from spreading and getting weaker end to the devices connected.

Router RE016 Multilaser Sirius still has the ability to play content in high resolution, such as movies in 4K, online games and other more “heavy” programs.

The dual band frequency can be switched between 2.4 GHz and 5GHz two, automatically and intelligently, according to the type of activity performed and internet.

The connectivity of this model is also enhanced through the 4-port Gigabit Lan, wan 1 Gigabit and 12V input.

According to manufacturers, the wireless connection wifi router Sirius RE016 is faster than cable, for example, coming to 1900Mbps. Another advantage is its extended factory warranty up to 7 years.

The look of Wireless Wifi Multilaser Sirius RE016 router is somewhat different, because the number of its antennas, but this does not disturb his quiet disposition anywhere in the home or office.

Amid so many technological benefits, the Wireless Router Wifi Multilaser Sirius RE016 has been featured on user reviews and sales figures before that, was named best 2020 router, according to our analysis.

What is the Best Router Wifi Cost Benefit?

Combining the main connection and performance technologies at a good cost, the router TP-Link Archer C60, also excels in sales and reviews in major online stores of Internet retail, so it was considered the best wireless wifi router 2020 money .

Packed with extra features such as MIMO technology, which prevents the signal is weak or slow, even in case of congested network; as well as the ability to control access through the “Parental Control”, which restricts the navigation on certain websites and web content.

Another novelty of the TP-Link Archer C60 is the possibility of creating networks for visitors, which guarantees even more safety in the sharing of the signal.

The frequency bands of this router, switch between 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz providing a transmission speed that reaches 1300Mpbs

Another factor that enhances the scope of TP-Link Archer C60 signal is the number of device antennas. There are five full on, which enables more power transmission and reception.

The design of this router also makes all the difference. Very thin and discreet to be provided in any environment without disturbing the decor or overly occupy the space of the site.

If you are looking for the best router for money, know that the TP-Link Archer C60 will be the best choice to ensure a fast connection without interference and with high quality to their daily lives, whether at home or at work.

Extra tip: Learn how to maximize the use of your router for better signal range and transmission

In addition to choosing the best router model, some care when using the wireless wifi device can help to enhance the quality of transmission and range.

The latest models, including the elected best 2020 by our ranking have simple and practical configuration, which also can be made by phone.

Whatever the chosen router know these small practices that will result in a better connection performance.

Another tip already stressed the review is to use an appropriate internet, according to the router’s speed capability.

A good computer, notebook or tablet also helps improve the performance of online activities. If you want to renew your digital equipment, also check out more details by the guides of the best notebooks, tablets and smartphones in 2020.

Now that you know what are the best devices routers 2020 and also how to make your performance even more efficient, it is easy to ensure a fast internet connection without interference for you to perform all the activities you want in the virtual world.