5 Best Market Electric Showers 2020 (+ Pressurized)

5 Best Market Electric Showers 2020 (+ Pressurized)

It is time, then, to understand the core elements of choosing a good hot shower. Check out!

Electric shower

The shower is one of the most used appliances in homes. Every day, at least once, it is used by every person who lives in the house or apartment.

Its power, the ability to heat and divide the water jet are essential to provide a relaxing and full bath.

But even with all these important and daily assignments, showers and showers are often overwhelmed with household choices.

While elements such as electric grills, electric pipoqueiras and planetary mixers, which are not in constant use, received several increments and technologies over time, the showers had few real additions functions.

Moreover, even being used for hours during the month, we know little about its key features or her pay attention when buying a new product to the bathroom.

It will be back, now!

To start, you know the difference between showers and showers?

Although they have the same function – bathing – these two devices have some little distinction between them. Like this:

Shower: is fixed to the wall directly, without wires or plumbing. 2 records have to temper the temperature of the water as it exits the appliance. Can heat via electricity, solar energy or gas.

Electric shower: need a pipe and electric wires to be installed. Therefore, need to have wiring around. Uses electrical resistance to heat the water before she left the unit need to do this, only one record.

Some bathroom appliances have both functions at the same time, combining the benefits of both modalities.

Now that you know the difference between them, know the main elements for the proper functioning of the electric shower:

Energy consumption

The electric shower can be considered the appliance that consumes more energy per hour, among the other used in a home. Therefore, in the case of a product of fundamental and daily use, you must be attentive to the spending kW per hour this unit. And so you find what you have cost-effective best for you and your family.

Of the models examined 5, this selection, the energy consumption is between 3.2 kW / h and 7,8kW / h. This difference is the voltage and power of each of the products.

The higher the “effort” for the shower to heat the water, the greater the energy used and therefore, spending on electricity bill. Thus, people who live very cold cities, which tend to be used the high temperatures of the equipment, energy consumption tends to be higher.

The same goes for the opposite situation: the effort for the shower to heat the water is low, power consumption will also be lower, due to the small energy use.

To find this information, you can search by device power. It informs the energy work that the machine produces in Watts (W). Kilowatts (kW) is the measure of thousand watts – as one kilometer equals one thousand meters.

So for you to find the average energy consumption per hour, shower, divide the heat power per thousand. For example, a shower X has power 5.500W, so has 5,5kW consumes per hour of use.

Make this account and calculate how many hours on average per month, the members of your household use the shower and has thus a monthly amount in kW per shower.


As we have seen in the feature “energy consumption” means the power of an appliance determines how much this device is able to work. That is, in the specific case of the shower, it means how much he can heat the water before it reaches the body of the person taking bath.

Thus, we can say that the higher the power of the electric shower, the greater its ability to heat and therefore more easily it will reach high temperatures.

Of the models examined, the power ranged from 3.200W 7.800W and in accordance with voltage and different characteristics.

Temperature Options

Overall, electric showers have two ways to control the temperature: multitemperatura or electronic.

The multitemperatura control has three temperatures: summer, winter and “off”. There are also the latest models, which can reach even warmer temperatures, the function “too hot” or “super hot”.

For periods of mild temperature, which does not so cold, the ideal is to maintain the set temperature in the “summer”. In it, the water comes out warm, suffering less heat by electrical resistance and thus the shower consumes less power to operate.

In cold climates, the “winter” function is the resource we have to take a warm bath. As, however, the appliance needs more energy to heat the water, energy consumption is higher in this function.

As for those places where the temperature really drops too, the ideal is to opt for showers that have the 4th option “very hot”. With this possibility, the water will come out of the well heated device, improving the bath experience. At this temperature, therefore, spending on electricity bill will be even greater than that presented in “winter”.

But when the appliance is set to “off” means that it is not using any electricity to heat the water. So there is no consumption of electricity and water will come out at room temperature.

To temper the water warmer, warm or cold, simply select the mode and go control the output of water by the registry. The less out, the higher the temperature. And, similarly, the highest water jet tends to be less hot.

