The 9 Best Microwave 2020 – The Number 5 Is Innovator

The 9 Best Microwave 2020 – The number 5 is Innovator

When we evaluated the products we buy for our homes, we should consider factors that go far beyond price. The microwave devices, nowadays, have a strong presence in most homes and businesses. Much of the appliance we use daily. In some cases, even more than the stove itself.

Miscellaneous income, whether meals, sweets or snacks, have been adapted to do so from the microwave and it is common that these findings are adhered rapidly through the population, lacking time and hungry for practicality. The pans and frozen foods occupy our refrigerators, already intended to streamline this essential and natural process of our lives: the eating.

The 9 Best Microwave 2020 - The Number 5 Is Innovator

Best Choice: Microwave with Grill LG EasyClean 30 Liters Mirror

With innovative technology, it enables the fats present in the cavities are removed more easily, as well as having the Eco On function, which in the standby mode, promotes 52% savings in energy.

In this context, but the microwave has become fundamental piece in the homes and is a more than important subject, the way we eat. For this reason, it is necessary to consider various aspects before purchasing a product.

This assessment is to identify the microwave will be useful or not in the long run and actually meet their needs, in general, vary from consumer to consumer. Therefore, we analyzed the best microwaves 2020 for you, considering factors such as capacity, power, functionality, design and energy saving:

Best Microwave 2020

Review of Best Microwave 2019

There are several brands that offer the microwave, however, there are few companies that develop an actual product increasingly functional for people on a daily basis. Some manufacturers have been concerned about issues relevant to consumers, for example, how to achieve a power less caloric and bring more health to your family with the microwave oven.

Other brands offer ease when cleaning, a factor that generates quite uncomfortable in the routine. Already there are also features that go beyond the traditional, they liven up the odor of food, for example. As seen, there is much in what to think. For this reason, the Best of Home analyzed product by product to facilitate your search for the ideal microwave.

Electrolux 20 liters White

The 9 Best Microwave 2020 - The Number 5 Is Innovator

Despite being one of the models with lower price, has 10 power levels and offers several features. The Electrolux Microwave 20 Liters White MTD30 has specific functions, promoting convenience for those who do not have much time available.

Two examples of features are the Defrost Menu and Menu Kids, the first is aimed at thawing, while the second was programmed specifically for the preferred food of children.

There is also the accessory steam function, which allows the baking steam food. This functionality is simple and practical. Simply select the types of foods according to the available key (vegetables, chicken and fish), then go to power / portions intended to define the weight or revenue.

To ease appliance and even cleaning for parents, there is a safety lock, which prevents children handle the appliance without adult supervision. This microwave also has a “start button + 30”, which speeds up the heating process, if necessary. On the website of the American stores, there are 86% approval by customers, they note that the product has excellent value for money.

Philco 30 Liters Embed

The 9 Best Microwave 2020 - The Number 5 Is Innovator

The door and mirrored panel provide the product a sophisticated air. Moreover, being designed for pressing, the product is especially useful for those who intend to plan the kitchen. There are keys to cook and cook for weight, which provide the ease of handling during the daily chores. In relation to thaw, there are two functions: quick thaw and thaw by weight.

With the safety lock, you can win the tranquility of adults in relation to the proximity of the machine’s children. On the site Lojas Americanas, there is the approval rating of 76% of Internet users. Customers emphasize the good looks and power of microwave.

Brastemp Activate! 38 liters stainless steel

The 9 Best Microwave 2020 - The Number 5 Is Innovator

The size and practicality are the strengths of Microwave Brastemp Stainless Activate !. With the function Smart Food are altogether 10 presets with up to 10 different recipes. There are even a gratin option for more elaborate recipes. In addition, for those who like sweet and practicality at the same time, there are keys to mug cake, pudding and brigadier. With it, also lies the lock panel, ensuring the safety in the environment.

Already fans of savory find comfort with the keys souffle omelet, soup, among others. On the site Lojas Americanas, 82% of Internet users recommend the product. One of the touted features is the browning function.

