The 7 Best Tanquinhos To Have His Laundry In 2020

The 7 Best tanquinhos To have His Laundry in 2020

Washing clothes is one of the most arduous tasks among home care, however, increasingly technological advances facilitate and optimize this procedure, which in most Brazilian homes, is done exclusively through tanquinhos or modern machinery.

The work and time dispensed for manual laundry or compares to mechanized method through these appliances, after all, just put the clothes inside with the soap, and they do all the work in a few minutes.

In addition to the convenience and efficiency of these features, there are some differences that should be prioritized for choosing the best option for your home. The first is just the difference between the machine and abs.

In general, the main advantage of six pack on the machine is the economy. Whether in relation to the time of purchase or during use, this appliance is ideal for anyone who values ​​the contention for resources, including water, soap and energy.

The space occupied by the six pack is also much smaller compared to machines, so who has a smaller laundry, you might consider this option.

Now that you know what’s the big advantage of this appliance for washing clothes, how about knowing the best six pack of 2020 and its main features to ensure a quality result ?!

Enjoy this guide and its variety of options in tanquinhos and facilitate the tasks of your day to day with more savings, ergonomics and technology.

Best tanquinhos 2020

The level of the structure and approval of consumers to ensure tanquinhos brands Colormaq, Praxis, Arno, Suggar and Mueller, the highlight in this ranking.

With essential features and technologies to more efficient results, these seven tanquinhos are also selling leaders in virtual retail sites.

Knowing about each model can further help you in choosing the best abs 2020, so be sure to check the technical details and other information based on customer reviews below.

Review of Best tanquinhos 2020

For the compilation of the best 2020 tanquinhos we follow the capacity criteria, infrastructure, washing modules; and of course, the buyers’ valuations.

Since the six-pack is an option for those who want to save even need an appliance that behave heavier clothes and dirty, it is noteworthy, too, that many people use associated with the machine, or a dryer, for example.

The trick is to hit the clothes in the six pack and finish machine wash. This action, according to many housewives, enhances the cleaning and makes the results look like a manual washing, detailed and deep.

Despite the drying or spin effect not be common among tanquinhos, there are already more modern models with this step, which avoids the use of other appliances and mainly the action of twisting the hand clothes.

Want to know more about the operation and advantages of the best 2020 tanquinhos, then check out this list.

Tanquinhos: Choice Criteria

Tanquinhos the options are as varied as the benefits provided by this appliance on a daily basis.

Just like any other product, for the choice result in much satisfaction; you need to combine your daily needs with the features of each model in this way, will certainly guarantee a six pack that meets all your expectations.

Among these needs, both the clothes to be washed at a time, as well as the types of clothes, fabrics and how they becomes dirty; much influence on the purchase the perfect six pack.

In view of this, these and other criteria need to be more rigorously evaluated for their decision resulting in the acquisition of the best six pack 2020.

Capacity Kg

The ability of clothes by kilos of six pack is the first feature that should be defined.

There tanquinhos supporting 2-15 kg of clothes. This number is related to the amount of laundry can be introduced at once.

Modes washes

The amount of washing modes reflects a lot on the types of clothes that will be subjected to this process.

thicker clothes, delicate, dirtier or even duvet require much water, time and different drives.

In this ranking, most have shown tanquinhos 3 to 8 washes levels; some even comes with unique options sauce and centrifugation.

These modes also interfere in the consumption of water, soap and energy, so it is worth investing in tanquinhos with economic or fast modes, for example.

Consumption of water and energy

To accomplish this purpose, the six pack is more economical than the washing machine, some data must be taken into note, when choosing the ideal model for your needs.

Most tanquinhos, already has the technical characteristics, both water and energy spent during a normal or complete cycle, for example.

These numbers vary from 40 to 160 liters; and the electricity is from 0.9 to 0.16 kWh; according to the models presented in this guide.

Of course this water level is directly related to the ability of clothes that supports six pack, but even so, in order to effect the economy of the product proposal, worth pay attention to these numbers before purchase.

The latest tanquinhos come with functions similar to washing machines, as some models have to spin.

Among the extra features that make the differential effectiveness of tanquinhos, plus the spin option, we can highlight the debris filter, timer, dispensers to dilute soap and water drainage.

All these advantages leverage cleaning of clothes and practicality of six pack, however, if you choose a more basic version, associate your function with a dryer will be an excellent alternative.

Difference between washer and abs

In addition to the economy, as already mentioned in this guide, other differences of these two appliances, which have the same purpose, can direct even more your decision, if you still have doubt what the best for your needs.

The six-pack has more robust and cleaning of clothing is made by moving the turbine and corrugations in the wall.

It uses the flow of water and the friction between the parts to remove any dirt from the fabric fibers, which ensures greater protection and care of the clothes.

With more affordable value and less water costs, energy and soap, six pack is also more compact, ideal for smaller laundries.

Since the machine is a more complete item and therefore more expensive. Currently there is still the “Wash and Dry,” which already makes the clothes ready to wear immediately.

In addition to more wash options and centrifugation, washing machines tend to be more practical, eliminating manual actions such as the introduction and evacuation of water.

Generally use vortex systems and DWS for washing.

For an even more powerful result, many people use these two appliances together, combining the main features and completing the entire washing process.

What is the best abs?

Being able to wash 15 kg of clothing at once, spending little water and energy makes Lavamax Eco Suggar the best six pack 2020.

It also combines the greatest hitter of the category to its high power 500w, ensuring a deep clean in no time.

With modern and exclusive black design, this six pack usually spend only 0,12kWh / cycle and still has the water reuse function to effect once its purpose economy.

The Lavamax Eco Suggar also features the extra features lint filter, timer with scheduling, drainage system and dispensers for soap dilution.

With six wash programs and three sauce, this six pack meets the most varied needs, while preserving your clothes throughout the washing process.

Best abs money

If the criterion of your choice exclusively includes the price, here we select the best six pack 2020 for money, with much more affordable value, while preserving the same efficiency prioritized in this guide.

In this category, the Tanquinho Colormaq New Pioneer outperforms its competitors, both in much more affordable price as in their functionality.

Despite having only 2.7 kg of clothes, its efficiency and speed in the process equivalent to the capacity of a larger, for example.

Another strong feature of this six pack is the economy in the consumption of energy and water, which at the end of the month will make an even greater positive difference to their benefit cost. It spends on average 0.016 kWh / cycle in normal and up to 72 liters of water.

The six wash programs, including delicate clothing, light clothing, normal, heavy, extra heavy and rinse contribute to the preservation of pieces and quality fabrics.

The compact format of the New Pioneer optimizes the space of a washerwoman and facilitated panel provides a fast handling and accessible to anyone.

Just as the six pack of Suggar, this also has lint filter, trapping waste of clothing and small objects, dispensers to avoid possible stains on clothing to dilute the soap with water and pre-timer to control the time of each wash.

Certainly, after this information is easy to choose the best six pack of 2020. After that, how about completing your laundry with other appliances that will further facilitate the process of washing the clothes ?!

Many people associate the use of tanquinhos to washing machines or dryers, but if you want a result of professional laundry, the joint use of these devices may be the great solution.

Advantage and also choose the best washing machine, dryer and wash and dry 2020!