Top 10 Screwdrivers (Bosch, Black & Decker, Dewalt) 2020

Top 10 Screwdrivers (Bosch, Black & Decker, Dewalt) 2020

An essential tool that helps both small changes in decoration, as in great works of repair and construction is the screwdriver.

Whether for home or professional use, the screwdriver facilitates and speeds up the action of tightening and loosening screws, even some are multifunctional and can perform holes too.

Although the proposal is basically the same, each screwdriver brand brings features that make their use safer, ergonomic and practical.

In view of this, we selected the highlight of market models, both in performance and technology, to direct you in the ideal choice, according to your needs.

See now, the ranking with the best 2020 screwdrivers and more operational details and specifications of each version.

Best Screwdrivers 2020

Among the brands most popular screwdriver, Black + Decker, Bosch, DeWalt, Philco, Vonder, Tramontina and Mondial stand out among the number of purchases, positive evaluations, in addition to the technical characteristics present in each version.

In this ranking we have more basic models, laptops until meant for professional use in construction; i.e., directions for each need and preference.

For a good performance of the screwdriver also emphasize some criteria that will help you in the decision between these 10 models references category.

Review of Best Screwdrivers 2020

Acquire an effective product that complies with satisfaction the proposed objective, is certainly what all people look for when choosing the ideal screwdriver.

And for this, some care is essential, for example, know the technical characteristics, type of operation, in addition to the opinions of other users.

If you get here before the purchase, already on the right track, after all, ensuring all information on this tool, the final decision will be much safer and more accurate.

Therefore, we detail each model listed in the ranking through the sheet, opinion of users, and other essential data for you to know everything you need for your choice.

Screwdriver: Choice Criteria

Not only is the value that should be prioritized when choosing which screwdriver take home, after all, no point in taking a product cheaper or more expensive, without really knowing for what purpose is more appropriate.

The change in shape, size and extra features can even direct the choice, but knowing each attribute is what will make their use more efficient and satisfactory.

In view of this, we select the main criteria that make a difference in the use of the screwdriver, between them, the power, ergonomics, torque capacity and speed, the power source and the items that can accompany the tool.

In addition, we differentiate each type of screwdriver, since we can characterize them into three categories as discussed below.


Here we highlight the three most common types of screwdrivers, which can meet different usage expectations.


The power screwdriver directly reflected in its ability to tighten and loosen the screws in different materials.

Given this, when more robust and rigid surface is, the more power is expected screwdriver.

For home use, versions from 3V to 12V is enough; already for activity from 20V.


A very important factor in choosing your screwdriver is its ergonomics, after all, you can spend a few long minutes holding this tool, which can cause uncomfortable physical, if it is not adapted this criteria.

And of course, weight rely heavily on the use more comfortable and safe this tool, its material is also of utmost importance.

Prioritize screwdrivers with rubberized coating or strips, which help to hold the object firmly.

The L-shaped also helps with handling more practical and comfortable the screwdriver, however, there are working models that can be used both in this format, the straight shape.

Already on the weight aconselhemos screwdrivers less than 2kg couple household, which prevents fatigue or discomfort of the hand and arm.

Torque capacity and Rotation

In addition to power, another feature that influences the tightening of efficiency is its ability to torque and rotation.

Torque is nothing more than the force exerted on the screw, so if you need to use the screwdriver in more robust surfaces, prioritizes the torque capacity.

RPM (Rotation Per Minute) refers to the speed of the applied rotation. It must be more comprehensive, if your need is to use different structures and different drills.

Power supply

The power supply options of a screwdriver can be via cable or battery.

The wired are more suitable for those using the screwdriver for a long continuous period and can not interrupt work. Ideally, they have more than two meters of wire.

Already screwdrivers battery can be separated into two categories:

Ensure a complete kit to make service and maintenance with the screwdriver may be an attractive option, after all, there are several models that offer items included, among other features that can make its use even more versatile and efficient.

Screwdrivers with bits, drills or accompanying bags are common even in portable option.

Longer versions with extra features, such as LED, are more suitable for professional use. The LED light helps those working in low lighting.

What is the Best 2020 Screwdriver?

Even with the professional use of the name, the tightening of Dewalt DCD776c2 can be used in a very convenient in domestic affairs, as the ease and ergonomics of handling.

In addition to high power 20v, this tool has a speed that reaches 1500rpm rotation. Since its torque is 42nm.

With drill function, it ensures the execution of holes in more rigid structures, practice and quickly.

For more efficiency, this model comes with a second battery, which ensures a prolonged use.

Its ergonomic shape and weight of 3.79kg reinforce the quality of this parafuseira impact, which undoubtedly successfully fulfill his proposal, whether professional or domestic.

Amid all these technological qualities, functional and ergonomic, the Dewalt DCD776c2 is the best 2020 parafuseira.

Tips Using the screwdriver

In addition to ensuring a quality screwdriver between these options we have outlined in the guide, some usage tips can enhance their efficiency.

These instructions are more suitable for home use, as the professional will know well how to use this tool.

Since these tips certainly its services with the screwdriver will be much more useful and practical.

Do not forget to wear gloves and goggles in order to avoid possible accidents.

The packaging suitable tool this results in greater durability, so do not let it spread along with other tools. Have a specific location, either a briefcase or box in order to ensure the integrity of all parts.