The 7 Best Air Humidifiers (Updated 2020)

The 7 Best air humidifiers (UPDATED 2020)

The ideal air humidity, to ensure the health and well-being, is around 50% to 80%, according to WHO (World Health Organization). This number varies according to each region, season and level of pollution, so the need for a humidifier apparatus air is for everyone.

Before the benefit that the humidifier can provide, both for health and for quality of life, the device choice should be made with great care and attention.

In order to help you in finding the Best Air Humidifier 2020, selected the best models evaluated and many operational details, which will certainly bring a lot of satisfaction, and thus a better quality of breath to your home, work, and soon, for your life.

Best Humidifiers Air 2020

With models to suit all tastes, environments and needs, this selection brings you the best 2020 humidifiers.

The G-Tech brands, Elgin, Fisher-Price, Black + Decker, Underbody, Italy Gama and Mondial were highlights in sales and ratings, and bring the main criteria for applicability and performance.

The range of types of operation, size and duration ensures that each device, meets an expectation and a different profile, so it is worth checking the details of each humidifier.

Review of the Best Humidifiers Air 2020

Is to prevent the emergence or worsening of respiratory conditions such as to avoid discomfort and dryness of mucous membranes, dehydration and even allergies and eye problems, humidifying the air is essential.

When the region and the weather did not favor this course factor, use an extra feature, as is the case for air humidifiers, it becomes something essential to follow the well-being of the environment.

Among the many benefits, you can also choose for more portable, hybrid or that address an even larger space models.

The options here in this guide are different and according to users, very effective.

Let’s check out the advantages of each model of the best air humidifiers 2020 ?! Check out the list and choose your favorite!

Selection criteria: Humidifier air

So that the air humidifier meets all your usage needs, prioritize is sorely needed some criteria, such as type of operation, model, size and duration of the entire humidification process.

These factors, in addition to ensuring different results also depend on other issues for wider applicability, such as the location that the device will be used, how often, even varies according to the routine of the person.

Who has one more day troubled and can not, for example, devote extra time to exchange water, cleaning and maintenance of the humidifier, you should opt for larger devices and with prolonged use durability.

Who already benefit prioritizes compactness and cost, smaller humidifiers or portable models are the most recommended.

Learn more about these differences and see what criteria serves more their consumption needs.

Type of Humidifier

Despite the most common air humidifier be of ultrasonic type, there are two versions available, evaporative and impeller.

Moreover value which differs from these types of operation is such that water is integrated into the air.


Besides the type of operation, another factor that will induce both a result of humidification, as the unit of value is the model chosen.

multifunctional models, also known as Hybrid, integrate the function of humidifying, some features such as ventilation, air conditioning and even specific options sterilization bactericide and fungicide.

For those who prefer a device that can charge anywhere, in rooms at home, work and even that trip, portable humidifiers provide all the convenience and compactness required for transport. Not falling short in effectiveness.

As for larger, corporate environments, there are industrial models, usually these can be attached on the wall and may have hybrid characteristics of multifunctionality.

Size of the reservoir

The reservoir size humidifier greatly influences the device’s practicality, since the higher, the lower the amount of times you have to replenish your water.

This amount of water added to other resources, also leads the duration of humidification. Therefore, those who require more than 10 hours of operation of the humidifier, for example, should preferably provide capabilities from 2 to 3 liters.


As mentioned in size criteria, the durability of the humidification depends on the water both contained in the reservoir, however, other factors may prolong this effect.

Some humidifiers come with expelled or speed number of levels settings, which enable the control of the time of this benefit.

The duration ranges from 10 to 120 hours, according to the model chosen.

It is noteworthy that excessive use can cause superumidificacao air, which makes the environment more conducive to the proliferation of fungi, so be sure to use sparingly!

Ease of cleaning

To prevent contamination of the water, and soon, the air, the constant cleaning of the humidifier is something primordial even makes all the difference in the effectiveness and quality of the result.

Some devices are cleaned only with rags, others allow some parts are washed. The possibility of detaching the water tank for washing is a great advantage of the apparatus ultimately allows a more thorough cleaning is fast and practical manner.

Difference between humidifier, air conditioner and purifier

Although some multifunction devices provide all these integrated functions, most models are suitable only for one purpose, whether humidify, air-conditioning or purify the air.

What is the best air humidifier?

Many benefits in one unit, affordable value and effectiveness attested by consumers; these were the factors that led the Ultrasonic humidifier Allergy Free G-Tech to the podium of our ranking.

With only 3 liters of water, it can work up to 40 hours; and in addition to humidify the air, it ionizes the atmosphere, eliminating fungi and bacteria from the air.

Humidification is still expedited because of its dual output fog, which acts silently and efficiently.

For full safety of the product when the water ends up in the reservoir, the G-Tech humidifier shuts off automatically, reducing the risk of accidents.

The mist intensity can also be controlled allowing it to be used in various climates.

In a single virtual retail store, he leads the number of purchases in this category with 89% of positive reviews and recommendations for use.

What is the best portable humidifier?

If the intention is to get a humidifier to carry anywhere, the best option is undoubtedly the Air Humidifier Portable Ultrasonic Usb – Underbody.

Your water tank can be any container that is at hand and clean, even a bottle of water, for example.

An ultrasonic motor, it ensures that the environment is humidified soon after being immersed in water for a few minutes.

Their food is via any power source, including USB cable, which ensures its use at work connected to the PC or even in the car on the road.

Weighing only 30 grams, it can be carried discreetly in the bag. Accompanying USB cable, 2 filters, 2 coupled tubes and 1 humidification device.

Practical, versatile, light and quiet, this humidifier will ensure better health and quality of breathing anywhere you are, quickly and simply. In addition, its relatively low value makes this item a great choice of cost benefit.

What is the best brand?

The G-Tech is among the best-selling and well valued brands in the category of air humidifiers, but the other big question that characterizes it as the best humidifier brand in this book is the variety of its models.

In size, design and lots of features, G-Tech combines efficiency at an affordable value, facilitating its activities to different audiences.

Allergy Filter system ensures air purification while humidifies the environment, another exclusivity that gives more quality to the brand.

Its operating mode is ultrasonic and offers an exclusive line for babies, in addition, the brand offers a 12 month warranty to its customers.


To complete the health care and well-being, bet these tips for using the humidifier and ensure even more satisfaction to your choice and durability of the product!

Other devices such as split air conditioning, portable or wall fans and ceiling, can also help improve air quality, and soon, his breath.

Investing in quality of life, it never hurts, so take advantage and fill your home with the best products.