6 Best Hair Removal For Women Electric Check In 2020

6 Best Hair removal for Women Electric Check in 2020

A practical and durable option for removal of the electric shaver is.

Besides extracting the wire from the root slowing its growth, the epilator has the advantage of cost benefit, since dispensing periodic visits to professionals and the entire procedure can be performed at home, whenever necessary.

Overcoming the blade due to the durability of the result and the hot or cold wax, the practicality and agility of the process, the electric shaver also secured other benefits to the skin.

Some models have lights or massaging systems that improve the appearance of pores or just relaxing the skin, according to the desired preference.

To choose the best electric shaver 2020 is necessary to pay attention to the varied types and specifications, as there are versions for certain parts of the body, with other features waterproof hypoallergenic or that facilitate and optimize the process of hair removal.

The different formats, materials and features of these instruments is the highlight in this guide as the best 2020 hair removers.

With positive reviews of users and as many shopping, Philips brands, Cadence, and Bonita Top Laitesi provide all the satisfaction and quality of use for the most varied requirements related to the removal of hair.

Now that you’ve met what are the best electric shavers check the details of each of these models and choose what is most appropriate for your needs.

Review of Best Electric epilators 2020

Both the technical characteristics as the testimonials of users of these electric shavers emphasize a great benefit: the cost benefit of this equipment.

The fact of dispensing professional assistance already evidence the economy that this device will bring on a daily basis, as the growth of hair is constant.

Unlike the blade, which cuts only at the close to the root, the epilator acts more deeply, such as waxes, for example. It extracts all the wire, including its root causing its appearance takes a little longer.

And average by a new surge in four weeks and this durability of the result of a skin smooth and soft is a big advantage of electric shavers.

With a constant cleaning and proper use, the device tends to last long. Usually it comes with battery charger and removable tip to facilitate such care maintenance.

Epilator Electric: Choice Criteria

Prioritize certain characteristics is key to achieving the desired result of hair removal.

Many users prefer to follow the tradition of certain brand, others venture into new models with more modern features; before it is important to know the key features of each electrical shaver for optimal choice.

Some criteria can make the process easier hair removal, fast and efficient. Thinking about it, we select the key that will direct your purchase to the best electric shaver 2020.

Size and shape

The size and format epilator interfere with ease of handling and especially in reaching certain region of the body.

more elongated depilatories are ideal for use in most intimate parts, as the most compact and enables a more discreet shipping, usually lighter providing more ergonomics during the process.


The weight also influences during the applicability of the apparatus. Although most of these devices are considered mild, there are versions that reach almost 500 grams, which can hinder agility waxing and tire the muscles of the arm.

Therefore it is essential to check the weight of the product, which is recommended for improved ergonomics to 400 grams.

Body part

Most electric shavers in this ranking are suitable for any part of the body, however, the market for models that are designed specifically for certain regions, such as the face or intimate.

Adaptations covers and heads of these devices allow for greater versatility in relation to the purpose and result, however, some models do not come with the possibility of variation.

Given this consideration is given to the size and technical specifications of manufacturers, noting that epilators with the narrowest head are suitable for intimate and face regions since the widest for legs and armpits, for example.


Generally shavers come in two speeds. This setting allows the selection process of the time, including the type of the to be removed.

The speed 1 is slower for thinner by extraction and is also considered to be more comfortable. Although velocity 2 and accelerate the process of hair removal can remove thicker by easily.


Due to the possible accumulation after the hair removal process, cleaning of the device should be something practical and constant.

Models containing removable head or waterproof are the most recommended to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. Wash them under running water or pass the brush with the product provides a complete and effective cleaning.

The cleaning of this equipment is as essential as the skin care before waxing in order to prevent possible infections.

The possibility to skin or head epilator enables different functionalities to the device.

As detailed models of this guide, some shavers also provide trimmer results, massager, and exfoliate and cleanse the skin.

Those who massaging during epilation guarantee more comfort and pleasure, reducing the pain of removing the hair. But those who clean and exfoliate are ideal to let the skin free of folliculitis, the famous ingrown.

