Best Tv 4K (Ultra Hd) 2020 – What Model Choose?

Best TV 4K (Ultra HD) 2020 – What Model Choose?

When thinking of TV of the future, has designed a merger between the face and sensory reality through image and sound resources, which transmit all sense of living what we watch.

With the launch of TV 4k we can say that this futuristic expectation is already a reality. Bringing innovative and unique features technologies, TV K4 overcomes major versions HD and Full HD, due to its high resolution and then, image quality.

Also known as TV UHD (Ultra HD), the 4K name is a combination of its potential compared to other TVs because it has four times more resolution than Full HD, for example.

This resolution takes place, due to the amount of pixels, dots of color that make up the images. In 4K, these numbers reach a total of 8,294,400, with 3840 horizontal x 2160 vertical.

Through this advantage in pixels, the distance at which you watch certain content also does not influence the image quality, however, use 4K on smaller screens is considered a waste of technology.

Learn more about this technological innovation knowing the main characteristics of the best TV 4K 2020.

Best TVs 4k 2020

Besides all quality 4K technology, the differences in features, design and cost benefits have these six best TVs 4k 2020.

As the industry enables better versions in electronics every launch, consumers accompany these innovations with more expectations and demands.

In order to meet the preference of the public and overcome competitors, these marks above enable the best in functionality with images as natural, which can be compared to reality with the naked eye.

TV 4k

No mistakes and regrets, your purchase will bring much satisfaction and enjoyment in applying some criteria for choosing the best TV 4k.

The main features that should be analyzed are the screen size, image quality, ports for cable connections and devices, connectivity, and system design.

Match them according to your needs, preferences and capabilities to acquire, no doubt is sure bet at the time of purchase.

Screen size

To achieve the greatest power in image quality and sound, TVs 4K need a screen which presents all of this resolution.

The larger the screen, the optimization of the pixels and therefore the lower screen available in 4K format is 40 inches.

Although the technology 4k enable perfect picture at any distance, for better ergonomics is recommended the following screen sizes for certain spaces:

Image Quality

All these models 4K TVs have up to Ultra HD resolution with four times more pixels than Full HD predecessor.

This amount of pixels allows a resolution comparable to real vision, for the details, sharpness and vibrant colors fidelizam images very tightly.

Best 4k TVs bring the total number of 8,294,400 pixels, which incredibly to exceed the limit that our eye has to stop them and tell them.

This means that to take advantage of all this amount of pixels it is imperative that your TV is 4K from 40 inches.


For added functionality and adaptation of various devices via cable or furniture, pay attention to the number of ports for USB and HDMI is extremely important.

Many antennas to cable or broadcast TV require specific entries and for this, prioritizing models with more ports can make all the difference in the resources of its 4K.

Some accessories that leverage the extra features games and music also need these entries.

Most of the ranking of the models have the amount 2-3 inputs HDMI and USB each.


Being launch segment, 4K TV comes with two connectivity features: cable and wireless (Wi-Fi).

Some models also have the Internet connection option via Bluetooth, which allows the sharing of the navigation data from a mobile device, for example.

In addition, according to the compatibility of devices such as Blu-ray and audio players, the connection between these systems can be made by a single or smartphone control.

Models like the LG 43UK6510 innovate by enabling access to the menu, just pointing Smart Magic Control, which works like a mouse and also goes by voice command.

Operational system

With available app stores, among other advantages, the most common systems of 4k TVs are the WebOS, Tizen and Android TV.

Some brands have unique systems, while others guarantee the advantage of greater compatibility with other operating company services, such as Android TV if it belongs to Google.


With versions increasingly minimalist and very thin screens, 4K TVs are perfectly suited to any space and decor.

Common in black, gray, silver and white, which is making all the difference in the design are the models with cable management.

With wires embedded in channels or on its own feet from the TV, this feature brings more subtlety and space optimization, because it does not expose all that tangle, who has just behind the emerging consumer electronics.

The curved screens also innovate in the category providing greater field of view and more contrast, not to mention the most modern and unique presentation.

Full Review of Best TVs 4k 2020

To facilitate your choice and make a lot of satisfaction in their purchase, we detail the main features of the best TVs 4k 2020, inclusive, based on the information of buyers and lovers of technology.

It is noteworthy that for the 4k meet all expectations in image quality and sound you need to provide suitable conditions for this purpose, such as a good internet connection and high resolution image settings.

Although some content open the TV and cable not available the 4K format, the Youtube platform, Netflix, Blue-Ray players and most modern video games already have titles with this resolution.

Soon, either by consumer demand as well as to accommodate and optimize the resources of these TVs, the content will meet this format in a higher proportion on TV channels and other access roads.

