The 7 Best Electric Kettles To Buy In 2020

The 7 Best Electric Kettles to Buy in 2020

Although the task of heating the water is very simple, for avid consumers of hot drinks, repeat this action several times a day can be somewhat dull.

A great tip for lovers of good coffee, tea or mate is to use the electric kettle to make this process even more convenient and fast.

In addition to facilitating the production of these hot drinks, some electric kettles also keep the water warm for a long period, serving all day demand of your home or office.

And speaking of office, this eletroportatil is extremely useful in the workplace, as it requires no stove to heat the water. Many even use it to make up meals like soups and instant noodles.

If you want more this modern and practical resource in your kitchen, know every detail entres the main models of the market and the top 7 of the best 2020 electric kettles.

Best Electric Kettles 2020

The Cadence brand, Oster, Philco, Brastemp, Black + Decker and Tramontina were sales highlights and also received several positive reviews from its consumers.

Another Question for these seven versions are considered the best 2020 electric kettles are its technical characteristics.

They outperform their competitors on the speed of heating, and keep the water hot for longer. The material, reservoir capacity and design were also decisive points in this selection.

Review of Best Electric Kettles 2020

Now that you know what the best electric kettles 2020, how about more details of each model, advantages and differences?

Know that to facilitate your choice is important to pay attention to the technical characteristics of each product, operating mode, including history of the brand before its consumers.

The range of electric kettles models allows to find an ideal to suit your core needs and preferences.

There are more basic and compact models, as well as more advanced and multifunction option.

Whatever your choice of this guide, know who will be taking home an efficient and a lot of quality eletroportatil.

Let the details of each model then ?!

Choose criteria: Kettle

Does not it just warm water, electric kettle must ensure that this process is fast, and continues with confidence.

This requires that it meets a few basic requirements, generally described in the technical specifications of the product, however, the opinion of consumers can also confirm the quality of these criteria.

The time it takes to heat or boil water as well as the period it stays warm in the kettle are the main factors to define the efficiency of the product.

The temperature limit, material, safety, power, compactness and design are also other prevalent characteristics at the time of choice.

Learn more about each option and set your priorities to ensure the best electric kettle 2020.

Warm-up time

Since the purpose of the kettle is to ensure more convenience to everyday life, the time it takes to heat the water is one of the most important criteria.

In these models in our guide, electric kettles usually take 5-7 minutes to warm up and 10 to boil water.

The reservoir capacity and quantity of water disposed directly influence in this question. This likely refers to a kettle de1,7 liters.

Following this statistic, the time that takes the electric kettle for heating water is much quicker than compared with the conventional method in the cooker with the same amount.

Preservation temperature

The preservation temperature also ensures faster and practicality for consumption of their hot drinks.

With kettles that keep the water heated for a long period, you will not need to repeat this process several times a day, just when you exhaust all the water tank.

This feature is ideal for offices, as the kettle can be on your table with always warm water to enable your coffee or tea at any time.


For those who know how to appreciate a good infusion, the temperature control is fundamental to ensure the quality of the beverage.

Some models allow you to adjust exactly the minimum and maximum degrees of your water can reach.

This variation ranges from 50 ° C to 100 ° C degrees, however, the most basic models that have no choice but to reach 100 degrees C, boiling temperature.


The choice of material interferes not only in design but also in temperature and even the taste of the drink.

There are electric kettles options of glass, plastic and stainless steel. Each with strengths and weaknesses as we will see below.


In addition to the material interfere with the safety of electric kettle, since some conduct heat to the outside, which can facilitate the risk of burns, other attributes can make their eletroportatil safer.


The power interferes directly in the water heating time, as well as in energy expenditure.

The greater the power, the faster your water will be heated and consequently spent more energy you will have.

Most models have an average of 1000 to 2000W of power, a good reference to ensure efficient electric kettle.


The amount of water you can heat up at one time varies from 500 ml to 2 liters.

For anyone who is an avid consumer of hot drinks, opt for electric kettles 1,7L is a good investment, since you will not need to repeat the process several times, she has to keep the water heated all day.

Already kettles 1l are more compact, ideal to take trips or make any corner of your work without disturbing visually.


If your kettle is exposed in the kitchen or on your office desk, the look of this eletroportatil can count a lot when choosing.

The options are many, as well as the sizes, because some people prefer compactness the largest capacity to make the drinks.

More classic versions, which even resemble conventional kettles, but also there are more modern options, like pitchers.

The visual appeal of the kettles glass is higher compared to other models, however, some colorful options in plastic or steel with sophistication are also very nice.

This option is at the discretion of preference and style of each consumer.

What is the Best Electric kettle 2020?

Full of advanced features, the best electric kettle 2020 is Tramontina By Breville.

It fulfills all expectations on capacity, temperature setting, speed the process, design and safety.

With buttons for selecting the temperature according to the indication of the drink, you will have even more convenience in handling.

The temperature options ranging from 80 ° C to 100 ° C, including its high power of 1500W ensures that the heating is done in a few minutes.

The durability and stainless resistance are other important factors that also contribute to the modern and attractive look of this electric kettle.

Tramontina By Breville comes with the unique button to keep the water heated for 20 minutes after boiling, which further enhances the practicality and functionality of this product.

Finally, safety and cleanliness are also guaranteed with this version of Tramontina, as it has an automatic shutdown system to reach the desired temperature. And to facilitate cleaning, comes with removable purity filter.

What is the Best Kettle cost benefit?

Since all these qualities Kettle Tramontina, worth noting that this version does not have affordable value as the other models.

In view of this, we select also the best electric kettle for money, for you who want the convenience of this eletroportatil without spending much.

For this choice, the criteria for affordable value, efficiency in the preparation, among other technical characteristics have been prioritized; making the electric kettle Oster the best option.

In red bringing more modernity to the kitchen, the Oster kettle comes with some advantages compared to other versions with the same values.

It has no wire, for example, which guarantees more mobility and easy storage. It also comes with display on the outside and a high power 1800w.

In less than 10 minutes, the kettle boils Oster 1,7L of water.

Security also is present in this eletroportatil. When it reaches the boiling temperature, automatic shutdown reduces the risk of accidents.

Use tips from Kettle!

To ensure good performance and more durability of its electric kettle, some usage tips are recommended by the manufacturers.

The first refers to the elements used to heat up. A very common question regarding this eletroportatil is the possibility of warm milk or water with sugar already in the kettle.

You can use milk or sugar in the kettle?

According to manufacturers, the use of the tea should be restricted to pure water.

This fact occurs due to the inability to wash their kettles inside. Both the sugar, the milk can leave residue inside, causing stains and bad smell in the unit.

But remember that even water can leave mineral deposits over time, so it is recommended one cleaning once a month at least.

This second tip concerns about how clean the inside of electric kettles.

How to Clean your electric kettle

For thorough cleaning, filling half of the kettle with water and fill the remaining with white vinegar. Turn it on and let the boiling solution; after let stand with the liquid within 15 minutes.

Pour the solution and rinse with water. Refill only with water and boil this time. After this is only dump the water and dry with paper towels.

Ensure more convenience to your everyday life is one of the aims of this item, which comes every day, gaining more space in kitchens and offices. Besides the electric kettle, kitchen appliances there are other options very useful and functional, such as electric fryer and electric popcorn maker, for example.

Regardless of your choice always seek for practical options that optimize their time and certainly will have more pleasure during their domestic and culinary activities.