The 6 Best Xiaomi Phones To Buy In 2020

The 6 Best Xiaomi Phones to Buy in 2020

Since 2015, a brand has become prominent in the category of smartphones and other technology products in Brazil, the Chinese Xiaomi.

Considered an “Apple most popular Chinese”, the Xiaomi enables smartphones, technological accessories, tablets, bracelets, smart TVs, and other devices that combine the best technical specifications with a very affordable value.

The Xiaomi is already considered one of the biggest startups on the planet technology and much of its popularity is due to advertising, “word of mouth”, made by the users of the brand, after investments in reviews of websites, social networks and of course, by combining money with high technology.

Regarding Xiaomi smartphones, success is justified by the diversity of device models, always bringing high-performance processors, large screens and cameras with megapixel hype.

Periodic brand promotions also reinforce this preference among users who always seek news in order to catch up with each release.

For many technological advantages, cost and various models, we highlight the six best smartphones Xiaomi 2020 in order to guarantee you more technology in the palm of their hands with a fair price.

Best Smartphones Xiaomi 2020

Although there are some similarities between the names, these lines of Xiaomi are quite different as there are from simple versions to newly released, full of technological innovations.

Other segments such as cost and design were also prioritized in this ranking, in order to provide for you, several of choice.

Review of Best Smartphones Xiaomi 2020

For those seeking a smartphone with good performance, advanced technology and what is best, affordable, certainly heard a friend indicate the brand Xiaomi, is not it ?! And this is because there are numerous reasons that we already expand on each model.

But first, it is important to emphasize that in addition to prioritizing the brand, certain technical characteristics must be analyzed to identify which option best suits your needs.

So we list too, the selection criteria, including technological data, opinion of users, among other topics that can make all the difference in functionality and efficiency of your smartphone Xiaomi.

Criteria of Choice: Smartphone Xiaomi

When choosing the best smartphone Xiaomi, it is worth remembering that the consumption of priorities of each user change, ie what can be considered the big plus point of a model for one person may not be what actually another search therefore analyze the technical characteristics of each version is so important.

An example of this situation is that users use their smartphones more for communication than entertainment; this public profile will surely prioritize processor and battery capacity. Already those who appreciate a good photo to post on social networks, the valued criterion is the camera resolution quality, memory, and other connectivity features.

Whatever your functional expectations to his Xiaomi, it is important that it meets some of these features below in general, such as screen size, storage capacity and RAM, processor, battery life, camera resolution, design and extra features .


The screen size is consistent with the very activities that will be carried over to your smartphone Xiaomi. In this ranking, there are versions from 5 “to 6.9” inches.

For those who enjoy watching a video, series, or do readings by phone, nothing better than a 6 “screen.

But if the smartphone compactness is more important, know that Xiaomi 5 “does not fall short in viewing capability.

Storage and RAM

Storage options and RAM these Xiaomi ranking range from 4 to 8GB RAM and 8GB to 128GB internal.

Remember that basically the amount of storage is what ensures the content file, programs and applications, as the RAM, the speed with which actions in your Xiaomi to run.

Battery Life

Just like any smartphone, the more features you have and the greater the use, the faster the battery may run out, however, devices with 3000 mAh can already be considered energy efficient.

Camera Resolution

We arrived to a criterion which, the Xiaomi has surpassed many market smartphones, the resolution of your camera.

The brand has been innovating in this regard bringing smartphones with up to 108 MP, a mark hitherto unheard between devices.

The Mi Note 10, no doubt, has the best entres the camera Xiaomi, ensuring 108 MP and several features to make your photo with professional quality.

In addition, options in dual cameras, triple and focal stability also leverage the quality of Xiaomi images.


As well as its Apple competitor, the Xiaomi smartphones follow the same pattern design, just changing sizes due to inch screens.

More colorful designs in pink, red, blue and their variations, as well as in the classic, black, and metallic lead.

The logo Xiaomi is very discreet and there are so thin and light models which weigh less than 300 grams.

Besides the basic features photography, voice recording and flashlight, some Xiaomi models also comes with artificial intelligence, that make this option even more functional and efficient.

