The 7 Best Devices For Transforming Tv Smart Tv 2020

The 7 Best devices for Transforming TV Smart TV 2020

The multitude of content that the internet offers guarantees the possibility to entertain, interact and inform much broader and attractive way.

Therefore, one of the most common consumer electronics in Brazilian homes, TV is changing to adapt these digital resources in their functionality.

The Smartvs is the result of this proposal, but there are those who still prefer to keep the conventional TV sets at home.

For this audience, more attached to the traditionalism of the common TV, or even for those who have a TV in good condition and do not think about changing the electronics so early, there is a solution to ensure all virtual benefits without buying a SMARTV; and this is possible through the apparatus of dongles or TV Box devices.

To learn how these resources, their differences and mainly what the best TV transformer Smart, check out our top seven, which brings the best brands and technologies to ensure higher quality and accessibility in your living room.

Here are the TV Smart transformers in more modern and efficient market. They bring together the very latest and innovative technology, and other advantages in design, value and handling.

Each option of this ranking is directed there is a different audience, is for those looking to enjoy only simple applications like Netflix and YouTube, as well as for those who need more power for movie downloads and online games.

So it is essential that you know every detail of these models and find out which one best meets your user preferences.

Review of Best Devices for Transforming TV Smart TV 2020

Bring more modernity and accessibility of fast, practical and economical, these are proposals device that turns the TV into Smart.

To ensure all the benefits of this device, it is first important to remember that the TV must have inputs USB or HDMI, however, most modern models already have these ports.

Another factor that must be considered before you know the technical characteristics of each model; It is that there are two types of resources that can transform ordinary TVs in Smarts, called Dongles and TV Box.

Since the two categories of television transformers SMARTV, now see more about the key features and functionality of the best of 2020.

Criteria of Choice: Best Apparatus for Transforming TV Smart TV

In addition to choosing which product category best suits your needs, or Dongle TV Box, other features can further target your decision when buying your device that turns on Smart TV.

These technological features make all the difference in transmission quality even can guarantee exclusive features surpassing many Smartvs.

Among them, we can highlight the operating system, memory, resolution, handling by control or mobile phone, as well as features wi-fi, storage and others.

Operational system

As previously mentioned above, the dongle type device does not have its own operating system, so in this regard we will pay attention to the system of the TV Box type devices.

Operating System TV transformer unit in Smart can be himself, according to brand the apparatus or similar to those already used in smartphones and notebooks.

The advantage of using a similar OS to a smartphone, for example, is compatibility across applications and easy handling by the phone itself in an even more efficient and functional.

Among the main, the most common in the Box TV market is the Android.


The RAM can directly affect the speed to drive the programs and content, so prioritize device with at least 1GB.

Since the storage capacity interfere much the functionality of TV Box type devices. The amount of GB present in the storage of your TV Box limits the number of applications, programs, including movies and series that can be downloaded and saved on the device itself.

According to the users, a 1GB storage TV Box is enough to enjoy the basic apps like Netflix and YouTube. Now 8GB are best suited for those who will archive films; heavier games and other programs require larger stores 16 or up to 32 GB.


But the resolution criterion can be assessed between the two options Tv transformers appliances Smart, both Dongle, the TV Box.

The resolution will define how the content will be presented in compatibility with the resolution of the TV itself.

There are devices with 1080p resolutions, but also full HD and 4K. But it is noteworthy that the quality also depends on the type of TV.

Installation and Handling

By turning a TV on smart, many may find that both the installation and the management of these types of devices must be very complicated, however, with the right model, this is not concern.

For Dongles devices, mirroring occurs via cell phone or laptop to the TV. They resemble flash drives, which are connected by means of USB or HDMI ports to activate the bluetooth or wi-fi, and therefore, to ensure the pairing with the other transmitting device of the desired content.

All settings can be handled by phone, notebook or even to control, with the projector depending on the brand.

Already the installation and operation of TV Box works pretty much like a TV receiver or cable open.

It can come with cable or wi-fi, and after installed near the TV can be controlled by mobile applications or with own remote control that accompanies it.

All come with manual, but if you have difficulty nothing better than to look at some tutorials on the internet or call a technician.

The wi-fi is considered an extra feature of the TV adapter unit in smart, however, this feature only has usefulness in televisions device that accept the wireless connection.

Controls with voice command are also increasingly common among these types of devices in order to make content management even more convenient, fast and modern.

What is the best device to turn TV into Smart TV?

Versatility is the main feature of Smart TV Box Aquarius STV-2000, making it our best device to turn on Smart TV 2020.

This is because the Smart TV Box Aquarius STV-2000 can be used to tube televisions, by connecting via AV. A difference that is making all the difference between its main competitors.

In addition, this model has a large 8GB internal storage capacity so you can download various applications and leave the contents of your rich TV schedules.

1 GB RAM with the Android operating system ensures much more fluidity and agility at the time of transmission.

Connectivity Smart TV Box Aquarius STV-2000, can be done via Bluetooth, USB, Wi-Fi, HDMI, Ethernet, and as mentioned above, for AV.

The resolution 4K technology allows you to watch your videos, movies and series with the best picture quality available.

Handling the TV Box Aquarius STV-2000 is done by remote control, but can also be done via smartphone with the platform application.

Compact and unobtrusive, this unit can be disposed of easily in any corner of the house, bringing even more modernity and technology for your home.

To further facilitate handling, it already comes with the main SmarTV applications installed.

What is the best device Cost Benefit to turn TV into Smart TV?

With so many good choices it is difficult to choose between devices that turn on Smart TV, the best in value for money, however, some technical features of the TV Box MX9 exceeded expectations of many users and hence of their competitors.

Starting with the large 16 GB storage capacity, which lets you download multiple applications, movies and series directly to the device.

It also comes with the most common installed, such as Netflix and Youtube, further facilitating their use.

Through the remote control you can handle with great precision and speed throughout the web content, in addition, it comes with Android system compatible with various applications and platform programs.

The ultra low power consumption is part of its advantages together the various device connectivity options.

With so many qualities and an affordable price, the TV Box MX9 was considered the best device to turn on smart tv 2020 money.