In addition to these options to select a particular degree of temperature, there are devices that work with electronic control. Through it, there is a gradual transition from cold, warm and hot, so softer and less impactful. Modern showers use this control.

minimum and maximum water pressure

Another relevant fact, in seeking for its new electric shower, you know the minimum and maximum pressure of water.

The water resource comes from one source – that may be the public water supply from the street or wells, for example. It passes into the water tank, which shall distribute it among the taps, toilets and showers of the house, among other uses.

So that the water comes out in good quantity for the shower, it must have good pressure. If it is too close to the box, the water will with little pressure apparatus.

So appliances were created to compensate for the lack of pressure, with a feature called pressurization. It balances this absence allows the machine to work properly.

But, when the need to shower pressure is within the house offers, no need to use this feature.

To learn how to choose the shower properly, you can start calculating how many meters there are distance between the water tank and the appliance. Keep this number.

Then, determine the minimum and maximum pressure indication required for the model you are searching.

Check now if the distance from your water tank to the shower, in meters, is between the minimum and maximum pressure required. This data appears next to the m.c.a acronym, which means meters of water column.

If you do not answer, look for another model or see if he can do pressurization. If all agree, your shower will work with good waterfall.

For example, the distance between the water tank of an apartment is approximately 15 meters.

The shower requires minimal pressure m.c.a 1 and maximum of 20 m.c.a ..

So this is a good option to be chosen as 15 meters away are within the expected pressure to the proper functioning of the device.

Review of the Best 2020 Electric Showers

We have seen so far, what are the main features of an electric shower and how we can define the best rates of each.

So, evaluate what the device power consumption is important to compare with other models and also to choose the one to submit the cost-effective.

One feature that is closely linked to energy expenditure is the power of the appliance. In the shower, in particular, it will indicate how much the unit can heat water.

Another important element to be alert, to check for a new shower, is how it controls and how the temperature options it offers. So you can come across electronic control products or multitemperatura and appliances with 3 or 4 heating levels.

Finally, for a perfect bath and with that ideal trim water, it is important to find out the distance between the shower and the water tank. And then, one must check whether it lies within the minimum and maximum levels of water pressure.

With all these data in hand, it will be much easier to figure out which model is right for you and your family!

In addition, separate information such as user evaluation to determine the best electric shower and one that has the best value for money. Check out!

What is the Best Electric Shower?

They analyzed different shower heads 5 Lorenzetti mark. They were:

With different price ranges, all showed good results. Thus, we evaluated the main features of each of them in order to arrive at the best model.

Therefore, electricity consumption was compared, as well, the power that causes the water to heat up.

Then we see how the temperature is controlled and how many levels of heating provides the product.

Finally, we found that all devices Lorenzetti discussed here had the same need for minimum and maximum pressure for installation.

However, some no longer have the need of the pressurizer and therefore can be installed even in places with a long distance between the appliance and the water tank.

This is the case of Lorenzetti Acqua Jet that in addition to having the best power – along with Acqua Duo – has electronic control of its 4 temperatures and comes with resistance durability. Moreover, it has the highest rating among users, getting full marks.

Therefore, the Lorenzetti Acqua Jet can be considered the best electric shower of the year.

Shower Electric Cost-Effective

It is not enough, however, that the shower heat well and has good water flow for those looking for a model with cost-effective.

As we have seen, this appliance has one of the highest consumption of electricity in kW per hour, among all other devices.

Thus, it is also important to check the one that presents the most fair and balanced energy expenditure between the five models presented here.

Another important factor is to check the cost. Depending on the amount of functions that the product is getting, the higher its price.

So find one that has good characteristics and at the same time, be good for the pocket is also essential for those seeking a great value for money.

Thus, the electric shower that better fitted both in energy consumption, as in acquisition and good performance price was the Lorenzetti Futura.

With one of the lowest energy costs, associated with good power and a fair price, this model has the optimal performance for its cost.

The model is also shower and therefore do not need pipe to be installed in the bathroom. Its modern design and refined until seems categories more expensive shower.

In addition, it has 4 different temperature options, selected properly, ensure greater efficiency in energy use for relaxing and delicious baths.

For you, what are the most important features when choosing a good shower for your home: energy, power, control or temperature options?

Tell us what else impacts on their decision and the reason!