2020 Best Vacuum Cleaners: The 8 Best And More Powerful

2020 Best Vacuum Cleaners: The 8 Best and More Powerful

More than an appliance, the vacuum cleaner is a real wizard at the time of cleaning at home and in the workplace.

The device’s ability to reach places that the hand does not reach, and its practicality are some of the reasons that make the cleaner an essential item for anyone who wants to maintain cleanliness and organization.

2020 Best Vacuum Cleaners: The 8 Best And More Powerful

Best Choice: Electrolux Smart ABS03 No Bag

With HEPA filter and automatic winder wire, this bagless vacuum cleaner has a high power and a long reach for cleaning. It has a nozzle for each purpose.

The convenience factor is even more necessary to the routine of families, in which the lack of time and the multiplicity of tasks takes care of the environment. In this context, it is necessary to search for an apparatus capable of cleaning various kinds of dirt quickly and still ensuring the health of the entire family.

Best Vacuum Cleaners 2020

Currently, vacuum cleaners have characteristics that actually meet the lifestyle and needs of each. Among so many options, it is difficult to choose one product that will make a difference in our lives. We need to balance between what, on one hand, can bring more convenience, but then costs more. Or what can bring more well-being, yet at the same time, more work.

To assist you in this decision, we have prepared a full list of the different types of vacuum cleaners on the market. And do not fail to include the modernized traditional models.

consideration points before buying a Vacuum Cleaner

Before buying a vacuum cleaner, it is necessary to consider various factors such as purpose of the vacuum cleaner (for home, office, car, furniture, etc.), by whom will be used (allergic person or not), which will be used (must be silent or can be noisy).

In addition, we must also consider the power, the size of the item, cable extension, if there are animals loose by the environment or not, is the place to be aspirated is in the works or not, if there is a preference for a cleaner that aspires liquid or powder only, as it is carried out the cleaning process, which will give more work to clear, one that will generate more energy costs, one that will last long and the short term.

On top of that, the cost-benefit factor has much impact on the purchase decision, so at the end of the text, there are options that we consider most convenient in the categories “value for money”, “price” and “quality”. Check out the vacuums we evaluate:

Powerful Vacuum Cleaner

The more powerful the vacuum, the greater its suction capacity, consequently, the best result will be more evident. High power is recommended for large sites for use in businesses, offices with carpeting, salons, where often events are held, houses undergoing renovations, schools, etc.

The high-powered vacuum cleaners usually have from 1100 W. Some vacuums allow the regulation of the power level. We must not forget that many of the powerful vacuum cleaners are also great and often it occurs much expenditure of energy.

Silent Vacuum Cleaner

The advantage of this vacuum cleaner, of course, is the absence of noise. It is advantageous for those who live in buildings, has house with thin walls, you can not clean the house during the day or need to keep, anyway, the silence in your home or work.

In fact, at times, the device may make noises yes, especially if it is used too. Generally, the price is higher than traditional cleaners. Robots vacuum cleaners are actually advantageous in this regard, since most of them presents no noise, where they present, are less cumbersome than traditional devices.

Professional Vacuum Cleaner

Often called industrial vacuum cleaner, with a capacity that generally can reach up to 1000 liters; professional cleaners should be very resistant. There are several models which are used for fine dust suction, dried industrial wastes, low-grained waste fuels, liquid abrasives, cements and lime. They are recommended for deep cleaning.

The difficulty of this device appears at the time of storage, they are usually large, ie, you must also think of transport at the time of acquiring it. Also, due to the high use of electricity, most of the time only industries acquire this product.

Vacuum Cleaner – Power Consumption

A very important factor that many people forget to consider. Before buying a vacuum cleaner, a topic that should be evaluated is the power consumption, because, on the one hand, high power benefits the environment clean, efficiently and quickly, on the other hand, there is a greater expenditure of electricity.

It is important to make a calculation, considering the day and the device usage time before making the purchase. It is estimated that a vacuum; use for 30 days a month for 20 minutes with 1000 W power and 10 kWh; cause the monthly expense of $ 3.50. To learn of other powers, it is only to the proportional value. There are already systems that reduce energy consumption and in this topic we address below.

What is the ideal vacuum cleaner for your use?

Think about what you really need is the first step to planning a good buy. Although many items seem useful, there is always one factor that bother us day by day and that will make all the difference when considering a purchase.

There are several options of vacuum cleaners: the smallest, largest, with varying formats, those able to aspirate liquid, solid and hard-to reach, which are recommended for those who have pets for allergy sufferers, for those looking for a very convenient , who is looking for more health at home, for those who prefer appliance multipurpose character, etc.

