8 Best Fryers Airfryer (No Oil) – Updated February 2020

8 Best Fryers AirFryer (No Oil) – Updated February 2020

With the routine increasingly turbulent, always seek outlets that let our life more practical.

Among the daily activities, diet is one of the most essential and there is a huge amount of products that help us in this task.

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Best AirFryer: Philips Walita

8 Best Fryers Airfryer (No Oil) - Updated February 2020

Among many appliances, one of the most striking are the AirFryer fryers, known as fryers without oil. If you have questions on what the best item, keep an eye on this article.

Top Fryers Airfryers 2020

The top eight fryers AirFryer 2020 are:

8 Best Fryers Airfryer (No Oil) - Updated February 2020
8 Best Fryers Airfryer (No Oil) - Updated February 2020
8 Best Fryers Airfryer (No Oil) - Updated February 2020
8 Best Fryers Airfryer (No Oil) - Updated February 2020

Electric fryers

There are a number of elements that need to be analyzed before choosing how best fryer AirFryer. Check out some more general information about the product before you set your purchase.

Types of Airfryers

In the market you can find a number of different models and brands of the product, all promising frying without oil, making the healthiest food. Despite the differences, all generally operate on the same mechanism.

For that to happen frying, the fryer does a hot air moving at extremely high speed. The high temperature is responsible for performing the cooking, when in contact with food surface, acting the same way as if it were dipped in hot oil.

Fryer AirFryer is bad for health?

Perhaps you are worried that this technology may pose risks to your health, to be a very controversial subject. Generally the use of fryers without oil are related to acrylamide, a chemical element. However, this element is formed when the foods are heated to temperatures higher than 120 ° C, either in a fire or appliances.

Betting on fryers without oils are good choices for those seeking a more free food oils, fried foods may carry out without the need to increase the consumption of fat daily.

AirFryer revenue

The AirFryer allows you to perform a number of different recipes and cooks. To inspire you, we list two recipes, one sweet and salty, which should test in their so buying.

Cookie rain: Make your traditional dough and in AirFryer to fry. It is important to leave to put the sugar and cinnamon when they are ready.

Garlic bread with cheese: take small slices of bread and make a cream with garlic, mayonnaise, margarine and oregano to spend on them. Place slices of cheese to finish and take the fryer for seven minutes.

Remember to use your creativity and surprise in the kitchen with her new equipment.

Energy consumption

To better understand the average overall energy consumption, we will create a simulation with an extremely powerful product, with 1,500 watts, reaching 200 ° C and being used once a day for thirty days.

When finishing this period, you will have spent 45 Kw / H. Consider the amount of energy your city, but on average, the total price to the end of the month will be $ 25.41, or R $ 0.85 per day.

Review of Best fryers Airfryers 2020

Despite the wide variety of models on the market, there are some that stand out for their differential and the cost benefit. To assist in the time of purchase, we list the top eight fryers Airfryers 2020 with its pros and cons. Learn more about each.

Frying Without Oil Oster

Features Fryers Airfryer

The fryer without Oster oil is among the most sold one of the largest online stores retail.

All this popularity is due to the technology used by the brand, which guarantees operation fast and efficient.

Due to the large space on the inner basket can make meals for up to 4 people at once.

It even comes with accessories that allow a variation of cooking food forms such as a baking sheet nonstick and a grid to grid.

Another feature that comes with the fryer Oster is a book with practical recipes to maximize the use of this essential tool in modern kitchens.

The temperature can be adjusted between 40 ° to 200 °, ensuring fried and baked crispy and healthy.

Fryer without oil Mondial AF-14

Features Fryers Airfryer

The fryer without the Mondial brand oil has played several times a number of match with Walita, the first AirFryer who arrived in Brazil, revolutionizing the food preparation system.

In addition to efficiency and rapid preparation, the AirFryer Mondial also has an advantage over the original Walita, value.

Much more accessible and use of fulfilling all expectations, the fryer without oil Mondial has an internal capacity of 3.2 liters plus a set temperature ranging from 80 ° to 200 °.

With auto power off, it still beeps as the preparation is complete.

It also comes with drivers lamps that indicate the operation and heating of the preparation, as well as a booklet with several recipe tips to facilitate further enjoy the use of AirFryer Mondial.

Air fryer fry Digital stainless Philco

Features Fryers Airfryer

Bringing more technology and modernity to your kitchen, the fryer without oil Philco comes with digital touch panel.

