The 6 Best Non-Stick Frying Pans For Your Kitchen In 2020

The 6 Best Non-stick frying pans for your kitchen in 2020

For those who are riding the new house, you know that kitchen items are always something to research a lot before buying, as well as choose the best nonstick skillet.

The pans are essential items in a house so whenever you invest in such product, we must search not to throw money away, and buy what you know is best for your day to day.

Best Nonstick Pans 2020

To set the time of purchase, and choose the best non-stick frying pan and cooking without worry, there are some tips that may be considered at the time of purchase.

Each pan is made of a different material, and to better understand to what each one serves, one must consider their purposes.

Also, you need to know the value if you want to spend on the product.

Below is the list separated with the best options in the market.

The best non-stick frying pan should be chosen according to the needs of everyday life, but are indispensable items in a kitchen.

They are easy to clean and serve to cook a multitude of recipes.

It is worth noting that each of these options has different characteristics and purposes. Here they appear listed in that way, as are some of the market that stand out and are on the list of the best non-stick skillet.

When such a table, it is easy to know what that suit best to their daily lives, and which product among these will make a difference in your kitchen.

What Compare the Best Non-stick frying pans?

Some criteria should be considered when choosing, so check the skillet materials is important, as well as better understand how each product works.

The best non-stick frying pan Teflon, for example, stands out as one of the best known materials.

This type of product, there is a layer that prevents food from sticking to the surface of the pan, and thus there is no need to use oil in time to prepare a meal.

Already the iron pans are quite common and have many models available in the market.

They are traditional items, which bring many health benefits, and are very popular. The release of iron is absorbed by the body to help prevent anemia.

O Material

Pans with non-stick made of pottery are another option. Technology they are ideal for those who are concerned about health care.

The best non-stick frying pan made of ceramic material does not have any metal in its composition, so the risk of contamination is zero.

The stainless steel present in pans, usually has good durability, and can easily be brought to the oven (in most cases).

To be an excellent material for heat distribution, heat food evenly and quickly and is great for preparing fish, poultry and meats.

The size

The ideal size can vary as well, depending on the routine and needs of each person. But the fundamental when choosing the best non-stick frying pan the ideas sizes for each type of preparation.

The pans that are larger and deeper, for example, can be used to prepare soups, paellas, fish stew, and other more liquid meals and requiring more ingredients.

Another important item when choosing the size of the non-stick frying pan is best to consider how many meals are made.

For a family of 4, for example, it is necessary to consider that will cook food in an amount slightly higher.

Therefore, the larger sizes of pans can be recommended.

O weight

Prefer the lightweight models skillet, which are less than 1 kilo.

This makes it easy to cook using only one hand if you need to mix ingredients shaking the pan.

Not to mention that lightweight pots end up giving more freedom to cook.

You can find in the market as well as the best non-stick skillet, those models with cover, which can be very useful for both the preparation and for storage.

But you should know that during the preparation of the meal, you need to avoid lifting the lid, this causes heat to be lost, and the food can take a little longer to cook.

Type of stove

Another important item out is your kind of stove.

Each pan is best suited according to each type of call.

The gas stoves and electric are most popular, but today there are also glass-ceramic hob and induction.

For those who have these last two stove models that are more modern, you need to check if the pots and pans are compatible.

There are some models, for example, that are not recommended for stove induction.

How all this technology in the best nonstick skillet, there are also those that can be brought to the oven.

What can be a great option for those who will make a recipe that will fire the oven, so no need to use more than a pot or pan.

Pans made of ceramic, iron or stainless steel, are the most common material that usually go into the oven, but we must be careful, in case they have plastic handle. In this case the oven is not their place.

Below is a list to compare the main features nonstick skillet best of our top 6.

Review of Best Nonstick Pans 2020

As has been said, every pot has specifications and criteria to choose the best non-stick frying pan is each person.

But in the ranking below, you will give a little more about each of the models apart. Follow.

What is the best non-stick frying pan?