All this will determine the final purchase and how you will use the appliances. Check out the best vacuum cleaners for every situation.

Vacuum cleaners are extremely necessary in this case and would not solve the problem purchasing a vacuum cleaner with a low-power, therefore, something to pay attention to is very power. The best cleaners for carpets are dust and water, as these help in drying after washing. Multifunctional washing and drying can also be good choices.

Review of Best Vacuum Cleaners 2020

In general, appliances vacuum cleaners are very useful for day to day anyone. To facilitate the decision of the best product for you, we list the best vacuum cleaners in each mode. We consider its main features, favorable and unfavorable factors for obtaining it.

Best Vertical Vacuum

This resembles a broom, therefore, it is very easy to find a place to keep it at home. Generally, there is the possibility to take it apart and use it as a hand cleaner as well. It is more comfortable at the time of cleaning, since there is no need to crouch.

It has the capacity to aspire just dust and are constituted by the filter system. Before purchasing the product, it is important to check your size and make sure it is compatible with the height of the person who will use the device. It is also recommended to test the balance. Most of them provides accessories for suction floors, rugs, carpets, upholstery, for corners, crevices.

Vacuum Cleaner 1100 Philco PH Rapid N-1000W

2020 Best Vacuum Cleaners: The 8 Best And More Powerful

Features Vacuum

Considered cheap, it is recommended for people seeking convenience in cleaning the house daily and also for those who do not have much space at home as it is a small-sized vacuum cleaner, making it possible to keep it in several places.

The product has praise in Buscape site, customers highlight the power, functionality and size.

Vacuum Cleaner Britain Dust Off 2 in 1

2020 Best Vacuum Cleaners: The 8 Best And More Powerful

Features Vacuum

A practical solution to house cleaning, it is compact and can be used without the stem. Although only 50% of customers recommend this product, there are a few compliments on the site of the American stores in relation to reduced noise, the power and practicality.

Best Vacuum Cleaners and Water

It is beneficial for fast drying processes because, in addition to dust also suck the liquid usually contains a high power and are recommended for use in spacious places. Some hotdog low power consumption, simple handling and low noise.

Some allow the mud sucking too. Are great options when an environment has not drain, but it is necessary to perform a wash. Puff option is found in some vacuum cleaners.

Thus, it is possible to fill balloons, inflatable mattresses and join leaves the yard. Generally, these cleaners also have a large dirt storage capacity, need not empty the tank at all times.

Vacuum Cleaner and Water Electrolux 1200W

2020 Best Vacuum Cleaners: The 8 Best And More Powerful

Features Vacuum

Efficient and with excellent suction capacity, it is recommended for people who want to make a deep cleaning surfaces. It also has the ability to suck up water.

Contains Polyurethane permanent filter, which allows that there is no odor after use. The filter is also beneficial to health because it prevents bacterial growth. The product has a high recommendation rate by Internet users in Lojas Americanas site.

Vacuum Cleaner and Water Electrolux Flex FLEXN – 1400W

2020 Best Vacuum Cleaners: The 8 Best And More Powerful

Features Vacuum

With a unique system called “Easy seeps”, enables the barrel is emptied through drain. Thus, there is no need to raise or fall over the vacuum cleaner. The product has nearly 100% approval by users at Buscape site. They are mainly highlighted its performance, ease of use, durability and cost-effectiveness.

Water cleaner and powder Professional 1300W GT3000 – Electrolux

Features Vacuum

Suitable for locations that require a deep and efficient cleaning, this vacuum cleaner offers 20 L capacity for powder. In Buscape site, most of the reviews are positive. They are highlighted features like good suction, soft noise and low power consumption.

Vacuum Cleaner and Water Wap 1600W – Stainless GTW 20

Features Vacuum

One advantage of this cleaner is that it provides a nozzle for blowing. With it, you can blow leaves and fill inflatable. It has cloth filter, which can be washed and reused. It also offers multiple nozzle with accessories targeted to carpets, tiled floors, nozzle and brush. In Buscape site, evaluations of Internet users are positive for the product.

Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner

With an intelligent and innovative technology, the robot vacuum cleaner is the perfect combination of comfort and practicality. The reason for so much praise is that the only thing one needs to do to clean the house by using the appliance is charging the battery.

By using some items, you can even schedule the day and time of the cleaning, the “little robot” accomplishes all alone. There are models with apps available for the phone, with which you control your cleaning toy away.

