The 7 Best Air Cleaners Buy In 2020

The 7 Best Air Cleaners Buy in 2020

More than an eliminator fat and odor, Air Debugger ensures the preservation of furniture and appliances in your home, in addition to improving air quality and breathing during the act of cooking.

With system that filters the smoke and returns clean air to the kitchen, this enhancement also reduces the room temperature making the moments ahead of the comfortable and pleasant stove.

Due to its absorption capacity, the debugger is the system most suitable for small apartments and kitchens. As for larger spaces, the Hood may be a more effective strategy.

The difference between these two appliances is that the debugger and returns the filtered clean air, since the hood sucks and removes the smoke out of the kitchen through a duct.

Some technical features, including the space of your kitchen calculations can help determine the best air cleaner 2020. To facilitate this choice we list the best evaluated and with great features for you!

Best Air Cleaners 2020

Effectively guaranteed by the buyers, these debuggers meet the essential requirements in terms of suction capacity, filtration, design, money, maintenance and cleaning.

The Philco brand, Suggar, Electrolux, Fischer, Brastemp and Consul still have 12 months warranty options and other models with the same quality in order to meet any kind of consumer preferences and needs.

To learn more about each version of the best debuggers 2020, follows more information on these products.

Review of Best Air Cleaners 2020

With so many benefits to your kitchen and health, the debugger is leaving behind the concept of being a superfluous appliance to take over once the essential post at home.

One factor that bothers during cooking is the impregnation of smoke, grease and smell of food all over the house. Walls, tiles, appliances and other mobile end up absorbing all these residues, which in addition to damage them functionally entails disfigurement as well.

Another major advantage of the debugger is to make a better environment for who is cooking, for filtering the smoke, it ensures a more purified air and milder temperatures next to the stove.

Purchasing Criteria: Debugger Air

To ensure that your choice meets all the needs during their preparation in the kitchen, some features should be prioritized, such as the size, suction capacity, filter types, design, and power consumption.

These criteria also vary, according to the space of your room and quantities of the burner stove.

To understand more about the differences between the different models and choose the best debugger air in 2020, check out the details below.


It is absolutely necessary that the debugger is greater in width than the cooker in order to absorb the entire expelled smoke without let slip the sides.

For stove burners 4, the measurement indicated debugger is 60cm, since paras the 5- and 6-rings, 80cm, though the latter may also be used on smaller rings.

Back in time, debuggers have an average of 8 to 20 cm, as some models are called Slim to be thinner and compact.

Suction capacity

This feature is the amount of air volume that your debugger can absorb per square meter.

Manufacturers recommend you to do a calculation of the kitchen steps to know exactly minimal need debugger suction. Just multiply the width x depth x height kitchen by 10 and the result is what you need at the level of air flow.

Larger versions voltage 220V and generally have greater suction capacity. This feature is expressed in the description of each product.

Types of filters

All debuggers 2020 best of the ranking have primary and secondary filtration.

These systems are generally composed of a metal or synthetic fabric filter and other activated charcoal.

The first filter retains fat vented during the preparation, since the carbon has the ability to neutralize odors.

Remember, the carbon filter needs to be replaced periodically for proper functioning of the debugger. Since the metal or synthetic fabric can be removed for cleaning.


With every release, debuggers come in more compact versions, fine details and free accumulating waste.

Most of the above models have the silver color options (Inox), white, gray and black.

Currently, the preferred formats are slim that while optimizing kitchen space refers more modern and sophisticated decoration.

A differential completely changes the visual debugger duct. Some models have this element because its exhaust function. In addition, these versions are very similar to hoods, however, functionality and value are very different.


As with any appliance or electronic product, the power will interfere with the speed of operation and response time of the proposed result.

In the case of scrubbers, power influences the speed of the suction and also in energy costs.

Most debuggers have 105 to 290W.

Material and finishing

The debugger composition influences both in appearance and in its durability.

The most common materials, and this appliance considered very resistant steel are such as stainless steel, for example, but there are also versions of glass, plastic and other metals.

Some paintings can confuse the type of material used, even some silver debuggers can not be associated with quality stainless steel, it is necessary to pay attention to the technical description of the model.

Although different, all these materials are heat resistant and provide an easier cleaning.


For efficiency and preservation of the debugger it is necessary that the installation meets the standards, such as space, for example.

As between the debugger and the stove must be between 60 cm minimum reaching 80cm. This distance and ensure that the equipment properly filter also reduces the risk of accidents.

Models with ducts or exhaust function require an air outlet with access to the outside of the house. Given this, if you choose a model with this feature it is necessary to make some repairs on the wall of the structure.

What is the best debugger air?

Based on all this information we select the Philco Slim Pdr60i as the best debugger air in 2020.

The first impact of this appliance is the visual. In addition to being thin, compact and very sophisticated, the Pdr60i comes in other versions of colors and sizes, which allows a perfect fit for any kitchen.

Even with all of compactness, the suction capacity is very potent arriving at 210m3 / h.

To optimize the operation, this model has adjustments at three levels of speed and still have the extra function of exhaust.

Silent, Pdr60i comes with built-in light that offers more precision during the preparation of their food.

Approved by 92% of clients, this debugger is the most purchased category of 60 and 80 cm and between the recommendations, highlighting the efficiency, visual and money.

What is the most popular brand among debuggers?

Brands such as Brastemp, Electrolux, Consul and Philco already guarantee a certain security in the eyes of consumers, however, the line was always Suggar reference in this category, including his own name became synonymous with the product; after all many still call debuggers as sugar.

With two models in the ranking of best air purifiers 2020 Suggar brings efficient design and innovative features, besides being a great option for money.

Pioneers in debuggers sector, Suggar surprises every release bringing various options in design and functionality.

With a model for every type of cuisine, profile and needs, Suggar’s slogan “transforms the domestic routine in moments of pure pleasure, combining sophistication and practicality, while the security side, the performance and quality.”

Through the buyers’ ratings we found all this success of the brand, which was highly recommended bringing much satisfaction in the purchase.

Difference between Debugger, Hood and Hood

The three systems have the same goal: make the air quality and temperature of the environment more pleasant.

Despite the same purpose have different features, including related to the size of the kitchen and structure of the house.

The debugger as detailed in this article, aims to filter the air and return it to the kitchen clean. It is most suitable for small apartments and kitchens, because of its suction capacity. The proposal of the debugger is to reduce by about 50% smoke, grease and odors during cooking.

The hood is already a more suitable system for larger kitchens and conducting several meals at once. His power absorption is higher, reaching 90% of gaseous waste. Instead of filtering the air, Hood sucks and removes to the outside of the house.

The major drawback of this feature, in addition to value high compared to the debugger is that the installation requires more work, as there is need for an air outlet.

The hood can often be one of the debugger functions or hood. This system makes the exchange of hot air through the wire, though its ability to filter the fat is very limited. The hood also need a facility with more care due to external air outlet.

Now you probably chose the best model air purifier 2020 to ensure such a new stove to make your kitchen even more beautiful and enjoyable?

With technical characteristics, features and options in number of mouths and design, the Home of the Best also brings the ranking of the top 2020 stoves.

Other information appliance such as a microwave, dishwasher and fryers can also make your kitchen a more practical environment and full of pleasure through the right choices.