8 Top 2020 Food Processors

8 Top 2020 Food Processors

Bringing more convenience to your kitchen, the food processor ensures precise cuts in various types of foods, from meats, vegetables and cheeses to chocolates.

Some models have multi-function, as well as chopping, slice up, grind, emulsify and to squeeze fruit.

This extremely practical and functional item is gaining more prominence in domestic and professional kitchens since the troubled routine day to day calls for more agility.

In the time-saving advantage, with processors it is possible to make the standardized cut, either in size or thickness. This factor is ideal to compose dishes with better visual effects.

Colorful salads, shredded chicken or even to grind meat; in minutes everything ready, no mess or several dirty utensils, this is the proposal of the food processor, which can make the act of cooking even more enjoyable.

Through the recommendations and opinions of the users of these appliances, we selected the best 2020 food processors Check out the main details of each model and ensure more modernity and convenience to your kitchen.

Top 2020 Food Processors

The performance of these food processors outperformed their competitors in the power of questions, security, speed and storage capacity.

Whatever your choice among these models guide, for a simpler or multifunctional, know who will be taking home an efficient item that will surely bring more satisfaction and convenience when it comes to cooking.

See below for more on each model, technical characteristics, mode of operation and extra features.

Review of Top 2020 Food Processors

Pay attention to the types of operation, resources and technical attributes of each food processor, you can make your decision when buying even more precise and satisfactory.

Due to the demand for this item have increasing every year, the major brands of appliances have provided numerous options, meeting diverse needs and preferences.

In addition to the resources and different design, the values ​​of these products are also very different, corresponding this expectation to cover all audiences.

Check out what they are and choose the best food processor for your home!

Criteria of Choice: Food Processor

Among the many excellent options the question is, which one to choose? And the answer is easy, the one that meets their consumer expectations.

Some people prefer simpler processors, which have only one blade, pink food and do not have to mount or dismount their structure. But also those who prefer to have processors with multifunction, which dispenses to the use of other appliances such as blenders, mixers and juicers.

The number of functions is the first criterion to be defined, as this will result in the rest of the attributes of this apparatus.

Since factors like power and speed will result in performance, including power consumption of these processors.


The first characteristic to be assessed food processor is the number of functions.

If the intention towards this eletroportatil is just chopped foods, a model with only one blade and fulfill this expectation.

The simplest models have the advantage of more affordable price and ease of handling, as they usually come with only one piece and do not need to change blades and other utensils.

Now if the purpose is to obtain a device that besides chopping, crush, shred, grind, emulsify and squeeze food, it’s worth investing in a processor multifunctional food.

This item comes with containers and different blades that enable various types of cuts even replace other appliances efficiently.

The number of extra features vary by model, there are 12 processors in one, for example.


How strong the processor has to cut or grind a food? This question is answered by machine power.

The higher it is, the more capacity to process heavy food he will. Therefore, the displayed is to choose processors with power from 500 to 600W. This will ensure satisfactory number and wider range of types of food to be crushed results.

Processors with power from 750W are already considered professionals.


As the number of functions, the most basic processors have only one speed, which can interfere with eletroportatil usage time. The first speed is more suitable for mixing creams, clear and softer cutting vegetables.

Already the most modern and complete processors have at least two speeds, which enables faster during use and more precise cut of more solid foods such as chocolates, meat, among others.


The ability to test the container is related to the amount of food that you do daily.

For those who have a family with up to three people, 1.5 to 3 liters of processors and meet the expectation of grinding a lot of food at once.

Due to compactness and easy storage, many choose to lower containers to 1 liter, however, end up having to repeat the process more than once, which invalidates the main characteristic of the product, the issue of practicality.


Due to the sharp blades, safety when handling food processors are key criteria.

Most of these appliances have mechanisms locks, which allow operation of the machine only when it is docked in the right way and the lid.

Even carefully during use, these beams have the processor means more protection and the prevention of possible domestic accidents. Given this, it is worth checking whether your choice has this advantage.

What is the Best Food Processor 2020?

Some models of food processors may look similar, however, details such as technical characteristics and opinions of the buyers were the decisive criteria to differentiate and make the Food Processor Philips Walita the best of 2020 among its competitors.

Besides having 11 functions in one device, the Philips brand Walita is considered the number one in this category, providing also warranted for two years after purchase of the product.

According to the manufacturers, this results processor enables 5x thinner than the other processors, including the thickness and size may vary according to the chosen blade and consumer preference.

750W Power is considered professional and together with the sharp blade ensures faster processing and efficient.

The Philips Walita processor also comes with security lock in order to avoid possible accidents during use.

Among the main functions are beating, mixing, chopping, grinding, emulsifying, clarity, foam, granular, grating, grinding, mixing heavy masses, liquefy, homogenizing, kneading measuring squeezing and slicing different kinds of foods and textures.

Faced with all these benefits Philips Walita was considered the best 2020 food processor from our guide.

What is the Best Food Processor Cost Benefit?

Nothing better than having multiple functions in one product and what is best, spending little. With All In One Processor Citrus Philco this is possible.

It renders, thin, cut, mix, slice, pink, liquefies and makes juices through its set of stainless steel cutting blades, blender cup with graduation processor bowl and capacity of 2.2 L, accessory juicer and grater blade .

The exchange of accessories is very simple and quick, facilitating all the handling and also the cleaning of the equipment.

The All In One Citrus Philco also comes with safety lock, which enables its operation only when all parts are fitted correctly and the cover in order to reduce the risk of accidents.

Its modern look and compact allows it to be arranged in any part of your kitchen, adding even at room decor.

So if you want a processor packed with features and benefits, but without spending too much, you can bet this Philco option that surely it will bring a lot of utility and satisfaction in time to cook, as he was voted the best food processor cost benefit in 2020, after its technical attributes we add the value and views of users.

make for recipes tips in your food processor!

In addition to all this convenience in cutting some food with the processor can also make complete recipes, using only this device as a primary resource.

Check out two very quick and practical receitinhas to further ensure advantages in the use of your food processor!

Fruit ice cream at the Food Processor

Use common cutting blade for this recipe.

Place the container two frozen bananas and add any other fruit to flavor (strawberry, kiwi, mango or passion fruit).

Beat until generate a mixture of smooth consistency.

Gel for a few minutes and serve.

Peanut butter in food processor

For this recipe you can also use the common blade cuts.

Place 1 / 2kg peanut processor over a spoonful of vegetable oil. Tap 8 to 10 minutes.

The pulp consistency will generally tighter if you want more liquid, add 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil.

There are numerous recipes that are most practical when done with the help of food processor, such as pates, sauces, mousses and others.

The convenience and time savings are just the beginning of the advantages of adding this accessory to your kitchen.

With the routine increasingly troubled, technology appears to facilitate household chores affordable and effective way.

In addition to processors, see also on the best mixers, blenders and mixers, bringing efficient and multifunctional characteristics, in order to make your kitchen more modern and complete.