There are also specifications as waterproof, hypoallergenic and containing pulsed light. All these tend to provide more comfort and less irritant to the skin.

What is the best electric shaver?

One device and many purposes, this is the proposal of Philips Satinelle, the electric shaver best-selling and best rated in the market.

The covers varied accompanying this device allow it to be used as a shaver, trimmer, massager, and protect and delineate areas for better accuracy of the result.

With so much versatility, this shaver is still lightweight and compact and can be transported in a very convenient and easily.

Its ergonomic shape and modern design makes the handling of Philips Satinelle be quick to reach the most difficult areas of the body. Including the scope of the is much larger than the wax, for example, reaching up to 0.5 mm wire.

The shaving head is removable and washable, ensuring greater hygiene and prevents the appearance of mold on the device or skin infection.

In addition to the adjustable speed, Philips is also committed to return the money of the product if it does not meet the proposed expectations.

Faced with all these benefits and more than a thousand positive recommendations of users, the best electric shaver 2020 is the Philips Satinelle.

Electric shaver for best value

The most affordable value Epilator of Laitesi does not limit its effectiveness and functionality.

Waterproof, it can be used for bathing, facilitating the process and relieving the skin during the extraction.

Another advantage that ensures greater comfort during the extraction of the wires is the massaging function of this unit. This system acts as an anesthetic for skin providing maios feeling of comfort, pleasure and decreasing pain.

The shaver of Laitesi also comes with the cleaning feature, an exfoliation of the skin through a specific brush, which prepares the pores before and after shaving.

Since folliculitis and ingrown hairs are the biggest problems of hair removal from the root, this brush provides a means of prevention.

Intended for any body part, this shaver also has a more practical and easy cleaning, including accompanying brush for this cleaning step.

Lightweight and compact, the epilator of Laitesi can be carried in the bag anywhere you want, ensuring a smooth skin and smooth whatever the time.

The best electric shaver brand

Philips is considered the number one brand in feminine electric hair removal, according to the Research Institute of Market Leader.

This position is related to both the quality of products, and by consumer satisfaction.

The various options and technologies used for shavers guarantee more agility, practicality, ergonomics and efficiency in the results.

Another potential of the brand is associated with other features depilation, either, massage, exfoliate or trim.

Despite the older version of shavers Satinelle still be the most commercialized, even considered the best in this guide, the brand introduces new models of the line with more elongated shapes, which have a greater range in the most difficult areas of the body.

In addition to the format, other features have been added in this line in order to optimize the extraction of results always protecting the skin and user comfort.

With experience in electrical female hair removal for 65 years, Philips is considered the best brand of this type of device in our guide.

If your selection is a shaver from Philips, you will certainly ensure a quality product proven by research and what is most important by customers.

antenatal and post-waxing

To enhance better results in your hair removal, some extra care is needed in the pre- and post-removal of the wires.

Before waxing is indicated to clean the area, as the pores will open allowing the waste input, dirt and even germs. Cleaning can be done with soap and water or shave pre-specific products. This measure prevents the appearance of acne, folliculitis and even infections.

During application of the epilator, the correct position is always right in the opposite of the growth direction. Thus, in addition to extract them in the bud, the period for its growth is slower, reaching up to four weeks.

Hair removal waterproof, which allow the use is in the bath, for example, slide better on the skin with the pool water, which contributes to the reduction of friction, and soon, the pain, even the hot water relaxes the location and helps dilate the poles, facilitating extraction.

Made waxing, for a softer and healthier skin, it is recommended to intense hydration in the region. Avoid products with alcohol, oils, thick clothes and also sun exposure, further assists in the durability of the result and better looking skin.

Following these tips and choosing any of these shavers in this guide, the result will be a smooth, soft and protected.

Enjoy the beauty care and also choose the best dryer, flat iron, curling iron or brush molding 2020.

All these appliances consisting of a lot of technology, quality and efficiency will help you get even more beautiful in less time.

After all, to combine beauty, health and convenience in their day to day will always be the best choice!