Connectivity between other brand products is also considered a differential to more, as the possibility to integrate smartphone functions to smart bracelets, smart TVs, and other accessories of the brand.

What is the Best 2020 Xiaomi?

For those who examined each smartphone brand model and identified many quality technical characteristics among them, the decision on which is the best Xiaomi may have been even more complicated, however, Best of Home will help you once again, with what the smartphone top line Xiaomi.

Joining the technological resources, the views of users and exclusivity of this version, the Xiaomi Mi 9 was chosen by our guide the best smartphone of 2020 the brand.

That’s because it brings together everything needed for efficient performance, quality in photos and agility in the actions.

For starters, it comes in two versions, the RAM 6Gb and 64 of internal storage, as well as in 8GB of RAM and internal 128Gb.

Beyond all space, the Xiaomi Mi 9 has a super amoled screen with Full HD resolution of 6:39, “ideal size for those who like to use your smartphone as” TV “and watch those favorite series.

The Snapdragon 855 processor is one of the strongest line, which ensures very quickly, without crashing, even running heavy programs and online games.

Already the three rear camera 48MP + + 12MP 16MP are excellent tools to produce quality photos and videos look like professional images. Its front camera of 20 MP also does not lack, having more resolution than many major camera smartphones.

Among the exclusives of the Xiaomi Mi 9, we can highlight its artificial intelligence to enhance images, as well as optical stabilization for videos.

What is the Best Xiaomi Cost Benefit?

With a more affordable price than the top Mi 9, the Xiaomi Mi 3 Max brings many advantages that make it the best Xiaomi Cost Benefit.

It has a battery of 5500 mAh, considered one of the more autonomy the line, ideal for those who stay all day connected to the smartphone.

The screen is also considered his strong point, and large LCD ensures that the images of videos, series and even games are more sharp and vivid. It comes with 6.9 “inches, which ensures a sense of unparalleled immersion.

The cameras also contain a good quality resolution, and double back with 12MP + 5MP and 8MP front.

The Snapdragon 636 processor boosts performance, enabling faster action without crashes and running various types of applications.

It also comes in two versions of memory, RAM 4GB or 6GB and 64GB internal ou128GB.

Finally, the thin and light design of the Mi Max 3 makes it a compact giant, who prioritizes much fabric and greater portability.

What Xiaomi with lower price?

Now this option is for those who put the price first among the criteria for choosing a smartphone.

Since the brand is known for technological quality, you do not have to worry about Xiaomi opt for a cheaper, after all, even with the limited resources you have a cell of high performance and durability with this brand.

The Xiaomi with lowest price, but good quality of our ranking is the redmi GO.

It comes in memory of 1GB RAM option and despite its 8GB of internal storage, know that you can extend it with an SD card of up to 128GB.

Extremely compact, the GO has redmi screen 5 “inch, ultra-slim design and weighs only 278 grams.

Has a basic rear 8MP camera and a front 5MP, however, according to users, the image quality does not lack.

The battery is another great advantage of this model, which can reach up to 10 hours of standby time through its 3,000 mAh.

Your operating system is simplified, since the number of manufacturing applications is reduced to the essentials, so that you have more room to download the features that suit you even leave the smartphone faster.

It also allows the use of up to two chips simultaneously, in addition, as mentioned above, the use of an extra memory card.

The value comes less than US $ 1000, which makes the redmi GO, the Xiaomi with lowest price but high quality of our ranking.

4 Curiosities brand Xiaomi

New on the market, compared to Apple and Samsung consecrated, the Xiaomi is a Chinese company that prioritizes technology combined with the accessibility of their products through a fair cost.

For those who do not know much about this brand that has stood out in the smartphone and other technological accessories market, we will present some facts about it, because its success among Brazilians.

Now that you know some of the history of the brand through these curiosities, be sure to bet on one of Xiaomi smartphones ranking to bring more modernity, technology and connectivity to their daily lives.

Harnesses and also provides the guide of the best smartwaches 2020, there you will also find a Xiaomi model compatible with these smartphones.