Many of them are able to penetrate the most difficult places, removing dirt corners, stand out for speed, some have rechargeable battery, are naturally portable, most are multi-voltage and reproduce little noise.

The intelligent cleaner is composed of sensors which identify dirt, walls and stairs to prevent a fall. They are more expensive than traditional vacuum cleaners. Highly recommended for those who have pets.

Robot vacuum Home Up Generation Y

Features Vacuum

Like most robots vacuum cleaners, the advantage of this product is the practicality. Its rechargeable battery provides continuous use of 55 minutes. The noise level is low.

This model mainly is recommended for people with house pets, because the vacuum is able to suck and the impurities that are not beneficial to health. The average positive assessment of the product is high in the market Free site. Customers stand practicality and high cleaning ability.

Roomba robot cleaner 960 – Irobot

Features Vacuum

The cleaner robot Roomba 960 allows the user clear and schedule cleaning your home away due to the connectivity of the device to an app. The robot also features reports on the cleaning performed. The cleaner charge can last up to two hours. On the site Free Market, users assessed as positive the performance of the robot.

Robot Vacuum cleaner Housekeeper Pro Polishop

Features Vacuum

With a UV lamp, the Vacuum Robot Housekeeper Pro Polishop performs an elimination of germs, mites and fungi, and bacteria, which makes it an ally of health maintenance at home. One of the benefits is that this robot has sensors, able to prevent his fall on stairs, for example. On the site Free Market, internet users rated the product positively, emphasizing its practicality and power.

Best Portable Vacuum Cleaner

As previously mentioned, the portable vacuum cleaner is very beneficial for locations where hands can not reach alone, in the case of drawers. This product has the advantage of having a more affordable price than the others. But many of them rely on battery, which can be a problem if you want to use the portable vacuum for long. In addition, some batteries take too long to charge the device, sometimes the waiting time ends up not being so positive.

Portable Vacuum Cleaner Britain – 1000W

Features Vacuum

Used with or without rod, this appliance allows easy use and loading. Disposable bag and has a double nozzle which assists in cleaning floors and carpets. Users praise the “cost benefit” of the product on the site of the American stores.

Portable vacuum cleaner Wap Ambiance Black 1400W

Features Vacuum

Easy to carry the WAP Portable vacuum ambiance Black 1400W also enables cleaning of the motor. Offers accessories to customize the cleaning. On the site Free Market, the product received, most of the time, positive evaluations, there is only one critical of its power.

Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner Portable 1200W

Features Vacuum

Vacuum with Hepa filter, which leaves the healthier and cleaner air, preventing the spread of respiratory diseases. The cleaner provides ease at the time of storage and nozzles with different purposes. Most users recommend the product in Lojas Americanas site and consider the cost benefit ratio.

Best Vacuum for Cars

Ideal for lovers of cars that can not even think about finding some kind of dirt on cars, vacuum cleaners for car came to make the lives of drivers, mostly professionals, easier.

Connecting the vacuum cleaner in car cigarette lighter, it is possible to use the apparatus. The main feature of this vacuum cleaner is the lightness and practicality. Some vacuum cleaners are accompanied by accessories that allow a more thorough cleaning.

You can find vacuum cleaners to cars that also suck wet surfaces, this includes water, but also mud, sleet, in short, everything that can bring moisture to your car. Generally, these cleaners are not expensive and they bring a lot of convenience and practicality for routine.

Car Vacuum Cleaner Black & Decker Portable

Features Vacuum

You can connect this appliance to the outlet 12 V car. Its great advantage is to be portable, and also has accessories for various purposes (nozzle for corners, crevices and brush for carpets). All evaluations of the product, the site Ponto Frio, were positive. One of the benefits mentioned by Internet users is the power of the product.

Vacuum Cleaner For Car 70 W – Tramontina

Features Vacuum

Handheld vacuum cleaner that enables connection to the cigarette lighter. The product comes with accessories to adapt to every kind of need at the time of cleaning. No site Lojas Americanas, there are complaints about the machine’s power.

Vacuum Powder Car 12v Multilaser

Features Vacuum

This handheld vacuum offers LED light enables optimal viewing. With suction to solid objects and liquids, the cleaner comes with accessories that allow cleaning in closer locations. Most customers recommend the product in Lojas Americanas and highlight the practicality.

Best without Bag Vacuum Cleaners

Bagless vacuum cleaners are environmentally friendly, as these cleaners exclude the frequent need to dispose of the bags of papers. The powder is stored in a plastic container apparatus. You can wash it and recommended to empty it before it is too full. It is recommended to do the cleaning at least every 15 days.

