Best Clothes Dryers 2020: 4 Options To Choose!

Best Clothes Dryers 2020: 4 Options to Choose!

The weather is not cooperating or you need to dry a piece faster? Learn the main features of the clothes dryer, its two modes and how to choose the best model among them.

For this, we made a selection of the most sought dryers 2020 and thus a comparative very interesting. Check out:

Best Dryers 2020 Floor Clothes

Clothes dryer

Technological advances have facilitated our lives in various spheres. Before, to wash and sanitize our clothes and personal items bed, bath and table, it had to do everything manually. With modern, there are washing machines increasingly powerful and economical.

The same applies to the drying of parts. If until very recently, it was necessary that everything be done in a natural way, under the influence of time, now it is possible to rely on technological and dryers very useful clothes.

Thus, in the same way that it is virtually impossible to imagine life today without the support of a good washer machine, it is increasingly important to have a dryer for household chores.

This appliance, in addition to dry, can also eliminate odors of parts and soften them. There are also devices with filter picks wires, which removes the maximum of those unwanted hairs from the clothes.

Residents of houses and apartments where beats little sun or that the site is very wet and cold certainly benefit – a lot – with dryers.

There are basically two clothes dryers models: floor and wall. The floor models closely resemble washing machines and clothes usually come with leveling feet. Already the wall, as suggested by the name, are installed in suspended form.

For both types of dryer, we will evaluate six essential features of its use. With this information, we will come, so the result of better clothes dryer of the year. We will see?

Capacity in Kilos

This is an important characteristic to be assessed: how many kilos supports dryer. In the market today, there are models that have a capacity between 8 and 10 kg in average.

The values ​​just watching the quantity of clothes washed in the washing machines. So is taking a device and put in another.

An important tip here is to try to optimize the capacity in kilograms as much as possible. Avoid thus connecting the dryer to put a few pieces, as this will consume enough energy to few clothes.

Watch out, too, if the dryer has the option to choose between different levels in order to avoid energy waste. It is good for nature and for the pocket.

Drying Programs quantity

Other data to be analyzed carefully when searching for your new dryer, you see the amount of drying programs it has.

There are devices that have various programs drying, ranging from short and long. The higher this number of programs, the greater the possibility to decide for that takes about minutes.

This is important because it will enlarge or reduce your ability to control the device. Thus, with great variety, you can choose more hit a program that meets your needs, without waste.

Think, for example, you are rushed and need some parts dry quickly. His desire is therefore for a quick program.

Likewise, you may be doing some cleaning in the closet, putting the saved parts “it out.” A longer program thus may be necessary to eliminate that unwanted odor of stored clothing.

Therefore, the higher number of drying programs, the better control and use the device.

Energy consumption

An important information that you should note is the energy consumption of the dryer. This appliance is only behind the electric shower in energy expenditure indoors.

Even the electric iron and electric fryers gain in energy savings. Thus, pay attention to the as the dryer consumes energy is fundamental.

To find out the energy consumption of the dryer, see this information provided by the manufacturer, in kW. If this number does not appear, just check one other information, most often provided: power.

This measure, in addition to indicating how the product works, also indicates how much the dryer consumes energy. To arrive at this number, just make a simple mathematical account.

Thus, to know kW per hour, divide the value of power by 1000. For example, a dryer has power 3300 W. Logo:

Consumption per hour = 3300/1000

Consumption per hour = 3.3 kW

In the case of the clothes dryer, it is important to check the time of drying programs, which can vary greatly between one brand and another.

Therefore, the longer it takes the program, the greater spending on the electricity bill. The opposite is also true.

Thus, in addition to checking the kW / h, see how many minutes each take the desired dryer washing program to calculate the average energy consumption.

Size Clothes Dryer

The size of the clothes dryer is an often overlooked because, when research on the appliance.

However, whether the equipment will fit properly in your service area or other location where the install it is very important.

The floor models tend to be larger than the wall, and need of floor space. Already suspended will require the time to be installed.

So be sure to carefully check the measurements of the dryer you are analyzing.

Noise level

In the midst of so much noise, no more need to have a device with high noise levels indoors, is not it?

So, check if the machine is silent dryer can be a relief to your ears. Although, generally, the noise level in decibels being indicated by other appliances, dryers manufacturers usually do not provide this data.

To address this question, read the comments and user reviews can be enough to say whether it does or not much noise.

Thus, it is worth rolling a little more to the product page and check whether the clothes dryer is silent.

Installation double chance: Floor and wall

Finally, it is interesting to see if the dryer can be installed on the floor, wall or in both places.

Currently, there are devices that can already be coupled both to the floor, the wall, gaining in versatility. Others, however, are restricted to stay on the floor or suspended and therefore it should be noted the specifics of each of the modalities.

Review of the Best Dryers 2020 Floor Clothes

The clothes dryers are increasingly necessary item in the routine of people. A versatile and practical appliance, it dries the clothes and bedding items, bath and table much faster.

