The 9 Best Headphones (Over-Ear) To Check In 2020

The 9 Best Headphones (over-ear) to Check in 2020

These were considered the best headphones 2020, due to its technical features, sound quality and comfort afforded to users.

In this ranking you can find basic headphones, but efficient to listen to good music, even more advanced versions with extra features noise canceling microphones and integrated controllers to the cable.

To find the best headphone that meets all your needs and preferences, check details of each model and choose your.

Review of Best Headphones (over-ear) 2020

In addition to providing convenience, for various activities can be performed on symmetry, the headphone also allows moments of leisure and entertainment more privately and discreetly, without disturbing or inconvenience depending on the environment.

During a trip, playing a sport, at home sharing the room with other people, or just because prioritize sound quality equivalent to professional, the use of the headphone can be very welcome.

Each model comes with this guide essential exclusives to make your satisfactory and enjoyable user experience even all of them were evaluated positively by buyers.

Choose criteria: headphone (over-ear) 2020

The design and functionality of these headphones may look similar, however, each model has different technical characteristics, in addition to the value, which makes all the difference when choosing.

Among these attributes, some should be analyzed in detail, so that your choice meets the expectations and consumer preferences.

The main ones are: battery life, ergonomics, noise canceling function, soundproofing, bluetooth and extra accessories like the microphone and the integrated control cable.

See more about each criterion and the time of purchase, prioritize the features that most meet their needs during the use of this accessory and consequently have the best headphone 2020.

Battery Life

Most headphones in this guide has a high battery level loads that can last up to 95 hours.

Especially when used professionally, the battery life greatly influences the efficiency product, as it will not be necessary to stop such activity to recharge the headphone.

Despite the simpler models having length approximately 7 to 12 hours, recharge time is short, as in 1 or 2 hours is now possible to use the apparatus again.

It is noteworthy that the more features the headphone you have, the faster the battery consumption. Given this, if their use is more basic, like just to listen to music without integration with other mobile devices, you can opt for versions with reduced battery level, and then, with much more affordable price.


Since it is an accessory that is coupled to the body, specifically in the head and ears, the headphones of the material should provide more comfort, even the bow should not press his head, almost imperceptible.

The ear cushions are usually coated leather, which makes the contact to more soft and comfortable ear. When the material also allows perspiration or an air inlet, the inconvenience of this pressure is reduced.

The diameter of these pads must also be analyzed before making the purchase, following the shape of the face and ear of users.

There are more discreet models that cover only the ear, while others have a wide circle covering the entire ear, which makes it even more ergonomic.

Noise Canceling function

This function included in more technologically advanced models of headphones, no doubt, is one of the most innovative and efficient.

It ensures that no external sound disturb while you’re listening to a song, watching a movie, playing or working with your headphone.

Some models even have control of this function, which adjusts according to environment by reducing specific sounds, according to your preference, such as conversations, car engines and other external noises.

Professionally, this function is even more effective for those working with video editing or music in enterprise environments, for example, this tool enhances what you need to hear, without any outside interference.


Currently, even the most basic models of headphone already soundproofed. This feature prevents the sound from leaking out of the phone and others hear what you are listening.

Ensuring privacy and mainly without disturbing the people around, this function is enhanced through the pads of coating material. The leather, for example, is a very efficient acoustic insulation.


Compatibility with other devices and connectivity headphone also depends on the Bluetooth system. Thus you amplify device functions using in conjunction with a smartphone, smart TV, tablets and notebooks.

Devices that do not have this system, usually come with card or cable to add music or integrate with other devices.

Faced with the possibility of greater connectivity, choose devices that already come with this system, so you optimize the use of your headphone.

Despite the microphone be considered a headset exclusivity, as we shall see below, some headphones also come with this integrated accessory to enable calls to actions or games.

The models with cable, usually come with built-in microphone to him, next to the volume control, pause and drive specific action.

Why not be noticeable, it is worth checking the technical specifications of each product to verify the existence of this extra tool.

What is the difference between headphone, headset and earphone?

The purpose of these devices may seem the same, but each serves a specific need for the user.

The headphones, as explained in this guide is designed for listening to music, watch series, among other sound activities. Some models come with more features that make the most functional device and compatible with other devices, allowing outgoing calls and internet searches.

The headsets can already be differentiated from the headphones by the format, because they have an exposed microphone, which is around the head.

This device is best suited for games that require interaction with other players and communication by telephone or video.

Already headphones or earphones, as they are currently known, have a difference of discretion. They are smaller and intra-atrial, are inside the ears. Many models no longer require cables being connected to other devices via Bluetooth.

The disadvantage of this last item is that its use might bother some ears and does not reduce external noise, as in the case of the headphone.

What better Headphone (over-ear) 2020?

Gathering the battery life features, Bluetooth capabilities, microphone, noise canceling, ergonomics and compact, the Sony WH 1000XM3 is certainly the best headphone 2020.

Lightweight, compact and discreet design, this headphone weighs only 255 grams, making it easy to transport to wherever you want.

Ergonomic pillow has coated in a soft material and which enables perspiration.

The battery life can handle high 30 consecutive hours of music, including sound quality by Sony WH 1000XM3 will never be the same because its noise cancellation ensures the exclusivity and power to what you want to hear.

The bluetooth system and microphone allow for integration with other devices and increased functionality, enabling service calls and research driven only by voice command.

The Sony WH 1000XM3 part of the line Premium Noise Canceling Sony and comes with the new processor HD QN1. Through it you can optimize the sound following the environmental characteristics of where and who is using it.

What better Headphone money 2020?

If economy is another attribute to define your choice, Philips headphone Bass + SHL3075WT / 00 may be the best solution.

With very affordable price, it comes with basic features but with much use efficiency.

The battery lasts an average of 12 hours and it has built-in microphone. Light and compact, it can be folded, facilitating further transport.

The soundproofing ensures a deep sound immersion and prevents leakage of sound. Comes with cable control that allows integration with smartphone, tablets and laptops, and soon, the use to answer calls.

Hearing shells are ergonomic swivel and even has air intake for more comfort to the ears.

Though it lacks Bluetooth and noise cancellation, this model is an excellent option being the best money headphone 2020.