The 7 Best Trimmers Those To Buy In 2020

The 7 Best Trimmers those to Buy in 2020

Among the hygiene, beauty and wellness, there is a procedure which no doubt is present in the daily lives of every man, trim the beard and the other.

Given this need, often daily, the search industry provide methods more and more practical and effective in order to facilitate this routine even optimize people’s time.

Among these options, the trimmer by electric stands out for its efficiency and multifunctionality, after all, beyond the beard, it is possible to remove the nose, eyebrow, ear, among other regions.

While many confuse the the trimmer with the razor, know that there are many differences.

To learn about even how to choose an ideal trimmer and how best market option, be sure to check each detail below.

Best Trimmers By 2020

Leaders in positive sales and ratings of users, shavers brands Mondial, Philips, Philco and Multilaser also surprise in the category technology and performance.

In addition to efficiency, these instruments prize for the care of the skin, so that any procedure performed, is ending, outlining or reducing the volume of the hair, always has a lot of security and comfort.

To ensure more information about these seven highlights of trimmers category also check the operating details and specifications of each model in the review.

Review of Best Trimmers By 2020

Despite all the sideboards to follow the same proposal, each brand brings unique features that can make the difference at the time of shaving.

The first tip to choose an efficient trimmer is to analyze its technical characteristics, according to your uses.

An example is those who prefer only reduce the volume of beard, without worrying about finishing and contour details, for these people, a sideboard with 10mm comb is enough.

Now for those looking for a shave in more detail and precision, the multigroom type models, which have various accessories they are best suited.

Choose criteria: By Trimmer

Knowing the fundamental characteristics that make it a trimmer for efficient and practical can guarantee very pleased with the choice of your product.

Even if the goal is one, to reduce the face or other regions, it is worth checking the attributes, each model features, beyond their differences in extra features.

Among the main, it is worthwhile to pay attention to the types of adjustment, battery life, charging time, it is resistant to water, among others.

Height adjustment

This ability to adjust the cutting length is ideal for those who like to vary the look, after all, it is possible to maintain a full beard, closer shave even contouring and finishing the goatee and mustache.

The setting ranges from 2 to 10 mm, which provides various types of length, such as from 2 to 3mm for those who prefer a beard thinner and more volume to 10mm.

Power cable or battery

This feature is also very important to ensure convenience and efficiency for even trimming the hair.

The models alimentandos cable, or wire has to be connected to the outlet to use, have the advantage of the fact that never let you down, after all, simply plugs them energy and longer work instantly. The durability of these items are also considered major. However, the wire can be a nuisance both for transportation, and the inability to use it in the shower.

Already the models via battery can be used for bathing, since this is a very frequent preference of men, for that time, with the contact with water, the pores are more dilated and facilitates the act. Its disadvantage is the unloading, which can be faster, interrupting the action.

A tip is to give preference to models with a battery, but that operate during load connected to its outlet. Avoid models plunder seen the burden of disability.

Battery life

If the option is for a wireless trimmer, be sure to analyze the autonomy of the battery, in order to ensure a device that enables a whole shave without charging it during the procedure.

Usually, a man takes no more than 1 hour to perform this care, so dressers with up to 1 hour load are ideal and the most recommended ,.

If autonomy is less, prioritize a sideboard that has fast loading or operating plugged in during replacement of the battery.

Water resistance

As stated above, some men prefer to trim hair when bathing, so water-resistant devices are essential.

In addition, this feature waterproof ensures durability to accessories, since most of the time they are placed in moist environment, such as bathrooms.

Cleaning these items resistant to water it is also facilitated because simply place them under running water to remove any residue.

removable or fixed head

The dressers with removable head are generally known as multigroom, which are the ones that come with accessories that excutam different functions, such as trimming the ear, nose, eyebrow, etc.

Despite this advantage, including, for easy cleaning, these devices have increased wear caused by the constant changing of accessories.

Already fixed the head, although more durable have the limitation of offering only one functionality and cleaning can be a bit more complicated than the other version.


The power of these electric trimmers directly influences the speed, which he cuts the hair.

The rule is simple and clear, the greater the power, faster and more efficient will be your sideboard.

Models from 6W already have a great performance, so it is worth prioritizing beyond this range.


The design of the trimmers is similar to a hair cutting machine, including its operation, however, depending on the brand, some formats can bring advantages that offer improved ergonomics and convenience in handling.

There thinner models, for a more detailed footprint, as well as larger, for those who have too much volume of beard.

The weight is also essential in this regard, as it will be a few long minutes holding the device.

Trimmers to 300 grams are already considered more ergonomic.

Difference between the trimmer and shaver

The trimming and shaving devices have a similar proposal to reduce the facial hair with more security and practicality, however, there are differences between these features as outlined below.

Remember that there are very innovative products, which is a 2 in 1 trimmer and shaver. They have removable heads that can be exchanged for external blades of the trimmers, as well as for the wheels of the razor, following your preferences and needs.

What’s Best For Trimmer 2020?

With a long battery life, fast loading and still 10 functions in one, the trimmer by Super Groom Mondial deserves highlight in our guide.

It comes with 10 cards, among them, four dressers, 1 and 5 microbarbeador cutting combs for trimming and styling the hair of the body, even one of them can be adjusted up to 16 levels high.

Its base is rechargeable, ie, in addition to organizing accessories will completing the battery for greater use efficiency.

The stainless steel blades provide a close cut combined with a soft touch.

The battery has a greater autonomy of the category are continuous 90 minutes, another advantage is that loading which is also much faster compared to other models, only 2 hours.

In the beard trimming it is possible by other parts of the body such as the nose, ear, chest, armpits among others.

Its design ensures optimum contour the face and body bends, which enhances their power and efficiency even in the most difficult regions.

It also has a light that indicates the charge level, making it even easier handling.

For all this multi-functionality and especially because of the many positive indications of users, the trimmer Super Groom Mondial is the best of 2020.

What is the best trimmer Brand For?

All brands that entered our ranking, Mondial, Philips, Philco and Multilaser are considered excellent choices for always bring unique capabilities and much technology in their products.

Among them, Philips stands out in this market due to the variety of options, which serves various audiences.

With more affordable versions, up to the highest level of price and technology, Philips is considered a pioneer in this field trimmers, shavers and electric shavers.

Due to the preferences and priorities different needs of each user, have a brand that is attentive to every feature and customer profile, no doubt, makes all the difference.

In means of all these factors, we consider the Philips brand in the best dressers category by.

Although we indicate a version of the Mondial as the best of 2020, be aware that if your choice was one of three models of Philips showing up, make sure that satisfaction will also be the result of his decision.