Best USSR Star Trek Model Kits


Human’s natural fascination with other worlds other than ours has led to a series of milestones that we look back and appreciate with great awe. The invention of the space ship has given us endless possibilities relating to space travel and discovery. The fascination is also reflected in a number of areas of daily human life including movies and other types of entertainment. We witnessed the rise of popular movie series 2-3 decades ago like Star Trek and Star Wars which often showcase great possibilities of ingenuity through sophisticated spaceships and military equipment. The resulting popularity has also affected the model building world as evidenced in the ever advancing USSR model Kit building industry.

This sub-review will look at the basics of USSR enterprise model building and some outstanding examples that should be a catalyst to your best choice.


The basic building tools are generally the same as other types of building kits as model building is basically a creative exercise that challenges you to use a few basic tools and some peculiarities that come with the package. You will definitely need everything we’ve listed before as the basics including Xacto Knife, glue, the appropriate paint, painting brushes, Sandpaper, Sprue cutters, Masking tapes and other accessories that come with the model kit.

Now let’s continue our exploration and consider the leading USSR Enterprise and Star Trek kits.

Star Trek TNG All Good Things Enterprise D Ship Model

First up on our list is this delightful Star Trek spaceship model that has been enjoying increasing popularity amongst model building enthusiasts. The design reflects the ingenuity and elegance of spaceship physics. It has a lot to offer for the rather hefty price tag as shown on Amazon. Let’s behold the outstanding design and other key features.


Upon completion of assembly, the ship spans an area of 18.5’’x14’’x6’’ and has a total weight of 3.41 pounds. The principal item color is white and it comes with over 250 pieces in total. Additionally, it has a few special features such as a third Warp Narcelle, a separable saucer section, a drive section, and stands. The ship also features functional lights and sounds. When it comes to the batteries, you will need 3AAA batteries to get it up and running. The manufacturers suggest an age range of 12 years and up.



If you are looking for design elegance and a solid build, this is definitely a worthwhile option to put on the shopping list. When put on the scale with its competitors, it seems to stand the fight with the quality of material, ease of assembly and the durability it provides to the avid modeler.



The high end price-tag may throw off most users but an overall Amazon score of 5 starts out of 5 stars should make a great statement in favor of the model. Most comments allude to the devices solid and authentic look along with the array of lights and sounds that make it even more fun especially for children.


Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701

Next up on our list is the Star Trek Enterprise Ncc-1701. This model kit proves to be a great addition to the spaceship building world through great design features that have attracted a lot of feedback from current consumers. It is one of the most authentic designs you will ever meet on the market today. Let’s plunge into the fun and see what it has to offer.



The finished model stands with a dimensional combination of 12.6 x 7.5 x 2.4 inches and a corresponding weight of 10.6 pounds. The recommended age is 14 years and up. The design comes with a rather authentic build that should be more than 90 percent similar to the studio models. The package features a highly detailed framework, the starboard engine, spheres, the Narcelle, a dish stems, Photon Torpedo domes and other accessories you can purchase separately.


Probably one of the best Star Trek UUS model kits around. There may be a few reservations relating to the difficulty level in terms of the assembling process but the big picture shows us an impressive build quality that should challenge and hone your model building skills.


The high regard reflects in an Amazon rating of 2.8 stars out of five stars and plenty of positives from the actual consumer reviews. There may be a few mixed views but the overall scores show a general positive attitude to the product.


AMT Star Trek USS Enterprise 1701C 1/1400 Scale Model Kit

Let’s proceed and look at another one of Star Trek USSR Enterprise model kits around, the AMT Star Trek 1701C. If you are an ardent fan of Star Trek and Science fiction in general, this model is a complete fascination. It should be an exciting model to get your hands on and build from scratch.


The completed model stands at 12.9 x 9.4 x 3.9 inches with an accompanying weight of 1.32 pounds. The appropriate skill level is level two which translates to a 10 and above age range. The principle colors are light grey and clear. The feature set includes a stable dome along with a metal support rod. It has an expanded and exceptionally detailed decal sheet. Additionally, it’s highly customizable as you can add some extra features including torpedo launchers, Phase Banks and Nacelles.


This model kit poses a great challenge to most high end Star Trek model kits. It is parked with features that should enrich your creative experience. The build is quite durable and it gives you a beautiful ship at the end of the hard work. Additionally, the price tag is quite reasonable when compared with competing models in terms of quality.


This model clinched a 4.4 rating on Amazon with great feedback quality upon a comprehensive exploration of the customers views. Most comments relate to the beautifully designed and highly detailed framework that make the finishing moments of the model a lot more satisfying than most model kits. The great testimonies tell the whole success story.


Revell Star Trek Voyager

Let us spend the last moments of our Star Trek and USSR model adventure with the Revell Star Trek model kit. This is one stubborn kit when it comes to the starter pack due to the great array of materials it comes with. No wonder it hands managed to earn a considerable number of praises in the model building world. Let’s take a closer look at the highlights and what they entail.


The completed model stands with a dimensional profile of 17.2 x 9.8 x 4.4 inches and an item weight of 1.76 pounds. The principle color is white and has an overall design of a sophisticated space voyager. The Kit comes with a complete sheet of decals, front and back sensors, phalanx sensors and maneuvering engines. The model kit also includes generators, Deflectors as well as an array of collectors. Additionally, the space inside is wide enough to engage LED’s and wiring. The recommended age range is 8 years and above.


In general terms, this model is a showstopper and should receive not less than 4.5 stars from any review. The incredible array of features and the highly detailed and beautiful design reflects the ingenuity that comes with space physics. Quite a great design from Revell.


An Amazon rating of 4.5 stars should inspire every ardent model builder to at least try this model at some point in time. Just as we predicted, the products portfolio holds a lot of compliments appreciating the details, authenticity and the fun associated with the model kit.