3 Best Stoves 4, 5 And 6 Bocas [February 2020]

3 Best Stoves 4, 5 and 6 Bocas [February 2020]

An essential and lasting appliance, the stove is able to transform the kitchen and especially the quality of its food.

To reconcile the 24 hours of the day between work, housework, study and of course the preparation of meals, the daily routine calls for more convenience, speed and functionality.

In view of this, even the appliances are coming more tailored to meet these current needs with unique and autonomous resources.

New functions, differentiated design, capacity in liters, power, among other features can help in choosing which best stove 2019.

With options for four, five and six mouths have detailed options sales success and customer satisfaction. Check out!

Best 2020 Stoves

A model, a capacity and varied resources for each preference. Whatever your need in terms of stove, they certainly meet all requirements.

Brands such as Brastemp, Electrolux Esmaltec consul and are among the top 3 of each category (4, 5 and 6 rings).

To choose the best stove 2020, some information worth to be highlighted, since this ranking was developed based on consumer ratings, product characteristics, values ​​and utility.

Review of Best Cooking 4 2020 Bocas

The advantages of this version make it the strong preference of Brazilian homes. In addition to lower cost, size also influence when the kitchen space is more limited.

A pot of rice, another of beans, a protein, some vegetables cooking and ready! A full meal and the exact number of utensils for each the stove.

With a basic ability, but very useful, the best stoves 4 burners cited below may be what you really need.

Review of Best Cooking 6 2020 Bocas

If a stove 5 burners is already good, a 6 is even better!

Suitable for larger families or even for those who enjoy cooking without wasting time, the stove 6 burners is essential.

Accuracy, simultaneity and range to handle their meals safely, this is the main advantages of this version, which only require a little more space in the kitchen.

If cooking in variety and quantity is part of their daily lives or their plans, 6 burners will help you in this task!

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Among the many options, what would be the best stove 2020?

To make the correct choice, just associate your principal needs to features offered by each model.

Set priorities at the time of preparation of the meal time, simultaneity, as well as the provision of space and money for the appliance are factors that help a lot for a purchase without regrets.

All product information should be analyzed thoroughly to adapt them according to your preference, after all, an appliance that will spend many years in his home and a routine of daily use, can not be purchased from night to day.

But if you still remains undecided, other criteria detailed below may help then the best way at the time to buy the best stove 2020!

Number of Bocas

No doubt this is the first criterion to be prioritized in choosing the ideal stove.

The number of mouths is consistent with the amount of food that will be made at the same time, the size of the used pans, space for this appliance in the kitchen, and last but not least, the resource you have available to purchase it.

In view of this, following the economic needs and conditions of each consumer, the options of 4, 5 and 6 burners perfectly meet the requirements and preferences varied, just analyze the best for your home through these information.

Being more compact, the 4 burner stove is suitable for smaller kitchens, apartments and small families.

Despite the reduced number of mouths, this version meets the basic needs perfectly and still have the lowest price advantage compared to other models.

For those who do not have to cook in larger quantities, live alone or have small family, this option certainly will not disappoint.

The breadth of the table and larger burners ensure faster preparations and safely, as the pots are arranged uncrowded.

Reducing the preparation time of various foods simultaneously, this option is for those who prioritizes agility and practicality.

The amount and variety of food prepared during meals can make the difference in this choice. If you cook a lot, so you need more burners, and soon, this model.

If the option is to prepare the meal, dessert and other dishes at once, certainly the stove 6 good is the right requested!

More space, family size burners and an oven with capacity for more than a pizza.

The stove 6 burners brings the functionality multiple factors and concurrency in their favor for those who like to cook, but not to waste time.


Knowing the power of any appliance is essential for the control of energy costs, but also for its response time according to the objective.

In the case of electric cookers, the power associated with this energy converted into furnaces operating manuals and the proportions of gas flames or by induction.

The more power, the faster the preparation!


The most prioritized features in ovens are usually: space, internal material to prevent the accumulation of waste grease, sliding and light bars.

Some models, such as the Brastemp 5 Bocas comes with two choices of services in the electricity and gas, a distinction that reinforces the criteria of functionality and agility.

To further facilitate cleaning, versions with glasses in more translucent or removable materials also innovate the category.

Special Features

Every model launched a new feature came up to further enhance the usefulness of this appliance.

electric grill, timer, automatic switch, buttons and removable glass are some features that make all the difference, especially in the rush of everyday life.

After all, the exact control of preparation time, features that add more quality and practicality in cleaning are always welcome to the kitchen!


Despite the new versions of stoves 2020 resemble the visual Question to follow a more minimalist style, which makes a lot of difference in the eyes of consumers are the colors of the materials.

Many of these models mentioned above come in white or stainless steel versions. Recently they were also launched in Titanium.

In addition to color, the material of these stoves influences the care and cleaning product durability.

Difference between the white line, stainless steel and titanium

As mentioned above, the visual difference is the finishing of large white, titanium and stainless cookers. Generally to be paintings, the quality of the material does not affect the durability of the product, except the version in titanium which has more resistance against scratches and rust.

The value, as well as the color also varies. The white line is the cheapest in the market, since the stainless followed by titanium have higher values ​​because they are new and represent modernity to the kitchen.

Electric version

In addition to the floor stove, other options, such as the electric arc furnaces, can also meet their basic needs in the kitchen.

Analyze all the options and features and benefits adds even more confidence in the final decision on what the best stove in 2020.

Best Bocas Stove 4

With a great evaluation of users and the highest 67.7 liters capacity compared to other stoves 4 burners, the stove 4 Bocas Electrolux with automatic ignition also surprises in ergonomics over competitors.

Louder, more spacious and with a large oven with two bars, this model has only one negative point the experiences of consumers, which is the lack of oven light, but this detail can be purchased separately.

With modern design, power in some degree, one year warranty and a fair price, the floor Stove Electrolux 56SPB was considered the best 4-burner stove in our research.

Best Bocas Stove 5

In addition to increased power among competitors, 2700W, the Stove 5 Bocas Electrolux with Full Glass and Timer door was considered the best cooker 5 burners because of the special features that ensure agility and ease in food preparation and also in cleaning.

Unlike the other five mouths stoves already mentioned, this comes with timer, electric grill, triple flame and furnace glass is removable for a complete cleaning.

Combining technology to the utility, the Electrolux 76sab stove is innovation that every kitchen needs.

Best Stove 6 Bocas

The Stove 6 Bocas White Brastemp surpassed competitors with 100% approval among customers.

Ergonomics, design and material that facilitates cleaning were the most praised criteria among consumers making the best stove 6 burners in this analysis.

Another distinguishing feature of the brand is that it also offers built-in version of the same model, which reduces the space used in the kitchen without losing the chance to cook with more breadth and concurrency through six mouths.