The 8 Best Brushes Trowels – 2020 Analysis

The 8 Best brushes Trowels – 2020 Analysis

With options for all tastes and pockets, this ranking brings the selection of the 2020 best wiper brushes, based on the technical characteristics of each device and recommendations of buyers.

The Philco brands, Mondial, Gamma gained prominence due to the quality of the materials and technology used for health and beauty of the wires.

Already YDTECH besides these benefits also has the advantage of cost benefits, allowing access to this resource facilitator of everyday life is possible for everyone.

Review of the best brushes 2020 smoothers

Smoothing and shine as combing their hair, this proposal looks more like a dream is now a reality through the wiper brush.

Currently there are two types of this eletroportatil, that only smoothes and another that dry and smooth.

The electric toothbrush that has only smooth system similar to the flat iron. The ceramic plates transmit heat to the hair, however, the bristles allow for a more natural effect to the hair. In this version is not recommended go to wet hair.

The most complete already dry and smooth through a hot air emission system. Ideal for modeling and streamline the beautification process, and dispense with the use of dryers.

Whatever your choice, certainly appeal to a model of this guide, the result is the same: quality, satisfaction and smoother hair.

Criteria of Choice: School Straightening

Although the proposal is the same in most of the versions presented in this ranking, which is the smooth, some models have advantages more, it is worth analyzing.

Drying function, temperature regulation, base material, power and weight of the product can facilitate and optimize the smoothing process.

According to your preferences and needs, is to reduce the preparation time, treat wires as smooth or even for a more natural result, some features are decisive for this choice. See what the main!


In addition to smoothing, this type of brush can come with another feature, the dry. This extra feature further facilitates the wire beautification process.

To dispense with the use of the dryer, the time to prepare the hair is reduced, including its handling is much more practical.

In one process with the convenience of just combing the wires, you already obtains a result of dry and smoother hair.


The basis of these brushes usually comes in material similar to that of the iron, such as ceramics and tourmaline.

These types of materials ensure uniform heat distribution, protecting the health of wires and appearance.

Since the bristles should be soft in order to not harm the scalp.


To ensure a smooth end to the yarn, the ideal is that the heat transmitted by the apparatus is between 80 ° and 230 °.

This variation is due to hair type and the desired end result, which is recommended temperature of 80 ° to 200 ° for thinner wires and sensitized and from 200 ° to thicker and voluminous.

The brushes have the temperature setting allow greater control of the type of result and straightening time. more natural effects seek lower temperatures, as is the preference for the smoother and faster process temperatures from 200 °.

Weight and size

Brushes with less than 500 grams allow an easier, comfortable and ergonomic handling, as the need to comb strand by strand with one hand.

This weight limit also influences the object of transport in bags and suitcases, as its practicality is ideal for post-gym times, to touch up during the work and those quick trips that do not require a lot of luggage.

The format also interferes in these areas, but its main applicability is in the range of fuses.

more rounded brushes tend to capture more wires, speeding the smoothing process. The narrower cover fewer wires, but come close to the root of the hair and are also more recommended for short hair.


The power associated with the temperature will lead wire straightening time.

Generally these wiper brushes have an average of 25 to 60W of power, however, some models can reach 1000W, such as the Soft Brush Philco, due to its drying function.

The basic rule will, the more power, the faster the process, however, the greater the consumption of electricity.

Difference between the wiper brush and the rotatable brush

Many people still confuse these two appliances, the wiper brush and rotating.

Both have similar characteristics, especially the wiper brushes, which come with the drying function, but the result of each process can be quite different.

The rotating brush performs the smoothing, by a rotation system with the emission of hot air. This rotation not only smooth but also, Modeling wires inside or outside, according to his preference.

This move, according to the beauty professionals also gives more shine to the hair.

Already straightening brushes, as detailed in this article, transmit heat through its ceramic base, but can also emit hot air to dry, but have no rotation system for different modeling hair.

The use of rotating brushes shaping requires a bit more skill, in order to prevent tangling of the yarns during the rotation, for example.

The straightening brushes are considered easier to handle, because its process is just combing the wires.

Difference between the wiper brush and flat iron

Despite having the same material at the base for transmission of heat to the hair, the result of smoothing trowel brush, compared to the flat iron are extremely different.

The brush wiper enables a more natural effect, reducing the volume and taking brands mooring, frizz and curl. Its great advantage over the flat iron is the practicality, process agility and especially increased protection to the hair.

The flat iron, as the name says, brings a smooth appearance stoned to any type of hair, as the wire has a much more direct contact with the two heat equipment bases. In addition to more straight hair with a flat iron it is also possible to model clusters ensuring a similar result to the curling iron.

The hairdressers usually recommend wiper brush for finer hair, sensitized or less defined curls. Since the taps have the ability to smooth since the thicker and curly wires.

wiper brush what better?

Given both the operating criteria, material, temperature, power, weight and shape as well, because it has the largest number of sales and recommendations of the category, the Soft Brush Philco was considered the best brush wiper 2020 in this guide.

The unsurpassed power, reaching the 1000W ensures faster straightening up to three types of temperatures and two speeds.

In addition to smoothing, this brush still dry hair, through a hot air emission system, which also comes and takes care of the wires.

The bristles with cold ends protect and massaging the scalp in each stride, including the 360 ​​° swivel cord allows easy and safe handling.

Soft Brush with the Philco is possible to dry and straighten your hair, avoiding the use of two appliances, the dryer and flat iron, ensuring significant savings in time and also money.

Best wiper brush money

The cheapest market also does not lack in efficiency and quality of the result.

The Electric Brush YDTECH has differential, which can provide excellent effects, mainly due to its shape.

Like a comb, brush YDTECH comes closest to the root of the hair, unlike other formats that have this access more difficult.

Its dimensions are more compact and lightweight ideal for transporting totes discreetly and easily.

Temperature control is also a big plus, since this feature allows the smoothing in various types of hair too quickly.

To complete your pro-beauty care, some procedures and products are ideal for both beginning and for the completion of the smoothing and shaping of hair.

In order to ensure better health and protection of wires, hairdressers and other aesthetic professionals recommend using heat shields before using appliances such as wiper brush, for example.

In addition to avoiding the direct and excessive heat in the wires, these guards enable more shine and softness. When associated with ceramic materials, tourmaline or titanium brushes, this benefit is enhanced.

At the end of the process, reparative oils tend to further seal the cuticle of the wires, reducing creepy, popularly known as frizz even prolong the effect of more hydrated and silky hair.

Although the materials of these products having technological benefits that do not harm the wires, to further enhance this care, recommends the use of these accessories moderate, especially if the hairs are thinner and sensitized.

Takes this inspiration in care with wires and complete the preparation kit of choosing the best hair dryers, flat irons and curling iron in 2020.