The 30-minute timer ensures automatic shutdown ensuring more safety during the preparation of their meals.

Temperatures may be adjusted between 80 ° and 200 °, inclusive, the AirFryer Philco comes with unique function preheating.

Compact, weighing only 4.31 KG, which ensures better packaging, whatever the left corner of the kitchen.

His cooking system of food gets crispy fried on the outside and soft inside, bringing more pleasure and health in meals.

Digital Touch deep fryer without oil Mondial AF-26

Features Fryers Airfryer

With its modern digital panel with LED display, the fryer without oil Touch Mondial is an option for those looking for even greater convenience in the time to prepare your meals in a healthy way and without mess.

Its power 1500W ensures that all cooking is done quickly, regardless of the chosen temperature which can reach 200 °.

The timer has beep, including the shutdown of AirFryer Digital Touch Mondial is done automatically, enabling even more security.

Despite all this technology, it is compact and lightweight, weighing only 4.21 kg, which allows greater portability.

It comes with cookbook that offer practical techniques to further enhance their preparations with AirFryer Dgital Touch the Mondial.

Fryer Electric Turbofryer Philips Avance Walita

Features Fryers Airfryer

Philips Walita is already known for innovation and technology of its fryers without oil, even it was the pioneer in this category in the country.

With a choice of Airfryers, from the most basic to digital, the brand surprises in the efficiency and results of preparation.

This model is among the most modern, because your dashboard, which has 5 predefined preparation programs, which guarantee the right spot in many dishes.

Prioritizing increasingly health, AirFryer Philips Walita removes excess fat, preventing it from returning to the food during cooking.

The nonstick grill is removable, which facilitates cleaning under running water, even until it can be placed in the dishwasher.

Fryer without oil Blackfryer Black + Decker

Features Fryers Airfryer

Plenty of power with its 1500W ensure the fryer without oil Blackfryer Black + Decker a staging much faster and efficient.

It comes with a removable basket 2.5 liter non-stick, that in addition to preventing the food from sticking on its surface, it is also easy to clean.

The temperature can be adjusted between 80 ° and 200 ° so that the timer switches off the cooking is automatically stopped providing greater security.

The design is very compact, but this version of Blackfryer Black + Decker weighs 4,54kg.

Electric fryer without oil AirFry Super Inox Arno

Features Fryers Airfryer

With modern design and finished in stainless steel, AirFry Arno ensures one of the largest internal capacities are 4.2 liters.

Despite all this capacity is one of the most compact and lightweight models of the market, weighing only 4kg.

The temperature can be adjusted with manual buttons 80 ° to 200 °.

The basket has removable material compatible for washing in the dish washer even prevents the food get stuck during the preparation.

With it you fry, braise, grill and cooking food in a healthy way without the mess of traditional form oil.

Britain Fry Digital Air Fryer

Features Fryers Airfryer

For those plus technology and convenience wants to bring more color to your kitchen, how about the red AirFry of Britain?

It comes with a digital touch panel that makes the selection of temperature and time even more practical.

The internal capacity is 3.2 liters which ensures that it is prepared a large amount of meal once.

Besides modern design, AirFry Britain is also very compact and can be easily prepared in any kitchen corner.

Weighs 4,61kg and has temperature settings that reach up to 200 °.

Despite the digital technology of your dashboard, its value is still considered very affordable, which ensures a certain popularity in this model of Britain.

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Where to Buy Fryers Airfryer

Once you know a little more about the eight best models of fryers AirFryer 2020, it’s time to find out which sites available to make your purchase at the best price.


Variety is one of the main features of the Amazon Store. There you find AirFrys models of different brands, features and technologies.

Aiming to please all types of public, there AirFryers with digital panels, manual controls, also with extra accessories to vary the type of preparation.

After purchase, the shipments are fast and secure, even Amazon has partnership from other suppliers in order to further increase the chances of meeting the expectations and preferences of consumers.


The store is one of the most complete in this regard, offering all the models discussed in this article. more than 600 products are available ranging between R and R $ 200.00 $ 2,000.00. In general, customers evaluate very well the speed of delivery of the company.


You can also find a wide variety of fryer airfreyer on the Submarino website. Are available 620 models of different brands, including those presented in this article. The amounts start at $ 140.00 and come up to R $ 2,000.00 depending on the model chosen.

