Best Air Conditioning Split Inverter 2020 [Analysis 6 Models]

Best Air Conditioning Split Inverter 2020 [Analysis 6 models]

And thus analyzing attribute by attribute, model by model, we arrive at the best brand, the best in class and presents the best cost benefit. Follow!

Air Conditioning Split Inverter

In a country of tropical climate like ours, the temperature is always up there. Even the winter tends to have heat peaks in various regions of Brazil.

Compounding this situation also, the effects of global warming are leaving the hottest spaces, every day. So we have an air conditioner at home or at work is increasingly necessary.

The apparatus can cool the ambient air and thus leaving the lower temperature, cooling down the site. This comfortable climate improvement to our quality of life, gives more courage and willingness to really hot days.

On summer nights, sleeping, then, is much nicer with that pleasant climate and in the right measure – far from the interrupted sleeps heat nuisance.

In addition, when installed on the desktop, the appliance brings much comfort and tranquility to the professional activities are exercised. No sweat confusing without unwanted odors, air conditioning allows more days in leveraged companies.

The device thus has several advantages for the user. Be placed in homes, either in the workplace, the air conditioning provides a more pleasant environment.

However, you know that there are two different models of the appliance, which differ in energy consumption, impact on nature and effectiveness?

Know thus the differences between conventional air conditioning and reverse split.

The difference between conventional air conditioning and reverse Split

The conventional appliance with cooling capacity of the air, we know well. But in recent years, modern technologies further refined the work of air conditioning.

Thus came the split reverse mode.

Split is a cooling system which uses two separate units to decrease the temperature: internal, which climaxes and releases the air flow through evaporator their function; and external, which operates condensing medium.

There are thus two units: the evaporator and condenser.

Invert concerns an electronic board inside the device which automatically controls your compressor. Thus, the temperature is regulated more stably preventing the oscillations.

So while the traditional model off when the temperature is close to the expected and reconnects back when the weather getting warm with the reverse split, the device can keep the environment comfortable temperature automatically without heat spikes or cold.

Moreover, the reverse split comes to use up to 70% less energy than conventional refrigerators product as well as being up to 40% faster in their work.

Finally, it has a gas that causes less damage to the environment, known as R-410A, and thus more sustainable.

Compared to the conventional model, thus the modern split inverter technology makes it:

As a result, there is an air-conditioned environment much more enjoyable, spending less and faster. So choose for a reverse split air conditioning is to choose by saving time, money and natural resources.

All split appliance is reversed and all reverse split is? The answer is no. So, keep an eye on the data provided by the supplier.


We have seen that the air conditioning reverse split has several advantages compared to conventional. Now, what characteristics should be observed to make the right choice of product, among many options?

You should start by calculating the need for cooling – or heating, as we shall see – the place where you want to install the appliance.

Ask yourself these questions:

With all these answers in hand, it will be easier to calculate the Btu of your new air conditioner.

Btu (British Thermal Unit) is the power measurement machine cooling.

The greater the number of Btu air conditioner, the greater its ability to decrease or increase the room temperature.

Some manufacturers have to indicate which room size the appliance is recommended. But for you to have an even more accurate calculation can make the following account.

Take your answers to those questions before. Now, apply these simple rules:

Add the result of each of the multiplications. If there is exposure to the sun, add 800 to the total number. And ready, this number is the need for Btus that this place needs.

See, in practice, this example:

One bedroom has three meters wide and 3 meters long. It sleeps 2 people. There is space, one TV and a lamp. It receives sunlight for much of the day. Like this:

Applying the little rules to calculate the Btus we subtotals:

Thus, this room will need an air conditioner that has at least 8,600 Btu to your air conditioning is done properly.

Hot and cold

Another feature to be observed in a split air conditioning inverter, is whether it is able both to cool and to heat.

There are models that act only to reduce the room temperature, while others can perform this function and also the warm weather.

Thus, with a single device, you can have the two appliances function simultaneously, cooling and heating up the place where the air conditioning was installed.

As a result, space and money, plus plenty of practicality.

Energy consumption

electricity and air conditioning savings can be in the same sentence? Well, with the reverse split that is possible, yes.

Thanks to its modern and smart technology, these devices promise to save up to 70% energy compared with conventional models.

One of these reasons is that the appliance avoids peaks of activity, maintaining its more balanced airflow. Thus, it has no “off switch” common standard and thus the reverse split operation maintains a more efficient and economical.

R-410A Gas

Another differential split air conditioning reverse against the conventional is its R-410A gas. Called ecological and sustainable, it has no CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons), environmental villains.

Therefore, in addition to already avoid energy waste, the most technological model also does not emit harmful gases to the nature and of course ourselves.

Another positive point to be observed in their search for a new appliance cooling – and warm – your home or work.

Air Filter

In addition to cooling or heating room air that is installed in the air conditioner can have another important function: the filter.

Many models have different types of filters that promise to purify the air by removing up to 99.9% of bacteria. Some brands even speak to filter to the strong H1N1 flu virus.

Thus, in addition to promoting a place with a more comfortable environment for you and others stay, the air conditioning also promotes a much more safe and clean environment!

High Wall

Finally, another thing you should note, when searching for a new appliance, is whether it is High Wall. Also seen as Wall Hi, this split is the one that is installed directly on the wall (Wall), in high place (High).

Unlike window models, this requires more care in installation and is very close to the ceiling, with well calculated measures.

Review of Best Air Conditioning equipment Split Inverter 2020

As we have seen, so far, the conventional air conditioning presents significant differences in energy consumption and efficiency. Not every split is to reverse and therefore need to check the features of the model sought.

It is important to know the need for Btus the room where the appliance is installed and thus make a more accurate search. Discover, too, if the appliance has both functions of cooling as the heat is a good initiative.

Search for machines using the ecological gas is good for nature as well as keep an eye on products that sanitize the air. Finally, it is always good to check that the installation needs of the High Wall unit.

Let’s check as well, each of these characteristics among the six air conditioners, below. Also, we consider comments and user reviews to complement, further analysis. Check out!

What is the Best Air Conditioning Brand?

We analyzed this selection 6 air conditioner models. Among the brands are Electrolux, LG, Samsung and Midea.

All of them are reputable companies with great market benchmark. Considering the qualities presented by the air conditioners and the history of brands, we can list the best in the following order:

What is the Best Air Conditioning Inverter?

After being analyzed the main characteristics of a good split air conditioning reverse, it was possible to compare these attributes and thus determine the best appliance among them.

Thus, we find the capacity in Btu product if they operate so as to cool heat, what the level of their energy consumption, using the ecological gas R-410A, and finally, as the air filter works.

So, considering all these variables, it is clear that the Air Conditioning Split Inverter High Wall Midea Springer 42MBCB12M5 is the best of the 6 selected.

Its good performance in cooling and heating, coupled with energy-saving and high-capacity filtering the highlighted in the selection.

Air Conditioning Split Inverter Cost-Effective

To elect the air conditioning cost-effective, and to verify their performance as appliance, it is important to review it within your price range.

Therefore, among the six product reviews, with different values, some showed capabilities and features than others. Among them, one stood out even more compared to the five listed.

Thus, the Samsung device, and receiving the best rating among competitors, has a performance up even greater value products.

Its high efficiency energy and ability to eliminate air impurities and odors can be compared even to the best product. What makes them different is basically capacity in Btu.

Therefore, Air Conditioning Split Inverter High Wall Samsung Digital 8-pole is the best value in our selection of this year.

And then you come to understand its features and evaluate what the best reverse split air conditioning for your home? Share with us what was your choice and why.