Among the models that were presented, the best non-stick frying pan frying pan 2020 is the triple bottom stainless steel Tramontina.

It is one of this list models is free from any substance that is toxic and has a number of other positive characteristics.

Tramontina is very traditional in creating products for the kitchen, and it is little wonder that it is in various positions of this ranking.

Therefore, the best of non-stick frying pan list was also made by her, which could not be otherwise.

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In the case of the frying pan stainless steel triple bottom, there are no problems with the preparation of meals, as the food does not glued to the bottom of the pot.

This is composed of three distinct layers, being a stainless steel, aluminum and stainless steel in the middle again and leaving the reinforced bottom.

This type of technology in the background, is what makes the heat distribution is well made, providing rapid and uniform cooking, favoring energy saving, including helping to keep the food temperature longer.

The cable is anatomical and has the coating made of silicone, which helps to avoid burns, and is super comfortable handling.

What is the best non-stick frying pan for money?

Who takes this place it is also skillet stainless steel triple bottom.

Having all these benefits it can be found for certain R $ 150.00 which makes it a great investment because of all that it provides.

Investment in a pot that is resistant, cook well and is durable, it is essential when making their choices.

There is no point buying a frying pan that is too little cockroach and it does not meet the needs of the house or for a short time.

Choose the best nonstick skillet all and still has the best value is the ideal to save and have a quality product at home.

What is the best brand nonstick skillet?

Tramontina who leads the best nonstick skillet ranking also gains in this regard.

It is on the market for over a century and is traditional in producing and creating products and kitchenware at the best prices in the market and technologies.

In addition, the brand is able to provide guarantee of several years, for the vast majority of its products.

What further ensures consumer confidence in their products.

Care should be taken to the skillet outlast

After choosing the best nonstick skillet you need to know how to maintain it and keep longer.

After all it is an investment that you are making.

The first step then in that case, is to keep in mind the type of material from which it is made and then your jacket when the pan has.

Since most people do not read the manual of the products, in this case you need to know what type of material your own skillet.

Usually a frying pan can have more of a substance in its composition, as well as their manufacturing materials.

There are some combinations may require different care, so we must be alert.

While these combinations there are, in most cases, care should be taken to care for the best non-stick frying pan are:

Always use spoons and utensils that are made of wood or plastic on the non-stick;

Wash the pan with the soft side of the sponge not to wear or damage to the coating;

Before using the new skillet is necessary to read the instructions, because there is the need to heal the anti-stick there in the pan.

This process is important and helps ensure product quality, bringing more durability.

Do not heat above the recommended frying temperature in the manual, it can damage both the cable, when the coating.

Why invest in a quality frying pan?

After so much talk about the best non-stick frying pan and its qualities, it is important to know why you should invest in this type of product.

Knowing how to choose the best product in any area can lead to various types of flooring, especially when it comes to values ​​when they are too high.

When investing in a skillet that has quality, it is necessary to consider whether it will last at least five years.

If the recommendation or warranty of the product is equal to, or greater than this, then it is worth the investment, and this can make a difference in your pocket, since no one buys pan every day.

Previously, when the first non-stick products were launched, pans offer more risks than benefits, since most of the substances used in this technology, at the time, were harmful to the human body.

Currently most companies have changed this, and Teflon is one of the brands most famous non-stick, withdrew its composition substance called PFOA, which potentially caused any harm to the body.


With all that we have seen, it is important to emphasize the importance of always searching for items that you put in the kitchen.

Both in relation to food, when compared to products that will prepare your meal.

Pot and pan is serious and should not be purchased at random without any care.

Even if you have no money to invest in the best nonstick skillet, you can choose one that also has a lower cost, but it is not harmful to health.

Search for products that can make life easier in our day to day is essential, since they give us health and is not a hole in our budget, it can be purchased with balance.

What can not is to spend too much with guys that do not add value and not any quality of life for our well-being.

So if you are looking for quality products that have to renew the vessels of your kitchen, start with the best non-stick frying pan can be a route to transform routine and go on to have a healthier diet in every way.