The 6 Best Printer (Multifunctional, Laser And Ink) 2020

The 6 Best Printer (Multifunctional, Laser and ink) 2020

Even in the digital age, the need for documents, papers and photographs printed is still part of the daily lives of many people or companies.

In order to keep up with this technological advancement, the printer devices have also evolved, bringing more advantages and multi-functionality to meet the demand, increasingly demanding consumers.

Printers with wi-fi, integrated with applications and extra features such as scanning, copying and faxing are already very common, including accessibility to these products was also facilitated, with so many options available in the market.

The various models, feature types and other technical characteristics end up becoming more complicated time to choose which printer best 2020.

To assist in this process, we selected six products, sales highlights and positive evaluations, in addition to having many technological advantages to ensure more quality for your prints.

Best 2020 printers

Always bringing new technologies at each launch, the brands Brother, HP, Epson and Samsung make up our ranking with the best 2020 printers.

In addition to the print quality, other criteria such as economy, speed and convenience have also been prioritized for this selection.

now know the details of each model and see which best meets your printing needs.

Review of the Best 2020 Printer

Know the how and technical features works each printer will help you to choose the best option according to your needs.

In this guide there are simpler models and also advanced printers with professional quality.

Another very important factor is about the type of operation of each printer, ranging from jet or laser versions ink tank.

The review of each product will ensure all the necessary information for you to know all about the best printers 2020. Check out!

Criteria of Choice: Best 2020 Printer

How to know which printer is ideal for your everyday life is easy! Just follow these operating criteria, printing rate, resolution, ink or toner consumption, including the cost when purchasing the device and go! Surely you will have great satisfaction in their choice.

Check out the details of each of these criteria, as well as the difference between the existing workings of each printer highlight the category.


The operation of each printer directly influences the quality of the results, printing time and especially in consumption and saving the appliance is in use.

The main types of this guide printer operation are: inkjet ink tank and laser.

The impression this type of operation is through the application of ink droplets of the paper.

They tend to be cheaper, both in its acquisition, as for the replacement of cartridges, however, the disadvantage, the contact with the water from the ink can bleed into the leaves.

The version with ink tank has independent reservoirs. The refills are individual, ie each color comprises a container.

This fact allows for more savings in the purchase of ink, as different cartridges, you do not change it all as just an end color.

Printing is also done through the ink dripping on paper. This method is usually a little more expensive than the jet.

The laser creates an electrostatic charge on paper, drawing the powder into the marked area and generating printing.

This type of printer is ideal for those who prioritize speed and print quantity, as they are much faster than the models jet and tank, leave no trace of paint, including the toner is more lasting than the cartridge.

The downside of this item is its value, less accessible than the other options.


The printer resolution that will set the sharpness and hence the image quality. The bigger, the more detail you have in your print.

Most models cited here in this ranking have to 2400×600 to 9600×1600 dpi.

For those who work in offices and needs only black and white documents, the resolution of 2400×600 is enough.

Now for those working with images, photos and color prints, it is recommended the use of resolutions from that of 4800×1200.

Print Frequency

As mentioned above, the laser printer models tend to be faster than the versions of the ink cartridge.

So you have a lot of demand for printing and requires agility, prioritize this type of operation is the most suitable.

The printer ink cartridge can ensure the rate of 7.5 to 30ppm. Since the laser can to 40ppm. To have the notion in seconds 40ppm equates’s 5.4 seconds.


You search for the economy in the short or long term? As this can also interfere with the printer of choice.

For those who prefer to save the time of purchase, printers ink are cheaper than laser, however, the consumption of cartridges end up being higher, which affects the efficiency of its consumption.

As for the laser have long-term savings, you can even spend a little more at the time of acquisition, however, as the toner tends to take longer to finish, the economy during its use ends up being higher.


Ideal foot work environments, the MFP print, scan and copy. To facilitate all these processes, many come with wi-fi compatibility in notebooks, including pairing with mobile phones.

With it you can send a document or photo that is on your smartphone directly to print, without the need of a computer as an intermediary. Usually these models work laser.

