The 8 Best Washing Machines – Updated January 2020

The 8 Best Washing Machines – Updated January 2020

There are times the washing machines are essential to any home and, every year, are designed new models that seek to meet the specific needs of individuals and society as a whole. Aspects such as economy, for example, are increasingly taken into account during the development of the washing machine by the manufacturer.

Consumers have become much more aware and demanding about the products they buy and hence companies are concerned to deliver appliances that bring more comfort to the routine of people with innovation. Technology is a great ally in this process, bringing cleaning techniques increasingly effective and less harmful to the clothes.

The 8 Best Washing Machines - Updated January 2020

Best Choice: Washing Machine 9kg Brastemp

This leaves the washer cleaner clothes with dual flush function. Also, there is the delicate cycle, which offers softness of agitation and centrifugation for greater care with the parts more sensitive clothes.

The silent machines are an excellent example. Such a feature would not be imagined a few years ago. And today, people can already think of performing washing clothes in the evening, for example.

However, we must not forget that some traditional factors are still essential to weigh in pursuit of this appliance.

Best Washing Machines 2020

So for you to make a purchase more aware and assertive, we list the best washing machine 2020:

Washing machines

More than ever, it is clear that the washing machines are being developed to meet the collective needs of a more caring society with the consumption of water and energy. At the same time, we seek the convenience and speed. Currently, for the development of a good washing machine, they are thought factors that go far beyond product performance. Companies are more aware about the interests of consumers.

Types of opening

Previously, prevailed upper openings in washing machines Brazilian clothes. However, this has already changed and you can see in the domestic market growth of washers with localized covers the front of the machine.

The benefits over the Washing Machine Superior Top Load due to the fact that she had an action more powerful clothes. In other words, it is strongly recommended for parts that require a more impactful cleaning.

Recommended for more delicate parts, made of silk and wool, the washer Front Front Load clothing has less mechanical action due to its frictional damping system which the clothes to move up and down. This is positive for the conservation of long-term wear. It also consumes less water and thus less soap, since this use will vary according to the amount of water required.


Thought to how the centrifuge speed can benefit from the processes with the clothes, it is a factor that can sometimes go unnoticed. However, this aspect may impact rather its day to day. The faster the spin, the more the pieces will be attached to the wall of the drum, which reduces the friction between the clothes. Much of the machine also allows the choice of spin speed, this is beneficial in the summer, for example, when such an intense centrifugation of drying clothes is not necessary.

Dry Weather

The washing time will depend on several factors, including the type of clothing and intensity of dirt. Most machines will be chosen to enable quick cleaning parts which do not require a thorough cleaning.

Types of Dry

In general, divide the type of washing as manual or machine. But nowadays, people rarely take time to do a manual wash. Still, it is necessary to consider the specifics of washing for each type of clothing and this is mainly the fact that the pieces of clothing can be damaged irreversibly during poor washing.

So before you start washing the clothes, it is necessary to divide the pieces. This is done because the machine wash will be specific to particular type of clothes. There washes directed to parts of more sensitive clothing (such as underwear, for example), the heaviest parts (uniforms, jeans, coats), the duvets and blankets, shoes, and there are still special washes aimed remove stains. Already quick washes are the clothes that are not too dirty, or just have a strong odor.

Types of Programming

The washing programs are true tools in good practicality and efficiency washing machines. This is due to the fact that people have the freedom to customize their washes and choose what will be most beneficial for your needs at that time. The programs meet the diverse characteristics, including: quick wash, as quoted above, cleaning shoes, to shirts, smudge, pillows or blankets, jeans, dark clothes, clothes many dirty, etc.

Cleaning Performance

The cleaning performance relates primarily to efficiency than that demonstrated appliance to clean parts after washing. This is quite complicated to evaluate before purchasing the product. However, with the “National Labeling Program” Inmetro, you can see three dice that are the result of tests carried out by the agency. One of these corresponds to data washing efficiency, 1.0 indicating the maximum performance of the washing machine, it is recommended to choose a machine that has at least score above 0.8.

Energy consumption

At home, the washing machine is one of the items that can consume more energy. The label of the Inmetro, quoted above, also assists in the choice of products to enable a lower consumption. In this case, how many are given in kWh label are consumed per wash cycle. It is recommended to use less expensive equipment, which are included in categories A and B. Another way to save energy is to wash the maximum possible clothes at once and with cold water whenever possible.

Water consumption

Of course, the washer providing a greater economy than washes in tanks, for example. And today, the companies bring some features that promote greater economy. This is the case of water levels that fit the exact need of the moment and the reuse of water feature, which you can use for other home cleaning purposes: parking, bathrooms, floor, etc.

