What Is The Best Popcorn Maker Electric? Complete Guide 【2020】

What is the best popcorn maker Electric? Complete Guide 【2020】

With winter coming, as we think of a delicious popcorn and a good movie, to overcome the low temperatures. And to help pop a good popcorn movie like nothing better than to use a popper. A good popper.

The problem is that there are so many popper brands on the market that do not know what to choose, and sometimes ended up buying one and disappointing. But thinking about it then prepare an article with the 5 best 2020 electrical pipoqueiras Analyze carefully each option presented in this guide.

Best Pipoqueiras Power 2020

When we think of electric popcorn popper, we think about convenience and speed. Today make popcorn is child’s service. Depending on the chosen popper even children can make their own popcorn safely and reliably. And pipoqueiras has turned the main attraction.

Electric popper

But why today the popper has gained fame and made many people’s minds? Let us know a little history of popcorn and because it has become global fever.

The history of Popcorn

The history of popcorn is old and started over 9,000 years. Researchers in 1948 discovered popcorn archaeological remains. This was an amazing discovery, since it was found that the Mexicans were eating popcorn for thousands and thousands of years.

Some historians and archaeologists point out that popcorn was the first type of corn that humans had contact. In what is now the western United States, the popcorn was already consumed, as it was proved that there comes from the oldest ears of corn.

Old popcorn was not just one type of food, but it was used by American Indians and the Aztecs to make ornaments for the women of the tribe. These Indians found that the corn kernels popped when in contact with the fire or hot sand.

But there are those who say that the act of popping popcorn was a discovery not deliberate but an accident. It happened in the 19th century in the United States. From this discovery popcorn became marketed as “Pearl”.

From the time the plow disc was released in the United States, maize cultivation was widespread and the act of popping popcorn became a fun of all.

Already the first popcorn cart appeared in 1880 in Chicago by Charles Cretors. And from there won the world. They were sold at fairs and circuses. They were also sold in markets and greengrocers. Theaters not allowed to sell the popcorn, because of the dirt. But Glen W. Dickson installed a popcorn machine at the entrance of sus cinemas, increasing your profit.

Pipoqueiras Electric or Microwave?

With the evolution and the invention of the microwave, it became common in the habit of popping popcorn in the microwave. This is because it is more practical pop popcorn without using oil and or pan. But many people do not find healthy constant use of microwave apparatus and prefer pipoqueiras.

As usual popcorn is served at the time and must be consumed before it gets cold, the pipoqueiras have become an ally. So it’s important to choose a good device, because with a good popper you can pop all the corn without burning and quickly.

As mentioned previously the microwave was the most sophisticated device to estourarmos popcorn, but had to buy microwave popcorn. But many people do not like it one bit the microwave and prefer a more natural and tasty popcorn.

The difference to make popcorn in popcorn machine is that it is more natural, more tasty and nutritious. So even experts recommend not make popcorn in the microwave.

Recently the practicality presented by pipoqueiras, demand has grown and they are gaining prominence in many Brazilian homes. Especially if the house has children, pipoqueiras gain fame.

But many people are having doubts when choosing your favorite. Please carefully review our guide to follow and find out which best q 2020 popper.

Review of Best Pipoqueiras Power 2020

To help you choose your popcorn maker and gain comfort and practicality, then we will present the five best of 2020. pipoqueiras We will show all of them with details and specifications for you to meet each of them.

It is very important to examine carefully each popper before choosing your and make the purchase, because many people are disappointed when they buy your popcorn maker. According to testimony many pipoqueiras does not heat up enough and it can not blow all the corn. So analyze carefully which popper best for you.

Britania Pop Time VM

What Is The Best Popcorn Maker Electric? Complete Guide 【2020】

Features of Electric popper

This is a popcorn maker that is falling on the taste of most Brazilians for their practicality and modernity. With flawless finish in red she leaves the kitchen with a modern air and can even match the other appliances of the same color.

