The 7 Best Phones Cost Benefit To Buy In 2020

The 7 Best Phones Cost Benefit to Buy in 2020

Whether for communication, entertainment or work, the mobile phone is now an essential item, which also is replacing the use of other electronics such as tablets, notebooks and even makes az times of Smart TV.

The variety of brands, models and features makes it difficult to choose the best mobile phone that meets all the needs and expectations without exaggeration in the price.

Prioritize basic issues such as battery life, memory, camera quality and screen size can lead to optimal decision, however, another suggestion is to combine the technical specifications of the device to a value greater account after all costs always benefit will be the best criterion of choice.

To follow with the criteria of cost benefit is essential to first define what activities are performed with the device in order to connect them to the resources of each model.

If the preference is for good photographs, quick access to internet, memory for numerous applications or only one device to send messages and connect social networks, we have the solution for each of these options!

Learn about the features and details of the best phones for money of 2020 and the top one, favorite of lovers of affordable consumer technology.

Best Cell Phones Cost benefit 2020

Brands already established and other younger market make the list that associates a lot of technological innovation at an affordable price.

Precisely because of this constant evolution of electronics, opt for more economic procurements follow the updates of versions of mobile smartphones without losing any investment.

But if the intention is the durability of the product, these options will not fall short.

Review of the Best Phones in 2020 Cost Benefit

In addition to the technical specifications and available values, this selection was also based by evaluating and testimonials of buyers of the Best Phones Cost Benefit in 2020.

The main features, resources, including the pros and cons of each model can help you choose the smartphone that most meets your needs and requirements.

With options of different brands, features and of course, values, certainly one of these versions will be presented what do you look for in a mobile phone.

Selection criteria: Phones

If amid so many attractive options like these you are still undecided, the tip is: prioritize basic and useful criteria for day to day, so you will be sure that you choose the best phone money 2020.

The first step is to define which activities this phone will be used. Shoot, send messages, listen to music, watch videos and series, in short, the options are limitless, however, some models meet certain features better than others.

Among the main features that influence this classification, the screen size, camera, memory, system and extra features will make all the difference.

Screen size

With models from 5 to 6.2 inches, all of these smartphones above screens are optimized to ensure a better visibility and soaking effect.

For those who use the phone to watch videos, series and movies; larger screens of 6.2 “will fulfill all the expectations of ergonomics and comfort of vision.

For those who already does not make much question this feature, screens 5 “have perfect size for shipping and discreet in his pocket and practical handling.


If the intention is to make beautiful pictures with professional quality, some models offer dual camera system, which are two rear cameras with different MP, which can be activated together or individually.

This feature as well as enhance the quality of images, yet allows shots at different times.

But what really makes a difference in the quality of the photos is the amount of MP (megapixel), which define the image resolution.

In the list of the best phones money 2020, there are resolutions 8MP to 16MP. Not to mention the model of Asus Zenfone Max Pro (M1), which has two rear cameras, a 13 MP and another 5MP, totaling 18 MP in resolution.


The amount of contacts, photos and especially mobile applications depends on the storage space, memory.

All the above models have internal and external memory, which increases the possibility to keep several things in mobile.

If the intention is to make the most of the applications and not limit the amount of library photos, models with 64 GB are certainly better options.

The 32 GB memory with mobile phones also meet the requirements of those who enjoyed a download extra applications, but not overly so.

Already the 16 GB limit a little storage and are suitable for those who do not make use of many applications or prioritizes the basic functions of calls, messages and some social networks.


The most common operating systems among Brazil’s smartphones are Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Windows Mobile.

Some brands have unique systems, however, most phones run versions of Android, which is the best system of mobile money 2020 of our list even has a licensable platform.

This flexibility gives any mobile phone manufacturer, the possibility of using this system, which makes Android the most used in the world.

Android is part of the Google company and this association allows compatibility with numerous features, applications, and other electronics. The customization of this system also favors very users that can adapt according to your preferences resources.

Every mobile launch a brand comes up with a new feature to the device.

More autonomy, convenience and a lot of technology are the features highlighted in these innovative versions.

The best mobile money 2020 presented, these features are also present.

The Motorola One and the Motorola Moto G7 activate functions with movements, such as the flashlight after shaking twice the unit and the camera with two turns.

voice command, screen unlock by facial or digital sensors are also features that facilitate handling and accessibility of smartphones.

What is the best phone money?

With so many essential features and functions, all phones mentioned correspond to the benefit cost expectations, however, what stands out most, no doubt is the Smartphone Asus Zenfone Max Pro (M1).

This smartphone has unique advantages and surpass all its competitors from the Best Mobile ranking Cost Benefit in 2020.

Starting with the battery, which has a longer duration of the category level, reaching up to 35 days without charge in standby mode, 12 hours using gaming features, 20 hours using YouTube, 42 hours of 3G calls and 28 hours of navigation wi-fi.

This whole battery capacity does not prevent the excellent and fast performance of the Asus Zenfone Max Pro (M1), which is 2.71 times faster than its predecessor.

If in addition to spending hours and hours on the phone without charge, you also prioritizes the quality of the photos, this model also meets this regard.

With dual camera system, this phone has two rear cameras, one with 13 MP and one with 5MB. sharper images and a variety of effects make similar photos to professionals.

The video recording can be performed with resolution 4K technology that ensures this perfection and realism also in the smart TVs releases.

The 6 “screen is ideal with its series, videos and movies with the effect of depth and richness in the details of each scene. Another advantage of this feature is the sound, which offers high levels of reach and less distortion.

The security technology ensures that your smartphone is accessed with facial recognition or digital.

Besides all these advantages, 95% of consumers approve and indicate the Smartphone Asus Zenfone Max Pro (M1) as the best phone money 2020.