Review of the Best Washing Machines 2020 Clothing

We note the peculiarities of each washing machine: capacity, washing modes, special functions, economy, beyond the opinions of consumers who have already had experience with the products. Check out the conclusion of each of the washing machines:

Washing Machine 9kg Brastemp

The 8 Best Washing Machines - Updated January 2020

Characteristics of Washing Machines

This leaves the washer cleaner clothes with dual flush function. Also, there is the delicate cycle, which offers softness of agitation and centrifugation for greater care with the parts more sensitive clothes.

There is also the possibility of using the “Cycle stain remover”, which is shaped cleaning function more effectively the grimy clothes.

At the site shop Magazine Luiza, customers praise the machine efficiency, simplicity of resource use and compact size.

Clothes washer Brastemp 12Kg BWK12

The 8 Best Washing Machines - Updated January 2020

Characteristics of Washing Machines

Compact on the outside and big on the inside, this is the proposal of Clothes Washer Brastemp 12Kg BWK12, considers the complete basic brand.

With modern minimalist design in white and silver colors, this model has been developed to ensure maximum stain removal, through its six types of programs.

Among the main cycles, Advanced Stain removers, Antibolinhas Cycle and Cycle Duvet innovate in time to wash your household goods and clothes, protecting the fabrics while thouroughly.

Its multi dispenser allows the correct amount has been deposited inputs, such as liquid soap, powder softener and even it can be removed for washing.

Another exclusive Brastemp BWK12 12Kg Washing Machine is their antiallergic cycle, which adds more rinsing steps wash in order to remove any product residue cleaning fabrics, and hence reduce the risk of irritation to the skin.

Clothes Washer Electrolux 15kg

The 8 Best Washing Machines - Updated January 2020

Characteristics of Washing Machines

In addition to its capacity of 15 kg, the washing machine offers some benefits, such as filter “picks lint”, which keeps lint impregnate the clothes after washing.

There is also the key becomes easy, which allows parts from a machine with fewer wrinkles and hence allows to ease the time pass.

The machine also offers the dual flush function, cleaning shoes, the turbo button agitation and fast program (recommended for pieces of clothing that do not have a lot of dirt).

In all, 12 wash programs and intelligent soap dilution, which prevents the formation of stains.

Washing machine Consul 12kg

The 8 Best Washing Machines - Updated January 2020

Characteristics of Washing Machines

It is doing now that the Consul 12Kg CWH12 is among the best in the market washing machine, this because it brings efficiency with an easy and intuitive programming, ideal for those who do not want to waste time in the laundry room.

Starting with the amount of washing programs 16 are the total, allowing a specific treatment for each type of laundry and cleaning condition.

These programs come with functions aimed at water and energy saving, double rinse, little wear to heavily soiled, among other exclusives.

The panel contains the main information of each cycle, including the amount of water required for parts, making its very easy and convenient handling.

The extra easy dosing system that machine, ensures a saving of up to 70% powder, as all measures indicated in dispensers are ideal for a given amount of water and clothes.

Washing Machine Electrolux LAC11 10.5 kg

Characteristics of Washing Machines

The Electrolux Washing Machine LAC11 10.5 kg and allows very specific control settings for each wash, because it is possible to increase the speed of stirring or centrifugation.

Another novelty of Electrolux LAC11 is to prevent stains from excess waste products, as your dispenser, and is self-cleaning also dissolves soap and softener before direct contact with clothes.

The economy is another strong point of the Electrolux LAC11, because it allows the water used during the washing process to be reused in the way you prefer.

Bringing a large facility who can not waste time or priority You determine stages of washing, clothes washer Electrolux LAC11 enables the progress of the programming phase, as well as pause and return from where it left off when desired.

Panasonic washing machine 12 kg Na-f120b5ga

Characteristics of Washing Machines

With a modern color and intuitive dashboard, Panasonic Clothes Washer 12 kg Na-f120b5ga is an excellent choice for those seeking practicality time washing and durability of the product.

It comes with 9 programming functions for washing, including up clothes for baby and comforter.

It is also possible to control the water level by the panel, and move the washing steps.

With Clothes Washer Panasonic 12 kg Na-f120b5ga you can reuse water and other economic detail of this model is its consumption, which can reach 9.2 L / cycle / kg of water in a complete cycle.

Silent, Panasonic 12 kg Na-f120b5ga makes cumbersome process without bothering who is at home and can be used even at night while everyone sleeps.

Electrolux Washer 12kg

Characteristics of Washing Machines

The innovation of this washing machine consists of a filter capable of retaining lint that get the clothes after washed. Drying is also accelerated by Turbo Drying button.

It becomes easier the washing process due to the dispenser Multibox, a compartment where you can put all the necessary products for washing.

The machine features 12 wash programs, including specific programs for tennis and comforters. The soap is diluted before reaching the clothes due to Jet & Clean system.