The black and white multifunctional printer ends up being more affordable than colorful. It caters precisely the demand for offices and other places that do not work with many images.

black and white or color printer

Of course, having a printer without color limitations is the best option, however, the differences between black and white and colored beyond this advantage.

Black and white printers are cheaper and economic, including its speed can be faster, compared to color.

Why has only one cartridge or toner, these printers end up generating more long-term economy. The ease in handling and also the replacement of this cartridge or toner end up increasing its benefits.

Since color printers are more versatile. Besides having more quality and sharpness on prints, you can print up photos. As a disadvantage, the acquisition price is higher, as well as its maintenance and toner cartridges.

What better printer 2020?

The best 2020 printer meets the criteria of efficient, fast speed, high resolution, low toner consumption, among other benefits detailed below.

Fast, economical and full of technological resources to facilitate their work, the HP LaserJet Pro M426dw surely be your best choice, mainly for professional use.

One of the great advantages of this model compared to the other is the speed of its operation. She printed in 40ppm, which is equivalent to only 5.4 seconds per sheet.

As I said, the laser operation is more economical and HP Laserjet Pro M426dw Multifunction is no different. With a toner it comes to produce 750-4000 page with maximum of up to 80,000 pages letter format.

Despite its printing system is monochrome, black and white, this model is very useful for offices that do not deal with many images, including, it comes with other features that optimize the task in day to day work.

In addition to printing, the HP LaserJet Pro M426dw scans and copies documents with great clarity and precision. This is due to its high resolution of 600 x 600 dpi 4800 x 600 dpi.

Other features of this printer, featured in sales and ratings, are its USB and wireless connections, which increases the chance of their use.

The two-sided printing with the HP Laserjet Pro M426dw is very easy, simply press the specified button and ready.

Despite the high value of HP Laserjet Pro M426dw hinder the acquisition of this resource as efficiently and technology, it is worth noting that the savings generated during use, either toner or energy, compensates this choice.

What best printer for money?

If the option is to have quality, including various features spending little, know that there is an excellent option for you: the HP Multifunction All in One.

In addition to the affordable price, other advantages make this better model printer money market.

The HP Multifunction All in One is functioning inkjet, however, this does not hinder the speed of your printing process, which reaches 7,5ppm.

Colored prints, including scanned documents or copied receive all the resolution quality of 1200×1200 dpi rendered black and up to 4800×1200 optimized dpi color.

It also comes with USB connection allowing it to be connected in a very convenient to other devices such as laptops or computers.

The look more compact and modern colors of the HP All in One also favor this choice, which received positive evaluations in one of the main virtual retail stores.

Another advantage of this affordable version of multifunction printer is the ability to print double-sided, and what is better, without the need to manually adjust the sheet.

Its output tray holds 60 sheets of paper A4, B5, A6 and DL envelope.

Energy savings also reinforces the qualities of this version, which reaches only 10 watts when in use.

What is the best printer brand?

All trademarks mentioned in this guide have positive references and are already established in the printer market, however, due to the variety of models and technological innovations, the HP brand has stood out increasingly among the competition.

In addition, both the printer best 2020 Multifunction HP Laserjet Pro M426dw, as the best printer money HPMultifuncional HP All in One, selected by various criteria in this guide belong to the HP brand.

HP is recognized by the strength of their devices, which rarely need maintenance or support of technical assistance. Nevertheless, it is worth remembering that the brand offers an extended warranty very efficient.

Unlike the main competitor, Epson, HP cartridges can be removed from the machine if a problem occurs, without the need for professional for its removal.

The HP Wireless via connection is also more effective, which ensures faster and practicality during its use, even its own HP printer users praise the good performance connectivity brand.

The variety of printer models that HP currently available on the market, allows multiple public have access to the quality of the brand.

More basic printers, monochrome, jet operation of ink, ink tank, and also laser MFPs, they end up dominating the preference among consumers.

In addition to the functions and extra features that enhance its use, such as wi-fi, scanning, copying, etc., HP printers also highlights the ultimate and always compact design, even if they have these multifunction.

The value of these options varies as much as its features. There are printers with lower costs than R $ 200.00 to professional multifunction versions of more than R $ 9,000.00.

With so many advantages, HP was considered the best printer brand of our guide.