Consul 20 liters Mirrored

The 9 Best Microwave 2020 - The Number 5 Is Innovator

With this microwave, you can save up to 10% energy per month by switching off the display backlight. There are 10 options powers, specific keys with pre-programmed recipes and availability of menu “Easy Use”. It also has a safety lock. According to the evaluations in Lojas Americanas site, 88% of customers recommend the product, they praised the cost-effective microwave.

LG microwave Grill EasyClean 30 Liters Mirror

By owning an innovative technology, this appliance enables fats present in the cavities are removed more easily, just pass a cloth. Soon, it becomes a great option for those who like facility at the time of cleaning. Another benefit of this product is the Eco On function, which in the standby mode, promotes 52% savings in energy. The shutdown occurs automatically after five minutes of no use.

Able to leave the golden gratins and dishes, the Grill Quartz function has a response time 75% faster than the standard. Altogether, there are 24 pre-programmed recipes. The appliance also has a able to keep hot food system longer, plus the combined function, which aims at combining the function of the microwave with the Grill.

The cooking and defrosting food is more uniform due to technology R Wave, responsible for dividing the microwave evenly. The product is highly praised in Lojas Americanas site where you can check a recommendation rate of 81%.

Philco 21 Liters Black

This microwave has 21 liter capacity and is in category A with respect to energy efficiency. The appliance also has five power levels. There is the recommendation of 83% of the customers of Lojas Americanas site, they praise the cost-benefit of the product.

Philco 25 Liters with key preparation Quick Silver Mirror

The bold design and color of the product are some of the differentials for those who value the appearance of appliances. The microwave Philco 25 Liters also has safety lock and a number of functions that facilitate the choice of food preparation, some examples are the functions cooking by weight and defrost by weight. For fast food preparation, there are potato alternatives, lasagna, brigadier, pizza and popcorn. On the site Lojas Americanas, 74% of customers recommend the appliance.

Electrolux 20 Litros Silver

The functions of this device have unique and useful advantages as well. With the “odor strip”, you can minimize the smell of strong foods that are prepared. There is also a functionality capable of keeping the food warm longer and the mute button that stops the appliance beep. There is also the Kids menu, plus a QR Code that enables the Internet revenues view.

The Light menu provides options for the preparation of recipes for soups, vegetables and fruits. In the case of fruit, the option is to cut them and peel them before taking the microwave to sprinkle sugar and cinnamon. After that, should lead to a microwave to be served with cake and sorvete.No site of the American Stores, 76% of Internet users recommend product. Silence and versatility are some of the features cited by customers.

Brastemp 32 Liters White

This white Brastemp with 32 Liters capacity has safety lock, bold design and integrated panel. There is the option of pre-programmed recipes, as brigadier, mug cake and popcorn, as well as 10 power levels to choose from. Can be used to steer the defrost meat, poultry or fish. For cooking, you can also adjust the weight of the food. The recommendation of the product reaches 75%, by Internet, on the website of the American stores. They underscore the versatility and ease of product installation.


We have seen that there are many characteristics that determine the quality of a microwave oven, but above all, it is essential to assess what is most important to you. Some people consider that the cheapest microwave is ideal, others evaluate the quality the variety of recipes, as some consumers think in size. There are also those who do not give up functions as the Grill, which promises to prepare tastier meals. We brought a few points that are worth being evaluated before the final acquisition of the appliance.


This aspect is very important as it can occur the following situation: purchase a microwave oven and have no where to put. Small kitchens can be the ones that most need attention at that time, so it is necessary to check whether the available space in your home is suitable for the size of microwave you want. Always check the machine’s dimensions the manufacturer’s website or in the store when you make the purchase.


This refers to the internal capacity, or size. The higher the microwave capacity, the larger the pot or bowl that you can put in the appliance, as a result, you can prepare more hearty meals. It is the case of the microwave with more than 30 liters. Thus, it is assumed that a more abundant capacity is recommended for homes with more people.

It is also worth finding this when you actually use the microwave to cook, if only use the stove for this purpose, the microwave power will not make much difference. In this situation, it may be better to buy a big enough for the microwave heating of the dishes. Those with capacity between 20 and 28 liters are recommended for people who live alone or couples.


For those who need to prepare fast food or make larger quantities, are indicated 1,500 W or more of power. Smaller powers from 700 W and satisfy the traditional functions of the microwave as heating, defrosting and cooking small portions.


