The 8 Best External Hard Drives To Buy In 2020

The 8 Best External Hard Drives to Buy in 2020

The external hard drive is an excellent choice for anyone who owns a computer or notebook with low memory and needs to expand its storage capacity.

It functions similarly to a pen drive, however, with much larger storage space.

The convenience and efficiency that brings this accessory, whether for professional activities, but also for day to day, it is becoming extremely essential HDDs.

Its portability is another strong feature, which allows it to be carrying easily wherever you want.

Also, another feature of HD External refers to the performance of backing up important files.

If you are interested in having more memory to your machine, know what is the best HD External 2020 as well as the main technical characteristics of category highlights.

Best External HD 2020

Having a good performance, ideal storage capacity beyond the speed of data transmission are among the main requirements of the users of HD External before this, we highlight the models of Samsung brand, Seagate, Western, Toshiba, YessTech, Kingston and LaCie as best grade.

These models offer distinct characteristics between memory space, compactness, among other criteria that must be prioritized according to the needs of each buyer.

Below you can see more details of each model in order to analyze what suits your business and everyday needs.

Review of Best External HD 2020

Based on feedback from users and specifications of External HD, detalhemos below, the advantages, disadvantages and advantages of each model.

In this selection, whatever their purpose of use, will surely find the ideal model, as we prioritize options that have technical varieties, however, maintaining the essential quality in all other functional questions.

Also, you can see the pros and cons of each version, information which greatly facilitates the choice of your HD.

After checking the details of each external hard drive, be sure to also check out the main criteria of choice, which should be prioritized before defining what the best HD 2020.

Criteria of Choice: External HD

Does not it just prioritize the storage capacity of external hard time to choose which best option because in addition there are several other features that make their performance even more efficient.

Among the main, it is worth noting the number of entries, operating system compatibility, including its shape, whether it is portable or meda.

Storage capacity

This criterion depends a lot of the activities performed by the user against your electronic device as there are those who need a lot of storage space, but also those who seek only an efficient way to file your important data.

There are models from 320GB to 10TB, which ensures a remarkable range of values ​​entres these options.

HDDs with 500GB, for example, can save up to 200,000 images, an excellent choice for those seeking a capacity of benefit cost.

Most models found in the market are 1 Tb 2TB, however, models 4 to 10TB are best suited for those who work with heavy programs and files such as video editors, film production, photography, among others.


Currently there are two types of External HD, the desktop and the laptop.

Entry amount

The amount and type of entries should be checked, so that when connecting the drive to the electronic device, computer or notebook, there is this compatible access.

Generally, the most common models have a USB 3.0, but other variations more quantities.

It is worth noting that the external hard drive transfer rate is completely related to the entry, which will be connected.

Connections via USB 3.0 propose up to 5 Gbps transfer rates, which corresponds to approximately 625 MB per second, however, in practice the most common is that that number is 200 MB per second.

Connectivity USB 3.1, eSATA or Thunderbolt are considered faster, however, this possibility is hardly found.

But when the connection is via wi-fi, which eliminates the need for wires and inputs, the speed will be related to the type of package and agility of your own internet.


And speaking of speed, there is another kind as regards the speed with which the HD is able to access your archived data.

This factor is usually measured in RPMs (revolutions per minute). The more RPMs have an external hard drive, the faster your performance.

Models with 4200 RPM usually slower, since hard drives with 10,000 RPM are extremely fast and more suitable for professional activities.

It is important to note, that RPM above 7200 RPM only present this good performance when used with UBS entries 3.0.


Protect your device is essential, since it is portable will be in contact with other computers and networks.

There are hard drives that come with software or hardware encryption systems.

Operational system

Another important question that should be compatible with your computer or laptop is the operating system.

In this ranking the predominant Windows system, allowing greater compatibility with other electronic devices in the market.

Remember that there are also system like Mac and Linux.

What is the difference between HD External and SDD?

Although many relate the value to the main difference between HD and external SDD system, we highlight other features that can also be used as a criterion of choice between these two storage resources.

External Hard Drives: The big difference compared to the HD SDD, moreover affordable price, of course; is its compatibility with other devices, since it is composed of a hard disk technology that is used for a long time, ensuring that greater accessibility.

SDD: Since the SDD card is considered to be more expensive, but their speed reading and writing are superior to HD, which makes the performance more efficient.

What is the Best External Hard Drive 2020?

External know that HD brings everything you need at the right amount, this is the Seagate Expasion.

The 2TB capacity is more than enough for you not to worry about the amount of files that store, even to make backups.

Compatibility is with any Windows system, which facilitates the connection to the electronic devices, which usually also meets this operation.

Moreover it is extremely fast, since its performance was highly praised by users of Seagate.

The design also helps to make it more advantageous HD because it is lightest, weighing only 170 grams, which makes it easy portability and transport it to where you want.

Another great exclusivity of Expasion external hard drive is that for your installation, it is not necessary to use software d. By connecting it to your computer or notebook he is already recognized automatically, all ready to use!

Amid so many qualities and excessive number of purchases evaluated positively, Seagate Expasion was considered the best HD External 2020 by our guide.

What is the best HD External Brand?

Exposed twice in our ranking of the best external hard drives 2020, Seagate Ark is considered the best in class, due to its high technology and variety of products.

In HDDs External sector are numerous options, with storage space ranging from 500GB to 10TB.

In addition to capacity, the values ​​are also different, which makes it possible to cover all audiences.

Another category of the brand, which also shows that prioritizing technological quality are its SSD products.

With over 15 years in IT (Information Technology), Seagate aims to offer reliable products, durability and high performance.

Given this, if your choice was a HD Seagate can rest assured that you have made a great deal and have an external HD quality to make your business or day to day activities.

7 Tips for Protecting Your Drive External during use

Just like any other electronic equipment in the network connection, the External HD should receive special attention with regard to safety.

In addition, enjoy the possibility of making backups, store your files with this feature packed with technology, portability and efficiency.