The 7 Best Smart Tvs With Digital Converter 2020

The 7 Best Smart TVs with Digital Converter 2020

In the quiet of the home, most of the leisure and entertainment moments happen in the living room to turn on the Smart TV.

This electronics, present in more than 96.8% of Brazilian homes, according to IBGE data, is also being used for other purposes, access to the internet.

The number of people who prefer the Smart TV with internet connection in relation to the cable, has also been overcome, according to the survey.

This rise is explained by technological innovation, the service of better quality of life and well-being allows increasingly new and better versions that transcend the passive relationship between viewer and programming because they allow more interaction and customization of content, among other functionalities.

To make the most of all these features that facilitate and reinforce the benefits of Smart TV selected the best versions and its main features.

Find out what’s differential and choose the best Smart TV 2020 to enhance the quality of picture and sound of their programs, series and movies.

Best Smart TVs 2020

In different sizes, brands and features these Smart TVs were up sales highlights and praise from buyers.

Bringing the main news segment, higher resolutions, more connectivity and systems compatible with various mobile applications and devices, each version has been thoroughly detailed to help you in the optimal choice according to your preference.

Most versions have varieties quoted in inches, simply fit the preferred model to your need!

Review of Best Smart TVs 2020

As well as providing benefits information, distraction and culture, Smart TVs are items that provide durability investment.

Given this, one electronics that will good years in his house should be chosen carefully in order to suit all preferences and needs in terms of resources and expectations.

More to watch certain content, these Smart TVs enable connection with websites, applications, social networks and other platforms that have surpassed even access by computers or notebooks.

Functionality, connectivity, image, sound, and design values; These were the criteria analyzed to check out the Top 7 Best of 2020 Smart TVs.

Reviews and testimonials from consumers also reinforced this ranking, which is synonymous with quality and satisfaction.

Purchasing Criteria: Smart TVs

The variety of brands, models and features of Smart TVs expands the range of values ​​and opportunities for acquisition, but also increases the indecision about the best option to buy.

Some factors should be highlighted at the time of this choice by adding more quality and durability to the item. Check out the key!

Screen size

Despite the number of inches greatly influence the quality and visibility of the image, the most important factor in choosing the ideal screen size is related to the distance from the couch to the Smart TV.

In the ranking of the best Smart TVs in 2020, in addition to the options mentioned in 32 “, 40”, 43 “, 49” and 50 “; There are other models in the same sizes ranging from 32 “to over 65 inches.

But if space is not the problem and the intention is to take advantage of the maximum of technology, comfort and turn your living room into a “cinema”, certainly the biggest match screens to all these expectations, including, some features are unique to Smart larger TVs 40 “.

Image Quality

The picture quality is the criterion that evolves more as each released model.

Most Smart TVs is already set standards in factories but have features to adjust and customize the colors, brightness and sharpness to your preference.

Advances of the resolutions with the increased number of pixels, dots forming the images, becoming more and more realistic.

As the functionality, the resolutions may vary in each model can be the difference in the time of purchase.

The tip is: the more pixels, more rich in color and detail is the picture!

Doors / Entrance

The functionality of Smart TVs is not limited to the assessment of programs, series and films; currently, they are instruments of a lot of interaction and fun.

gaming applications, social networking, music and karaoke guarantee a lot of versatility to this electronics that has innovated the TV function.

Is to connect home theater, Speakers, monitors, laptops, game consoles, microphones, USB sticks, mobile phones, headphones or any other device via cable, the USB and HDMI inputs are extremely essential.

The amount required will depend on the accessories you want to use to optimize the features of Smart TV, but they usually have 1-2 entries each (UBS, HDMI).


A Smart TV Smart TV is only thanks to its connectivity feature to the Internet, wi-fi and Bluetooth.

Despite the wi-fi is an essential item to characterize this category and differentiate it from conventional TV, few models have only connectivity cable.

It is therefore very important to check whether the desired model has built-in wi-fi, as this feature greatly facilitates the use of all the benefits available on Smart TV.

Due to technological advances, each product launched generates an expectation among consumers for more innovation.

Currently, those who purchase any electronics always expected something more, in addition to its proper function, such as Smart TVs, for example. Those looking for the best, want more than just watch a content or interaction and multi-functionality.

In view of this, to meet the wishes of customers and beat the competition, the Smart TV brands have integrated extra functions in their new models.

Applications, games, social networking and the latest voice command function are the additional features prioritized by most buyers.


The Smart TVs have similar operating systems to those used in computers and mobile phones.

In Brazil, the most common systems used by the established brands of Smart TV are: Android TV, webOS and Tizen.

What better Smart TV Market?

Refining a little more evaluation criteria between the 7 Best Smart TVs 2020, we arrive at a single result.

Combining the main features of the evaluations of consumers, Smart LED TV 40 “Full HD Samsung 40J5290 With Digital Converter 2 HDMI 1 USB Wi-Fi Screen Mirroring and Web Browser is on 1 in the ranking of best Smart TV market.

Besides being the most sold and with great reviews, the Samsung Smart TV 40j5290 has unique features that guarantee a better picture and sound.

All criteria of size, image quality, doors, connectivity and system perfectly meet the main needs in terms of satisfaction and expectation device, without exaggeration in the price.

Best Smart TV Cost Benefit

Due to various unique features like voice command, Chromecast technology and connectivity via Bluetooth and Wi-fi, a Smart LED TV 32 “Android TCL 32s6500 HD Digital Converter Wi-Fi Bluetooth 1 USB 2 HDMI Remote Control with Google Voice Command Assistant is the best option cost benefit of this selection.

The demand for electronics which overcomes the basic purposes is something that grows every day, because of the very technology industry always innovate with each product launch.

This model, in addition to meeting the basic needs of a Smart TV in terms of picture quality and sound, still brings these extra functions that facilitate and enhance the internet surfing.

With an affordable price, many positive and modern features reviews, this Smart TV perfectly meets the requirement for anyone who chooses to innovation coupled with the economy.

What is the best TV Brand Smart?

With own system, unique and innovative features, in addition to variations in models, values ​​and features, the Samsung Smart brand TVs are always in the first positions of the virtual stores rankings as the most purchased or evaluated.

Faced with all this popularity and mostly good reputation, the brand can be considered the best in the category of Smart TV.

With 81 years of experience, Samsung innovates with each release bringing what is most modern, interactive and functional for consumer electronics.

Among the selection of the seven best Smart TVs 2020, two models of Samsung brand made the list for meeting the main criteria of demand and consumer preference, the Smart TV LED 40 “Samsung Ultra HD 4K 40NU7100 to Digital Converter 3 HDMI 2 USB Wi HDR-Fi Premium Smart Tizen and Smart TV LED 40 “Samsung 40J5290 Full HD With Digital converter 2 HDMI 1 USB Wi-Fi Screen Mirroring and Web Browser, which was also voted best after ascertain a little more evaluation.

The variety of versions either in size or image also reinforce this preference, after all, the ideal Smart TV will always be one that matches all your desires and for this, the more options the better!