Smart TV LG 43″ 4K HDR Ativo 43UM7510

Best Tv 4K (Ultra Hd) 2020 - What Model Choose?

TV features 4K

Relying on resources of artificial intelligence, Smart TV LG 43 “4K HDR active 43UM7510 is modernity in the form of TV.

Voice recognition through its smart control magic, allows faster access, practical and easy to various communication and entertainment content.

It’s possible to perform searches without the need to enter the information by the control buttons, just approach it and speak clearly what you want in a few seconds to ensure the desired programming.

Images of Smart TV LG 43 “4K HDR Active 43UM7510 have over 8 million pixels, which ensures vibrant colors and detail ever closer to reality, including the feature 4K upscaler enhances even the low-resolution content.

The connectivity of this TV is another great advantage, after the 04 HDMI 02 USB 01 rf to open TV, 01 rf cable TV, 01 av / video input component 01 entry lan RJ45 and wifi enable you to connect Smartphone, keyboard or mouse to enter, navigate, even play with more quality.

Smart Tv Qled 4k Samsung 55″ Qn55q60

Best Tv 4K (Ultra Hd) 2020 - What Model Choose?

TV features 4K

With exclusive QLED display technology, Samsung Qn55q60 delivers 100% color volume of pictures, due to its quantum dots.

The look of Samsung Qn55q60 is cable-free, which makes their disposal even more practical and clean.

It even comes with a game mode, ideal for those who enjoy online games and want to take advantage of all soaking ability of technology 4k.

Another distinguishing feature of this Samsung option is the setting mode, which allows a “camouflage” screen, according to the panel or the bottom of the installed wall, making it the most integrated and modern place.

Samsung Qn55q60 comes with leading applications installed, such as Netflix, Youtube, FOX, Telecine, among others.

What is the best TV 4k 2020?

The best-selling category and with over a thousand positive evaluations only on Amazon, Smart LED 55 “Ultra HD 4K TV HDR Samsung LH55BENELGAZD also takes the first place in our ranking due to its many unique features and technology used.

Starting with the quality of your image, which has more than 16 million pixels in color, as well as high resolution 4k.

The 55-inch screen ensures optimal immersion feeling, similar to cinema quality.

Your Quad Core processor provides faster allowing a remote response time of 8 milliseconds.

With it you can also mirror the mobile content directly to screen, through its mirroring function.

And one of the great innovations of this version is its PIP (Picture-in-Picture), which ensures the simultaneous viewing of two programs.

The value of Smart TV LED 55 “Ultra HD 4K HDR Samsung LH55BENELGAZD is considered fair because of the variety it offers technology for the benefit of your home.

For all these features, including the popularity among the users, Samsung LH55BENELGAZD was voted the best TV 4k 2020 for Best Home.

What is the Best TV 4k for money?

An option full of features, including the possibility of control by artificial intelligence is the Smart TV LG 43 “4K HDR Active 43UM7510.

With a 43 “ideal size to keep every detail of your favorite content screen, this TV also has more than 8 million pixels, which ensures an image much sharper and closer to reality.

In addition, it is compatible with smart control magic, which enables the activation, search and selection of content by voice command, however, not with the product and must be purchased separately.

Another exclusive feature of this option is its 4K upscaler, which enhances any low-resolution content.

Already the LG 43UM7510 connection entries are numerous, it comes with 04 HDMI 02 USB 01 rf to open TV, 01 rf cable TV, 01 av / video input component 01 entry lan RJ45 and wi-fi, which allows connection of other accessories for games, music or typing.

Even with all these extra features and technical features, the LG 43UM7510 has a fair price, well below the models presented in this ranking.

In view of this and of all its quality, this is our TV option 4K money 2020.

What is the best TV 4k mark

Both for the variety of designs, sizes and features as well, for appearing in three versions in the ranking of 2020 Best 4k TVs, Samsung has been voted the best brand.

Approval of the buyers also leverages this preference, since most TV models bought and given in the online stores are from Samsung.

Samsung is the largest manufacturer in the world of televisions and in order to meet different audiences ensures numerous options, which differ by the values ​​and technological characteristics.

The operating system of Samsung’s 4K TVs is unique to the brand, the Tizen. This system supports multiple applications and easy to handle, in some versions of TVs also detects command gesture.

The share of TV signal to other devices via Bluetooth or wi-fi connectivity enhances the advantages of the brand.

Or in relation to money or the basic functions, extras and especially the recommendations of clients; buy the best TV 4k 2020 prioritizing a reputable brand like Samsung, can result in great satisfaction and a great use of time this essential electronics in our homes.