The 8 Best Pressure Cookers (Electrical And Conventional) 2020

The 8 Best Pressure Cookers (Electrical and Conventional) 2020

Seek alternatives that optimize the time is among the main objectives of those who have a busy life.

Domestic chores, including cleaning and feeding, often end up becoming a big problem, because this overloaded routine.

Some conventional resources, such as the pressure cooker, can help in this proposal to better enjoy their daily lives without spending hours on end in the kitchen, as it speeds up the cooking process of foods.

In addition, the technology has also been helping a lot in this matter, through professional and domestic resources increasingly independent and autonomous, inclusive, there is a pan option electric pressure which further enhances these advantages of practicality and efficiency.

To learn more about this tool home there a long time integrates our kitchens, but also its most modern version, called electric, we highlight major brands and options through a ranking of the top 8 2020 pressure cookers.

Best 2020 Pressure Cookers

Here conventional pressure cookers options as well, electric. The range also includes the ability, material and its safety devices.

It pay attention the characteristics and differences of these eight models, as the need may vary according to use, that is, what may be good for one person cooking just for you, it may not be the same for those who cook for a family.

It also prioritize the opinion of users and the legacy of the brand, can help lead to better decision.

Review of the 2020 Best Pressure Cooker

Be too careful in choosing your pressure cooker, after all, it does not correspond only to efficiency, but also safety, as many already know the risk of misuse of this tool, which can often result in explosions.

Many people today fear the use of pressure cooker, because of the risk of explosion, but remember, who currently models offer more and more safety devices to prevent possible accidents.

Thus, there is no reason not to invest in this alternative, which ensures faster preparation, tender and tasty.

Below you can see every detail of the best 2020 pressure cookers.

Criteria of Choice: Pressure Cooker

As already highlighted, there are two types of pressure cooker on the market: the conventional and electric.

The first condition to follow with the choice which best meet your expectations, corresponds to this aspect, so it is necessary to choose which of the two will be prioritized.

In addition, other structural features such as capacity, material and what is more important, the safety of the pan should also be taken into account in order that this tool meets your expectations in every way.

Type: Conventional Pressure Cooker or Electric?

Despite all efficiency to pressure cookers have evolved and now a new alternative has gained amateur cooks and professionals, the crockpot.

Following the same proposal cooking water and steam compressed, these two pots show many differences as follows specify.

essential tool that integrates our kitchens for many years, the conventional pressure cooker, now has more security, as well as options that differ in material and size.

This more modern and technological version has as its flagship operating autonomy. So it has become the main option for those who dispense stay long on the stove edge.


The material of the cookware is very important to effect the efficiency of a cooking faster, without losing the nutrients and flavor quality.

At the time of cleaning, this factor can also interfere enough, since certain non-stick material to prevent food from sticking to the surface.

Below we highlight the most common options:


This criterion is very relative, it depends on the amount of food that you cook often, as well as the number of people.

The most common models revolve around 4 to 10 liters.

It is worth noting that to maintain the pressure cooker of efficiency as well as your safety, you must use only two thirds of its capacity, as the rest of the space will be occupied by steam.


unique item of cookers, pressure cooker panel can come in manual versions as digital.

Manuals, generally the level of pressure, temperature and time can be selected by turning the knob.

Already in digital, this information is selected on the touch buttons, which can even be the feature touch screen. In addition, the information is displayed on the small display for greater control.

What is the Best Conventional Pressure Cooker 2020?

Collecting positive evaluations, conventional Tramontina Vancouver takes the title of best pressure cooker 2020.

In addition to a fair value, this option is synonymous with quality, since the material to safe operation.

It has three safety valves that enhance care in time to prepare your baked without risks.

Made of aluminum, has Starflon non-stick coating, which prevents food from sticking together on the surface and also makes it much easier at the time of washing.

This model can be purchased in various sizes and graphite colors, red, blue and black, allowing tailor this essential utensil in your kitchen, whatever your preference and need.

Easy to use and very fast, the pressure cooker Tramontina Vancouver will surely meet the expectations of those who still prefer a more traditional option.

What is the Best Electric Pressure Cooker 2020?

With the largest size category and also greater security, electric pressure cooker Electrolux topped the podium of our ranking due to reasons varied.

First, it has 10 security features that make your totally safe and effective use.

Its 15 programmed functions enable intuitive preparations, so that you cook every food at the right point, without risk of error.

The magnitude of the pressure as well as temperature and the preparation time can be customized according to his preference or need.

Remember, it still allows planned cooks up to 24 hours in advance, providing more autonomy in their kitchen.

The shutdown is automatic, which further enhances the security of this household appliance.

To bring food on the table or wash it, the tub is completely removed.

With so many technological and functional characteristics, the Electrolux option was considered the best electric pressure cooker 2020.