Casas Bahia

Featuring a little less options than the above stores, Casas Bahia have over 500 items related to airfreyer fryer. Be pieces, trays or said exactly appliances. You can purchase the item from R $ 160.00 or invest higher amounts to R $ 2,000.00.

Cold spot

Ponto Frio is one of the companies that offers the widest range of products to researching for airfreyer fryer. With values ​​ranging between R $ 200.00 and R $ 2,000.00, you can browse from over 1,000 products available.

Luiza stores

Are almost two thousand products available in researching fryers on the company website. The value follows ranging in average of up to R $ 2,000.00. The big difference is that after searching you can click the “Lu explains everything about fryers” and be directed to several articles on the products to learn more about each.


The company darling when it comes to appliances and electronics only offers 6 options when researching fryers airfryers, which is very little compared to the other list of stores. The models cited in the article, it offers only the two higher priced, all above R $ 1,000.00.

On the site are available more than 900 products related to airfryers fryers. The values ​​range from R $ 200.00 to R $ 2,000.00. There are products of the brands: Mondial, Philco, Philips, Britain, Multilaser, Philips Walita, Midea, Black, Cadence, Suggar, Oster, Semp Toshiba TCL, Agratto and Cotherm.


Following the average of enterprises, Carrefour offers more than 600 products related to airfryers fryers. You can find the eight models suggested in the article, ranging from R $ 200.00 and R $ 2,000.00.


Among the more than 500 options available on the site, you will find the models suggested in this article, with products ranging from R $ 200.00 and R $ 2,000.00, as seen on other sites.

Free market

First of all, it is important to remember that the products offered on the market are free of your salespeople responsibility that use the site only as a showcase. The large amount and variety of shops, you can find products with all values ​​and models. Just check the seriousness of the chosen vendor.

Read all reviews of brands, see the indicated sites and do the research to find the best price. Choose your electric fryer and start preparing delicious dishes without using oil. Now the fried foods were healthier and crispy.

Conclusion: Top Fryers AirFryer

All models in this article have their pros and cons, making them better or worse compared to others. Before deciding your purchase is necessary to take into account their need and are looking for.

If you will prepare food for just one person or more, what value have to invest, which spreads most in need.

Aiming to further facilitate your choice, we choose three models that stood out most in the fryer categories best, most cost-effective and better for the price.

What is the Best AirFry Fryer 2020 without oil?

With so many similar features and efficiency in the right, it is difficult to define the AirFry best among the Top models, so we decided to prioritize the details.

Were the differentials AirFry Philips Walita that led to the top of our ranking, highlighting it with the best of 2020.

Starting with the design, extremely compact, including, its minimalist style with no apparent buttons and touch panel, make it a modern appeal that fits any decor and space of your kitchen.

Despite the lower internal capacity of 1.4 kg, the speed of your cooking allows you to prepare large quantities in a short time.

The temperature ranges from 40 ° to 200 °, and best of all is that it comes with pre-defined programs, which in addition to make the preparation more practical and easier, help also get to the right point of the food.

Your basket has a structure that in addition to removing excess fat also prevents it back into contact with food by strengthening health care throughout the preparation.

It is also non-stick, which prevents that the food from sticking on the surface, as well as easy cleaning. Speaking of cleaning, the basket can be introduced without a care in the dishwasher, since the objective of AirFry Walita is to facilitate your day to day.

All these features make the AirFry Philips Walita our number one choice among the best 2020 AirFrys.

What is the Best AirFry Cost Benefit?

If you seek the best AirFry 2020, but not to spend as much as in the case of Philips Walita, we also have an option that does not lack in efficiency and quality with the most affordable differential value.

For those who prioritizes the cost benefit of the product, a great option is the AirFry Oster.

It has a very large internal capacity, is 3.2 liters, which allows to prepare a large amount of meal once.

The control of the temperature ranges from 40 ° to 200 ° and after reaching the programmed time, the AirFry Oster off automatically, improving the security of the preparations.

In addition to the speed and power, AirFry Oster comes with extra features that will surely bring greater possibilities of use in your kitchen. It comes with a baking sheet with non-stick surface for preparations roasts and stews, as well as grilling by its unique grid.

The AirFry Oster also follows a recipe book, which ensures practical tips that will further enhance the use of your electric fryer.

Remember that this model is among the top sellers of a large virtual retail store, especially with positive reviews and recommendations from users.

For all that, the AirFry Oster was voted the best option for money 2020.