It is up to 100g, with his hot air and 3.5 minutes makes a crisp and without burning popcorn. This model comes with feeder for popcorn and butter. The coolest thing is that to pop your popcorn, you do not need to use oil, which result? A more crunchy and healthy popcorn.

The popcorn maker Electric Pop Time VM Britain is practical and fast, just put the corn and within very few minutes the popcorn is ready. Ideal for that quick snack, or that last minute little film. According to the manufacturer’s technical specification, this model makes up to 5 cycles without the need to use oil.

This model also has a driver where the popcorn falls right into a bowl, without having to use another container. This is great because it keeps the popcorn warm and tasty for longer.

Britain Easypop BPI05LR Orange

What Is The Best Popcorn Maker Electric? Complete Guide 【2020】

Features of Electric popper

This model is quite different from the first, but as efficient as. No need to use any pan, for popcorn has burst and falls directly into a container or bowl, and this bowl is removable, you can take it wherever you want. Without dirt. A very important factor is to pop your popcorn popper that is not necessary to use oil.

Just put the corn and wait a few minutes the popcorn comes out crispy and healthier. Unlike popcorn those in which estouravamos pot filled with oil.

The Electric popper Britain Easypop is orange. This is a color different from anything you’ve ever seen. It is beautiful in your kitchen decor.

This model has some incredible benefits see some of them below:

Popper without oil Popflix White

What Is The Best Popcorn Maker Electric? Complete Guide 【2020】

Features of Electric popper

It is available in red, which is the color that is making the head of women from all over Brazil. This is the same tone used in other appliances such as cookers, mixers and blenders.

This beautiful and super practical model allows sweet and salty popcorn without dirtying anything in your kitchen. It has a modern finish and sophisticated, allowing even children whipping the popper without danger.

If you have small children, you can teach them to prepare their own popcorn. Because this equipment is safe and super easy to use. Now turned fun pop popcorn. It’s fast and convenient, and you do not waste the corn as it pops popcorn altogether.

This model popper Popflix Mondial bursts up to 100 grams of popcorn at one time, it is more speed and agility in your kitchen.

Retro Pop Corn Nostalgia

What Is The Best Popcorn Maker Electric? Complete Guide 【2020】

Features of Electric popper

For those who love to return to the past, they will love this model popper Retro Pop Corn Nostalgia. With its retro look, it is great for composing a rustic setting and facing them in 70. His finish was inspired by the ancient theaters of the past and it is precisely in order to give that taste of childhood.

Those who love movies will remember it’s time to make your popcorn popper because the design resembles the pipoqueiras cinemas. And she’s also super practical to use.

Its capacity is 10 cups of popcorn at a time. Can you make enough popcorn in a short time. It has a pan that is removable at the time of washing. This makes it much easier for housewives.

Popper Disney Mickey Mallory

What Is The Best Popcorn Maker Electric? Complete Guide 【2020】

Features of Electric popper

This popper Mickey Disney Mallory, is small compared to other models shown here.

But it is ideal to do a little popcorn, because it is a small popper, for few people. Being Mickey, one of the Disney characters kids love making your own popcorn on this machine.

Its design is modern and practical and looks great in any kitchen. For popcorn lovers, this model has won the hearts of those who want convenience and speed.

Recalling that their capacity is to only 50 grams of popcorn and no more than that. Very buyers do not violate this important information before you buy your popcorn maker. And then end up disappointed with the very product.

A very positive point in this popcorn popper is that it is extremely easy to store because of its size. It fits into any corner of your closet.

As we can see those options are the most famous among the pipoqueiras. Of course there are many other brands and other models, but these are famous, and the displayed information you can get an idea of ​​which model suits you best.

Before making your purchase, carefully review each information presented in this guide. This is critical so that the purchase is a great experience and not a disappointment.