As we have seen, there are two models of dryer: floor or wall.

Let us now evaluate the best floor clothes dryers, based on the main features of the appliance. Among them are the capacity in kilograms, number of drying programs, power consumption, size, noise level and accepted to be installed both on the floor as on the wall.

In addition to these elements, the comments and evaluations made by those who already use the dryer model will be analyzed. Check out!

Best Clothes Dryers Wall

Just as the floor machines, wall clothes dryers are also great appliance for the affairs of the home.

Practices, they speed the drying bed items, bath and table linens and personal clothing.

Installed on the wall, these models are well applied in service areas with little space. Generally, they have lower power consumption, but at the same time also have less power.

To evaluate the best, we will build on the following information: Supported amount of kilos and drying programs, power consumption, dimensions of the dryer and noise.

In addition to these elements, the analysis will be made directly observed by users of dryers. Follow:

What is the Best Dryer Clothes?

4 were analyzed famous clothes dryers. Among them, we have selected two models of machine and other floor wall 2 models apparatus.

To assess how best dryer, we analyze its main features.

First of all, we consider the ability of the device has, in kilograms, to receive clothes and bedding items, bath and table.

After that, we saw the number of drying programs that the product has, in order to verify what level of control the user has over the machine in a matter of time and ways to use it.

Then, the energy consumption was analyzed that the appliance features. This is critical, since there is considerable difference between one device and another.

Based on the assessment of customers and users, we classify the device’s noise level to avoid the noisier.

The size was also analyzed, since its size is important when allocating and install the machine in the service area or elsewhere in the house.

Finally, we pointed out the pros and cons of the selected models. And it is based on all these elements that we define the best dryer floor clothes and wall. Check out:

Best Floor dryer

Between the two models of Electrolux manufacturer, ST10 and SVP11, there are some differences practices. However, even if in small quantities, this variation is important to define the best model among them.

Despite having a higher level of price than SVP11, the ST10 has some disadvantages compared to other dryer.

Thus, the ST10 model entails fewer clothes, have fewer drying programs (half!), And consume more electricity and be considerably larger than the SVP11.

In addition, the SVP11 function comes with easy-pass, leaving the more smooth and soft clothes, has touch panel, security lock and is bundled exhaust pipe for your installation.

Finally, the SVP11 can be installed both on the floor, the wall, which gives it a great versatility.

Thus, the SVP11 model of the brand Electrolux is the best dryer floor of year clothing.

Best Wall dryer

Among the wall dryer models Solaris Most were analyzed, Mueller manufacturer, and the Activate! BSI10, the Brastemp brand.

They present a very different format, with each other. Mueller is more basic machine, whereas the dryer Brastemp is practically a floor placed in suspended manner.

The big difference between them, moreover, is the price. With the amount paid by a BSI10 is practically possible to buy almost 4 Solaris.

But meanwhile, the model of Mueller received a median assessment among users, the Brastemp being the best score among all. Therefore, the performances also vary quite as much as the price of each.

Another feature in which they clash with is the weight capacity. The Solaris holds up to 8kg of bedding items and bath and personal clothes. Activate already! receives up to 10kg.

Two points the dryer Mueller passes the front Brastemp: the first model consumes less power, and drying clothes on hangers, the pieces do well smoothed and almost ready to use.

But before all these differences, we can consider the Activate! BSI10, the Brastemp brand, the best clothes dryer of the year, based on their great performance and evaluation among users.

Clothes dryer – Cost-Benefit

Among the floor dryers, the model SVP11, Electrolux was considered the best and from the wall, the Activate! BSI10, Brastemp, was ahead.

However, with respect to cost-benefit, which the dryer capable of delivering a better result as he pays a fair price for her?

First, let’s examine the floor appliances. The ST10 is a powerful and various features drying machine. It promises to dry clothes, soft and fragrant.

But the SVP11, from the same manufacturer, can deliver the same results, have greater capacity and is still compact. Their only disadvantage compared to the other model is to have less power – which makes up for in energy savings.

In addition, the SVP11 has lower price range to ST10. So for floor clothes dryers, the SVP11 can also be considered as the most cost-effective.

For wall models, the dispute back to be fierce in the definition between the two options. While Solaris More, Mueller, is more economical, dry the vertically clothes, leaving them less wrinkled, the Activate! BSI10, Brastemp, contains more quantity in kilograms, it has more power and is more compact.

One big difference between the two machines is the price. As already mentioned, the Solaris More costs the equivalent of about 1/4 of the price Activate !. That may be so, the tie element between the appliances.

Despite having a middle evaluation among users, Mueller machine manufacturer delivers what it promises, costing 4 times less the value of its competitor.

Therefore, Solaris More, Mueller presented the best value among the dryers wall clothes.

Managed to decide between the models? Tell what was your choice!