This process prevents stains on the parts and the “AutoClean dispenser” is clean. Another interesting device of this machine is the technology Silent Control and Quiet Cycle program, which make it possible to wash in silence.

At the site shop Magazine Luiza, customers praise the fact that the machine is compact, silent, efficient and enable the reuse of water.

Also highlight the good product design and the ability to potentiate the effect of fabric softener.

Consul 8kg Facilitate Clothes Washer

Characteristics of Washing Machines

By reusing the water used for other purposes, this product provides a consul economic wash.

In all, 16 are offered flexible programs, including those targeted to according to the color of clothing, level of dirt and other tissue.

With regard to the more value, the machine further comprises washing the turbo function, which is capable of stirring most tissues without spoiling.

On the site Lojas Americanas, 87% of customers recommend the product mainly cited the effectiveness of cleaning the clothes.

What is the ideal capacity for your washing machine?

The washing machine’s capacity is one of the most important factors when buying. To make this decision, you should consider the number of people that are in a house, the types of items to be washed (blankets, sheets, towels), the material of the clothes to be washed (cotton, wool, synthetic material).

Moreover, one should not forget that before you start using the product, you need to carefully read the instruction manual. One of the mistakes that exist refers to the ability of the machine. A 10 kg capacity machine is not always capable of, in all washes, 10 kg of receiving any kind of clothing.

This will depend, for example, clothing material. cotton pieces can even be washed in a lot at the same time, however, the same is not true for other heavier materials. Other factors that may also influence this issue are dirt and the washing cycle. But relative to the size? What will be the one right for your living conditions? Of course this is a question, above all, very personal, because each person has a different routine and needs washing. However, we separate the capacity that are usually recommended for most number of people.

Washing Machine 6Kg

For singles who have a routine “standard” use of clothes, it is not necessary to purchase a machine with a large capacity, it is unlikely to be used in its entirety. In this case, it is more appropriate to use a washing machine with 6 kg, which is likely to be sufficient to meet the daily needs of that person.

Washing Machine 8kg

For couples or two people, 8 kg machine can be a good option as it is not so small. It is considered that this is in the “middle ground” between machines with large and small capacity.

Washing machine 10Kg to 12Kg

When thinking about the size of an average family (having 3 to 4 people), washing machines with a capacity of 10 kg and 12 kg are ideal. Of course, once again, this analysis will depend on each case. If it is a family that do not often use pieces of clothing as heavy or does not wash clothing frequently to 10 kg machine is the most appropriate. Meanwhile, the appliance of 12 kg makes it the ideal for a family that uses a lot of clothes or have very heavy parts (such as those for the winter, for example). In this case, it is to use the knowledge and common sense to make the most appropriate choice.

Washing machine 13kg

If this family of four also count children, it is to think about investing in another machine that has Kg available to deal with any setbacks.

Washing machine 15kg to 16kg

For homes with many people, in this case, we can include large families with children and also student republics, for example, it recommended the use of 15 kg machines. If there is room, this is the best option because in this situation, there will be more clothing and more costume changes, and also it is necessary to wash towels, sheets, pillow cases, etc. In this context, it is also recommended the machines with hot water option due to the usual spots in the clothes of children.

Washer 20 kg or more

For companies, which seek excellence in time to wash parts, and a machine with greater durability, it is recommended industrial washing machines, which usually have a capacity of 20 kg or more. Generally, these machines, which have a commercial purpose in the washes, offer more options of water levels, more intense speed and variety programs.

In the overall assessment, the washer that has more quality, which results in a good performance is the Electrolux 12 kg. This is because it adds elements that make the user’s everyday life much easier, convenient and efficient. Turbo Drying button enhances the drying of the garments and the special filter retains as unwanted lint from the clothes. Additionally, the machine offers 12 programs, even those that meet the most difficult tasks such as washing and tennis duvet. Customers who evaluated the machine also ensured that it complies with the promises of silent washing and reuse of water.

Frequently asked questions about Washing Machines

Now that you know a little more about the washing machines, questions arise about many other aspects. Is there a proper way to wash this appliance? What if my washer break clothes, worth repairing? Worth the cost-effective? Below, we answer these questions for you to make a purchase or repair much more conscious about their actions:

How to Clean Washing Machine

The cleaning of the washing machine is a very important process. Through this habit, it eliminates the undesirable accumulation of dirt in the equipment, such as lint, limos, cleaning products, limestone, and odors. Frequent cleaning of the appliance also aids in maintaining their long-term preservation.

If you find spots or white spots in the soap compartment, you must clean it. Once removed from the machine, the insert should be washed with water and vinegar, preferably using a brush for cleaning more efficient. If it is difficult to remove impurities, let the sauce accessory. Regarding the filter cleaning is carried out in the same manner. Some machines do not have the removable filter, for this case, must be made to maintain laundering.

