Top 10 Market Blenders – Complete Guide 2020

Top 10 Market Blenders – Complete Guide 2020

Finding the perfect blender is one of the main desires of people who want to ride the ideal cooking and love to cook, as the appliance is essential in the preparation of food.

Anyone who has stayed without know the hassles caused by the absence of such product, and to help you in choosing the best goods, the Best of Home separated the main models of the year:

Best Blenders 2020

Review of Best Blenders

Selecting the best blender according to their own needs may not be as simple as expected. For facilitating his life, separate the characteristics of the main models of this appliance in 2020, as well as the pros and cons. Check out!


Now that we know which are the best blenders in 2020, the Best of Home decided to list the technical details for you, the reader, to analyze the main aspects that should be considered when buying the appliance. See below!


The size is comes to product dimensions. The blenders of Problend Philips Walita line, e.g., typically measuring 41 x 21 x 22 cm, with weight varying between 2 and 3 kg. This is also an important aspect to be considered as directly influences the ease of handling of the goods.


This is a point that refers to that amount of one liter jar is able to withstand. Generally, the glasses have a capacity between 1.5 liters and 2 liters, but for those who enjoy recipes with many ingredients, the ideal is to have even more, as in the case of blenders Philips Walita. People with a large family should also opt for devices that have more volume, bearing in mind that will need to use a larger number of items in recipes.


Most likely, the power is the element that weighs more to choosing a blender. This is because some of these appliances are lacking at the time of grinding the food, causing stress and not reaching the expected result. This item is measured in watts, and the higher the number, the trend is that the device works best. Nevertheless, one should not overlook the exaggeration of certain brands, because in many cases the products can burn.


each unit features define the facilities or difficulties we have in the kitchen. So it is very important to know exactly what your needs are before you start looking for the perfect blender.

While speed options offer more versatility, specific functions such as “Ice”, present in the appliance Philco PH900, may help in time to grind difficult food to be sliced, such as the ice itself.

In addition, there are alternatives that allow incomplexidade in the goods cleaning, for example, the unique system Clic Lav, the Arno.

Energy consumption

According to Ibope study, 83% of Brazilians are concerned about the high tariffs in the country. Therefore, we must find ways to save with the blender, although the device does not consume as much cargo as oven, refrigerator, microwave , television, among others.

According to information from Eletrobras, a blender 300 watts spend on average 1.1 kWh monthly, every 15 minutes used daily. The problem is that these appliances usually have over 500 watts, as they are meant to be more powerful. Moreover, people want the food triturem well seek goods with even greater numbers above 700 watts. All this takes energy and, therefore, it is necessary to find devices for the economy.

One tip is to not get carried away with appliances 1000 watts, for example, because, as mentioned, can burn faster, and use more energy.

Types of blender

We already know the features of blenders and deepen us about the features of this essential appliance in our lives. But ultimately, you know how many types of them are there? If the answer is negative, the Best of Home leaves you in the know: six devices are on the market for the most diverse demands, both for commercial use as for the home. Check out:

Industrial blender

More powerful than the domestic, industrial blender is ideal for anyone working with sale of ice cream, milk shakes, acai, vitamins, and pasta. This is because the device has a greater ability to get the ingredients, ranging from 1.5 to 25 liters. In addition, it has a greater resistance and has stronger blades, which facilitates and speeds up the food production requested.

Domestic blender

Made for homes, domestic model is characterized by the container and the blades – those used to grind ingredients and to mix liquids, and everything quickly and effectively.

The power, which is measured in watts, is one of the most desired features for this device, as many domestic blenders do not end up doing even the basics.

This appliance is an indispensable item in your home, since it is necessary for miscellaneous revenue and also offers convenience when it comes to cooking.

Powerful blender

This is a different model than the other. As its name indicates, it has a high power, which means that you can prepare the food more quickly.

The more numbers in watts calculations, more powerful the blender should be. Thus, the tendency is that the device is more resistant and to prepare everything faster. But attention to the hype: many options on the market end up not performing as expected and this results in overheating and burning engine.

Silent blender

It is usual for mixers to be noisy, after all, are capable of grinding and slicing ingredients – and rapid manner. Brands, however, have sought alternatives to fix this problem, and that’s entering the silent appliances, produced just to make less noise.

This type is ideal not only for those annoyed by the sound exaggerated the house, but also for establishments open to the customers. Places such as restaurants, cafes and kiosks have the maxim that silence from the kitchen is important not to bother the parish and, therefore, a blender that does not make noise is the most suitable.

Glass blender cup

The blender with glass of wine is one of the most useful. Unlike the others, the jar is not plastic, which prevents stains and odors. In addition, it can withstand both high and low temperatures – the only caveat is in relation to care

blender Portable

Large and difficult to shift, blenders do not usually go out of environments where foods are prepared, either in homes, bars or restaurants. For this, some companies have developed some to be taken to other locations. This appliance has a portable version, which is ideal for those who need the device elsewhere than the kitchen.

Lightweight, portable blender can be taken anywhere. It works on rechargeable base or also with an outlet. One of its advantages is the possibility of taking certain drink in the glass itself.

What is the Best Blender?

Bearing in mind everything we’ve learned so far, such as the types and characteristics of each blender, elect the indispensable appliances in your kitchen according to quality, more affordable and more cost-effective. See the list below and choose the ideal model for you!

Best Market Blender

Another feature that appeals to customers is that the guarantee of the container be 5 years. Not to mention that the jar is 20 times stronger compared to the previous model.

The appliance has the capacity to 2.4 liters above the average value, since the competitors are likely to vary between 1.5 and 2 liters. So it is ideal for those with a large family and need to use a larger amount of ingredients in recipes.

Philips Walita Problend RI2135 is also very powerful, with 800 watts. And yet, it is not noisy – much of Lojas Americanas site customers note that the blender is quiet essential item for people who do not have the patience to noise at home.

Blender Best Cost-Benefit

With high power of 700 watts, the merchandise is still with a filter that is also simple to use due to the Clic Lav – the item, perfect for making juices, is removable, and, therefore, no need to strain the drinks.

Best Blender by Price