As seen in the descriptions, features aim to bring ever more convenience to our daily life, some already automatically indicate the strength of revenue, other assist us in maintaining the organization and well-being in the kitchen. There is a Kids function, for example, preparing the preferred food of children, the light function for healthy foods, as well as those specific to each type of dish or sweet. There are also features that reduce unpleasant odors and facilitate cleaning.

Energy consumption

There are brands that have been producing models of microwave, aimed at greater economy. Some mechanisms can get to save 52% of energy, in the case of Eco on the Microwave Grill with LG EasyClean. When buying the product also worth checking the seal of the energy efficiency of Inmetro to avoid future spending on the appliance.

Types Microwave

The microwave features are critical, yet there is no way we fail to think of appliances as a kind of decorative item, which will be part of our space for a few years, perhaps decades. And a well-planned decor makes all the difference to the comfort in the kitchen. Therefore, the marks are so concerned to innovate and bring more and more beneficial solutions in usability and design.

Microwave Recessed

For those planning to make the most of the space of your kitchen and intends to embed appliances, Built-in microwaves are the best. In this case, there is no difference regarding the functionality of the handset, but the way it will be used in the environment. Just see one that pleases in terms of functionality and size.

Microwave with Grill

You know that more crunchy texture found in baked goods in the oven? The microwave Grill seeks to provide this effect. Logo, baking food will be held by the electromagnetic heating and the hospital originated heat the top of the appliance. The effect is not the same as a traditional oven but is an option for those who do not want to miss the practical and at the same time have more pleasure in food.

microwave Inox

Generally, appliances with stainless steel are highly valued. The reason is simple and very relevant. They offer more resistance, slowing processes such as rust. Most microwaves have only the front part of stainless steel, but it is still a factor that contributes to the durability of the product. The stainless steel finish is also positive for the design as it passes an air of sophistication to the environment.

Microwave Mirrored

Without the stainless steel, but still with a touch of modernity, there is the mirrored microwave. The appliance with aesthetics that suits most environments and is recommended for those who want to leave the house with a bolder design.

microwave Black

Matches any site and also takes an aspect of modernity to the environment. There is the advantage when it comes to cleaning, as appears not get dirty so fast, in addition, there is the risk of getting yellow over time, as with other colors. From an aesthetic point of view, it may be more beneficial than white.

microwave White

The certainty with white microwave combines with lighter kitchens, takes beauty and grace to the environment. However, over time, it is what is most conducive to yellow. If you do not have a technology that helps when cleaning, it is also the model that requires more careful in this regard.

best Microwave

As can be seen, several features can be evaluated at the time of buying a microwave. However, there are factors that are particularly important for some people than for others. Some first review the price to then think about the features, for example. For this reason, the Best of Home selected the microwave best from different topics.

What is the Best Microwave?

With high rate of approval by customers on the websites, as well as technology that provides the convenience and savings to consumers; Microwave with the Grill LG EasyClean 30 Liters Mirrored is the best rated appliance. The product is particularly useful for cleaning the fats present in the cavities, as it has technology to remove them more easily.

Another advantage of this microwave is Eco On function, which in the standby mode, promotes 52% savings in energy. With this product, there is also the possibility of letting the golden gratins and dishes, as it contains the functionality that has Quartz Grill response time 75% faster than traditional microwave.

Cooking food also becomes more uniform due to technology R Wave, which spreads in a unified manner, microwaves.

Best Cost-Effective Microwave

Compact microwave Mirrored Consul 20 Liters enables energy savings of up to 10% per month, when turned off the light display. There are also pre-programmed recipes and availability of Use Easy menu. Altogether there are 10 power options. The safety lock support during cleaning and provides safety for children. Most Internet users have praised the cost-effective microwave in Lojas Americanas site

Microwave Best by Price

The most advantageous microwave relative to the price is the White Electrolux 20 liters. Despite being the cheapest, the appliance has a high approval rate in Lojas Americanas site. It has 10 power levels and offers specific functions, for example: the menu Thaw and Kids Menu. It also offers the security lock. In addition, this product is one of the few with Steam accessory function, which allows the steam cooking.