The following is a table to compare performance of each. In this table you will find information about the weight of each popper, you also find the ability of each of them and the power which is very important for its operation:

Britain Easypop BPI05LR

Retro Pop Corn Nostalgia

Mickey Disney Mallory

In the table we can see that the most important factor is how much production capacity. As for popcorn maker is able to do. If your family is large and you want your popcorn maker makes much popcorn, opt for one that makes more, but if your family is small, you can choose the one that makes less popcorn.

Select the make and model that best fits your family. So she perfectly meet your needs and you will not be frustrated after purchase.

What is the Best Electric popper?

Buy an electric popcorn machine can be an experience to be done in the family. If you are fond of popcorn, and before only made those microwave, which despite being practical, are not good for your health, know that you can now make your popcorn in a fast and healthy way.

It is very important to analyze your actual needs before making the purchase of a popcorn popper, not to regret later. Depending on the need of the family, choose a functional popper with a good cost benefit. Do not look only to the beauty of the machine.

Beware of misleading advertisements. What happens a lot nowadays is that many manufacturers advertise their products as if they were great, but the reality is different and we can not always come out unscathed. Many are buying pig in a poke.

For this reason it is very important to research calmly analyze the technical specifications of each model and brand. Another very important thing is to analyze carefully the testimony of those who have acquired a popcorn popper of the brand and model you want to buy. Usually these testimonials are on the product page in question.

Classified under the best brand of electric popcorn maker and the best electric popcorn maker in an overview. Make sure your favorite is in our selection. Before making your purchase, choose the one that best meets your needs. Do not go by appearances, but only decides on its efficiency.

With a good analysis you can perform a great buy and exit winning.

Electric popper Best Brand

Our chosen as the Best Brand of Electric popper was the popper popper Electric Britain Easypop BPI05LR Orange. But why Britain brand was chosen the best? Because it is a great brand, which values ​​the quality of its products.

When it comes to appliance Britain comes out ahead. The company was founded in 1956 producing stoves and metal furniture. From 2000 to lease after the Philco brand, she began specializing in home appliances, and bringing quality products with excellent market acceptance. And so it remain until the present day.

And it comes the Electric popper Britain Easypop BPI05LR Orange brand exceeded expectations and launched this popcorn maker that has gained the kitchens very Brazilian. It has the ability to prepare 80 grams of popcorn quickly and without the use of oil.

This version is the only orange. It is a gap between the pipoqueiras, since most is on red, to match other household appliances. This color is put on a show for those who like innovation, because it comes out totally the basics and becomes the main highlight in the kitchen.

It is one of the few pipoqueiras having a separate bowl, where as corn will popping the popcorn out already this all ready bowl. You have the option to take this bowl where you want, as it separates from the rest of the machine.

Your benefit cost far exceeds the expectations of buyers because its price is not the highest, is on average more expensive to the cheapest.

Best Electric popper

Now it’s time to know our champion, the champion of sales and loves. We are talking about Britain Electric Pop Time VM. Again the Britannia brand. We have found the mark on many of the appliances in the kitchens of the Brazilians.

And it comes to the popcorn maker Electric Britain Pop Time VM, the brand was able to give customers a practical and modern equipment. This popcorn maker prepares 100 grams of popcorn in about 3.5 minutes. Ideal for when you want to watch a movie and enjoy a delicious popcorn, a quick way.

In addition to the power popper, it is super easy to carry and store. Its compact model is gaining the taste of the house owners, especially those with small kitchen and does not have much closet space. This popcorn maker is solution to the problems of space, because it takes up almost zero space, and you can store it anywhere.

Not to mention that the color is a hit. Britannia bet on red, which is what is on the rise today in kitchen decor and colors of appliances. You can combine your popper with your blender with your mixer and more.

A point to be taken into account as well, but the quality is its price. This popcorn maker Electric Britain Pop Time VM, does not lack. In this aspect she bangs price, it is not the highest and not the lowest, is in the middle.

This guide was prepared in order to help you choose your popper. Whatever your choice, use it in order to gather friends, family or to watch a good movie, a football on television, in short, what really matters is to get a product where the whole family can enjoy!