Another useful procedure to maintain the cleanliness of the Washing Machine is periodically drying basket with a clean dry cloth. Routinely, it is also possible to sanitize the machine with a damp cloth and mild detergent. In this case, not to promote the appearance of mold, must be left open to ventilate the machine. It is important not to use abrasives in cleaning the machine or piece. In most machines, it is possible to perform maintenance wash carried out inside the appliance.

Repair Washing Machine

Being a product with several compartments, the concert of a washing machine is not always simple. And in this case, the question always remains really worth investing in concert. Overall, it is known, for example, that if the problem of the machine is the engine, there are cases where it is best to buy another product. But before you rush, it is recommended rather reflect on the history of problems that the machine is displayed. Would not you spend more money if you have to annually make a repair in the appliance? In this situation, it may be better to purchase a new item.

Used Washing Machine

Currently, the practice of buying used has been increasingly attached by the population, but in the case of washing machines, you need to think. The washing machine is a product of extreme necessity in routine. It is not superfluous, that is, people really need. Then, run the risk of making a purchase that will bring a regret in the future is not recommended. This is where the machines can become a problem. First point, there is no way to know the true history of product problems: what happened to this machine before purchasing – there. Second point, if the machine starts to cause problems, which will guarantee to? In many cases, people can remain unresolved for such a purchase situation.

Washing machine Loud

Hear a noise coming from the washing machine is perfectly normal. However, be aware of the sounds from the machine during operation is also required. This may indicate that something is not working as it should.

When there is failure in the machine drum bearing, there is a very loud noise at the time of centrifugation. If you rotate the drum manually and submit it sounds, it is likely that the bearings need to be replaced.

Other reasons that can cause intense noise in the washing machine are coins or other objects forgotten in clothes. There is also the possibility that the problem be in the machine drum. Maybe it’s time to ask the help of technical assistance.

Washing machine Silent

One of the technologies that satisfy most users today is the ability to decrease the noise of the appliances. This factor becomes even more relevant to people who share apartments and / or do not have a very regimented routine or for those who, for example, live in houses with terraced walls. So the big brands have already joined this trend, in the case of Electrolux and Samsumg.

Conclusion: Best Clothes Washer

Despite all the ranking options are worthy of their trust and then, as consumer satisfaction, separate the top two categories of the performance and cost effectiveness.

Of course, when buying always seek the one that best meets your goal, in this case, an efficient washing, however, among the main criteria that may also influence the choice of the product is its value.

Therefore, we present the best options according to their priority, whether functional or economic.

Best Washing Machine Clothes for performance

The latest model of Brastemp, the clothes washer Brastemp 12Kg BWK12 has been gaining momentum in sales and ratings to combine compactness with great efficiency.

In addition to perfectly fit any space, even in smaller apartments, for example, this minimalist version of Brastemp not fall short in the ability of clothes to wash, as well as in its technological resources to ensure a thorough cleaning.

With its intuitive panel is easy to select the best type of washing, the water level, the amount of rinses, including whether to move forward or pause the steps.

Another advantage of this model is its energy economy, since it has the seal Procel and spends only 0371 Kw / h.

There Voltage options 110V or 220V, as well as versions in white and silver.

It even comes with six types of programs, including the unique cycles of advanced spotter, antibolinhas, allergy, baby clothes, among others, aimed at protecting the color of the fabric or remove the dirt with more power.

The amount of detergent and fabric softener each type of wash is also shown in its multi removable dispenser.

Faced with so much technology in favor of a complete and economical washing, clothes washer Brastemp 12Kg BWK12 was considered the best washing machine for 2020 performance.

Best Washer Cost Benefit

For those seeking a more affordable option economically, but as efficient as Brastemp 12Kg BWK12, know that the Consul 12kg CWH12AB may be the ideal washing machine.

The panel with intuitive programming makes it easy to choose the best wash, and make the whole more practical and fast action.

It has 16 functions indicated for each type of clothing, the need for cleaning, even if the option is to save water or energy with fast and reuse cycles.

In addition to saving water and energy, with the Consul 12kg CWH12AB you also ensures more savings in the soap, as through its extra easy dosing system, all measures indicated in the dispenser result in a reduction of up to 70% of the product.

The Consul 12kg CWH12AB also leads in the category of sales figures, so because the brand is already established in the industry and known for the efficiency of their products.

So for anyone who prioritizes good price combined with the performance, Consul 12kg CWH12AB surely fulfill all expectations of consumption.

Currently on the market there are even more modern and advanced options, such as the Wash and Dry, which eliminate the need to extend the clothes, leaving them ready to spend and save.

If you want to know a little more this multifunction option, be sure to see also Guide to the Best lava and Drought 2020.

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