The 4 Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners For Your Home In 2020

The 4 Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners For Your Home in 2020

Every day, technological innovation reaches our homes in the form of appliances, electronics and many other devices that bring more comfort, practicality and ease the routine of everyday life.

An item that is gaining popularity and is very well this modern reality is the vacuum cleaner robot.

Who never imagined a future where robots replace us in household chores ?! That future is already part of everyday life for many people, who today use smart features to optimize free time.

Is the lack of time, or even because they do not enjoy the routine household chores, a vacuum cleaner robot can be very effective to keep always clean, eliminating manual work with brooms, upright vacuums and mops with cloths.

The autonomy of this equipment ensures even the cleaning is done at the time that the house is empty, as many models have routes, schedules and program modes.

Due to the convenience and efficiency of robot vacuum cleaners, the market for this item has been growing more and more, enabling the emergence of several options, from the most basic versions as well, multifunctional and A.I models (Artificial Intelligence).

If you search for a cleaning aid of your home, that works in a practical way, autonomous and efficient, will surely find among one of the models below, what you look for in terms of functions, values ​​and design.

To learn more about this revolutionary equipment, know the details of the best robot vacuum cleaners 2020 and choose the one that meets your expectation.

Best robot vacuum cleaners 2020

These four options were elected the best robot vacuum cleaners in 2020 due to several factors, such as battery life, capacity, extra features and also, according to the recommendations of the consumers themselves.

With diversity in functions, design and especially in values, these robots vacuum cleaners cater to different preferences and consumer needs, so it is worth pay attention to deta each model to determine the best for your home.

Review of the best vacuum robot 2020

In this guide there are robots that aspire to sweep, even some who go to autonomously cloth and very practical.

With every release, new features emerge that aim to improve the efficiency of office equipment, including, optimize its functions, such as robots antibacterial, which in addition to remove dust, sterilize the environment, ideal for those with respiratory or pets problems at home .

One of the factors that limits access to such eletroportatil is the value, since many rely on software, A.I among other features that make its use more autonomous and personalized.

Remember also that there are more basic versions, which even requires more direct interference for your use, as put in the position, dodge objects, among others; these tend to be cheaper.

Regardless of the model chosen, be aware that the warranty is more free time to do what you like, and less hassle with homework.

Criteria of Choice: Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The rule is simple; the more intelligent features the robot cleaner has, more efficient, autonomous and satisfying it will be to their daily lives.

Despite this factor, some models prioritize certain attributes more than others, so it is worth checking each criteria in order to prioritize what interests you most.

What will actually interfere with their use in everyday life are the features battery life techniques, container storage capacity of waste aspirated filter presence, compactness, noise and of course some extra features.

Battery Life

This feature is essential to effect the autonomy of the robot cleaner. The greater the battery life will be more comprehensive operation and hence faster finish cleaning the house.

Most models have an average duration of 60 to 120 minutes of battery life, which allows sanitize homes up to 100m² at once.

Recharge time is another important factor of this item, as many devices return to where you left off the vacuum, so that the load is completed, speeding up the completion of the cleaning process.

waste storage capacity

Though they look compact, these robots vacuum cleaners usually have a reservoir with well ample storage capacity.

This number varies from 350 ml to 6l, according to the model chosen.

This ability also influences the autonomy of the unit, as soon as the reservoir is full, it stops the activities so that the emptying is done as soon as possible.

So models with more than 500ml guarantee more flexibility at the time of aspiration, not need cleaning the tank constantly.

Presence Filters

The filters are very important resources for a proper functioning of the vacuum cleaner robot, as well as to ensure a more complete removal of dirt.

The HEPA filter has technology that promises to eliminate up to 99% of impurities and is very suitable for those with respiratory problems.

There are models of robot vacuum cleaners with two filters and more filters reserves. Check the availability of items for exchange and future replacements also worth.


The width and especially the height of the cleaner robot shows its accessibility in efficiency. The more compact, the better to achieve more limited locations, such as beneath the furniture and corners of the walls.

Despite this compactness factor also interfere with the internal size, it is noteworthy that this does not imply directly to the tank, as there are quite compact models with tanks of up to 6l.

Noise level

For those who do home office, have babies or pets at home, the cleaner robot noise level can be a very significant criterion, so there are models that are characterized with quiet operation, which can be ideal for these types of cases.

Most robots vacuum cleaners has a level of very low noise, since they do not have as much power as the noisy upright vacuums. Therefore, even if the technical specification there is the noise level information, know that they are usually very discreet.


The amount of power set the suction power of the vacuum cleaner robot. On average these equipment usually have to 14w to 33w.

Compared to common cleaners, vertical, this level may seem small, however, among the advantages is the lowest battery consumption and less noise during its operation.

A variety of extra features that these robots vacuum cleaners may have are numerous. More useful, others more superfluous, but all for purposes aimed at optimizing the use of this eletroportatil according to the preferences of various consumers.

What is the best robot vacuum cleaner 2020?

Uniting factors such as storage capacity of impurities, battery life, compactness, and comes with four functions in one, the Vacuum Robot Ropo Glass 2 was voted best of 2020 by our guide.

In addition to vacuuming, the Ropo Glass sweeps passes cloth and sterilize the floor, making cleaning your home even more complete.

With it you can schedule cleaning with day and time scheduled, including the lack of battery not prevent his activity, for when it detects a level down, immediately search the base to recharge and shortly after, returns to the place where he was.

It also has a fall and impact sensors, virtual wall, speed adjustments, cleaning of corners and edges.

His performance is quiet and fast, including its value, though it may be high; It is one of the best options for cost-effective brand. So it is worth investing in this option that satisfaction will certainly be guaranteed.

What is the best robot vacuum cleaner cost-effective?

One of the best selling models of the category, Dust Cleaner Robot Fast Clean Bivolt – Mondial is a more basic and affordable option, however, that meets the expectations of an autonomous cleaning.

With 2 hours battery, the robot operates sweeping and vacuuming even has sensors to divert objects, impacts and even falls.

Visually slim, 8 cm, until it reaches the most difficult places along the side brushes and removes impurities corners and easily cracks

It comes with a removable flannel which guarantees its use in floors with splashes inclusive.

While not come with the possibility of programming or mapping, it runs very accurately throughout the house is on hard floors, wood or even low carpets.

With positive rating among its users, the Fast Clean the Mondial is a great cost effective option for those who want a more autonomous cleaning without spending so much.

Tips to optimize the use of the vacuum cleaner robot

Seen the advantages of this eletroportatil that such further enhance its use through these usage tips? Following these procedures, the result is a much cleaner floor and a durable vacuum cleaner robot. Look!