Most often, these vacuum cleaners come with many options nozzles (which are beneficial for specific purposes aspirations), the nozzle are for cracks; The resembling a broom for floor; while those who seem to brush, are suitable for carpets and rugs. Most often, these vacuum cleaners exhibit a high power and have an average size.

Vacuum Cleaner Electrolux Smart ABS02 No Bag 1200W

Features Vacuum

With HEPA filter and automatic winder wire, this bagless vacuum cleaner enables more health house cleaning on a daily basis. Still, it has a high power and a long reach for cleaning. It has a nozzle for each purpose. Most customers praise the power and convenience of the vacuum cleaner in Lojas Americanas site.

Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner without bag LITE LIT21

Features Vacuum

Like the other bagless vacuum cleaners, avoid breathing problems caused by mites and dust. As it has no bag, cleaning is much quicker. It has specific nozzles for cleaning. On the site of Magazine Luiza, consumers rave about the silence and potency of the product.

Vacuum Cleaner Bag No Spin Abs01 1200W

Features Vacuum

With rubberized wheels that do not scratch the floor, the cleaner has important accessories for a deep cleaning. On the website of the American stores, customers highlight the low noise and high power of the product.

Best Power Brooms

Wired or battery, electric brooms have also accessories, some mini-vacuum cleaner contain coupled and brush. The big advantage is the convenience to store and use, because the product is light and usually offers variation for hand cleaner.

Electric broom – AP-10 – Mondial

Features Vacuum

Offering convenience and ease of product handling, is considered a 2 in 1 product because you can use it as a hand cleaner as well. On the site Lojas Americanas, users highlight the fragility of the product.

Broom Electric Philco Cyclone 2 in 1 – 1000W

Features Vacuum

This electric sweeper has three suction accessory, which allows cleaning in hard to reach places. Good cost-benefit. It is possible to use the vacuum cleaner without stem. On the site Ponto Frio, users highlight the practicality and good product performance.

Comparative Vacuum

Vertical or Normal Vacuum Cleaner

The upright vacuum cleaner has many advantages, especially for those who have a small space to clean. It is practical to store, handle and transport.

However, when compared with a normal vacuum cleaner, generally, power is smaller, which makes normal vacuum most suitable for large local cleaning.

Vacuum Cleaner or Electric Broom

Some electric brooms have good power, which makes cleaning on a daily basis, as are practical and light. However, the vacuum cleaner is best with regard to durability. Electric brooms can be fragile in the long run.

Vacuum Cleaner Wireless or Wired

Most vacuum cleaners have wire to plug into electricity. Those with long strands range allow a more agile and easy cleaning. The energy arising electricity avoids the concern about the battery life, item accompanying the wireless vacuum cleaners, in the case of robot vacuum cleaners. For those who do not have problems to charge the batteries, the wireless vacuum cleaner is a good option.

Conclusion: Best Vacuum Cleaners

Nowadays, there are many options of vacuum cleaners. They meet various needs, from corporate to residential environments, cars, cleaning of wet environments, difficult to access, etc. The choice will depend on the main consumer needs, which should assess factors such as cost-effective, resistance, price, health benefits, power, collector capacity, etc.

Best Vacuum Cleaner in Cost Benefit

Dust cleaner Britain Dust Off 2 in 1 has the best cost-effective as it is not very expensive and still satisfy the customer with regard to practicality in cleaning, facility at the time of emptying storage, power, capacity and transporting the reservoir. Moreover, it can also be used as portable, which benefits various cleaning hard to reach places. It provides nozzle double suction system.

Best Vacuum Cleaner by Price

The vacuum cleaner with the lowest price is the vacuum cleaner for car 12 V Multilaser. It is portable, provides LED light, which enables better visualization of impurities. It also provides suction to solid objects and liquids. This device is delivered with accessories which allow cleaning in closer locations. On the site Lojas Americanas, most Internet users highlight the practicality.

Best Vacuum Cleaner for Quality

The vacuum cleaner with the best quality is the Electrolux Smart Dust Bag ABS02 No 1200W. Due to the cyclonic system you have, this vacuum cleaner demonstrates high power and at the same time, causes a low power consumption. Able to remove 99.9% of air impurities, the HEPA filter contained in the vacuum cleaner, it is beneficial to health.

Recalling that, in all situations, it is always necessary users to the proper use of equipment purchased to make the most of the benefit. reading the instruction manuals is advised.

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