The 7 Best Market Mixers: Comparative 2020

The 7 Best Market Mixers: Comparative 2020

See, now, the main features of the appliance.


Prepare juices, smoothies, milk shakes, soups, sauces, purees and that fantastic homemade mayonnaise can be much faster and practical with the aid of a mixer.

The electrical device comprises a motor which drives blades in the propeller. They, in turn, make the perfect blend of all the elements of the beverage or food.

The higher engine power and quality of the blades, the better the preparation.

Much of the mixers comes with more features. Thus, in addition to mix the ingredients, some models have the batter functions and the processor (or crusher).

Thus, with a small increase of fair value, it is possible to have a device 3 in 1, compact and very useful way.

Now we will know each of these attributes in more detail? Then, follow!


The power of an appliance is related to their ability or strength to exercise certain function. In the case of the mixer, it refers to its force and power to mix the ingredients.

Being a multi-functionality device, the power still imply their ability to bump and grind food and drinks.

Therefore, this feature of the product must be observed, since the higher the power, the greater the mixer’s ability to perform their duties quickly and effectively.

And, of course, the lower their potential with more difficulty it will work heavy and dense ingredients.

Among the seven appliances analyzed in our selection, the average power is 410W.

This measure is also important to calculate the device’s energy expenditure – which will be seen then.

Electric power consumption

Another fact relavante the choice of a mixer is its energy consumption. In a comparison with other appliances, it uses more energy per hour than the refrigerator, for example. However, it is much more economical than items such as espresso machine, dryer high-pressure washer and clothes.

Even compared to appliances such as the refrigerator, it should still be considered that its use, in time, it is well below it – you need to be connected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This gives the mixer an electric power consumption much lower than most of the electrical appliances in homes.

But in times of economic natural resources and money, check how the product spends energy it is still an important observation. It also as a comparative measure between the devices available in the market and can serve as a tiebreaker item in decision making.

To find what the average electricity consumption per hour, just divide the value of the power of the mixer – that appears in Watts – a thousand and thus reach the number of kilowatt spending every 60 minutes.

The average power of all the appliances analyzed in the selection we made is 410 W. Therefore, 410 divided by the number thousand result in 0.41 kW / h. You saw how simple it is?

The same logic applied to the power, applies to energy consumption: the lower, the lower your ability to do the heavy lifting. Therefore, if the maximum savings you’re looking for, be aware to the fact that the device will be less powerful. Similarly, if you search for the greatest strength in appliance, will have greater spending on light.

Thus, the mixer most cost-effective is the one submitting the best performance acceptable to the greatest possible economy.


The mixer, by itself, has the main feature mix beverage ingredients and creamy and soft foods such as sauces and purees.

But, taking advantage of its compact and powerful structure, new functions have been added to it. Thus, it provides even more convenience and speed for the day to day in the kitchens.

Many of these appliances thus already come standard with beater functionality and processor (or grinder).

As a batsman, he needs the help of Fouet. He will do fine work whisk egg whites, prepare more delicate creams and desserts such as mousse. Generally, the device that has this function comes with the whisk attachment.

Already as a processor, the mixer will make a heavier work. So act breaking, chopping and grinding tougher ingredients like nuts or other not as hard as meats, crackers or vegetables.

For this, the appliance will come with another container and accessories necessary to also exercise this functionality.

Of course, to have more functions and getting new equipment, a mixer to act as 1 in 3 will have a price increase from the simplest models. However, as we can see forward more, this increase is justified as well.

Ability cup

A considerable part of the mixers comes with a cup where the beverage can be prepared. It is usually some kind of sturdy plastic, ensuring durability and easy cleaning.

Brands and models vary in total capacity in milliliters. This way, you can also use this element as one of the items to tie, to make your search for a new mixer.


Finally, another feature that can be decisive in their choice for a new appliance is the amount of speed that the mixer features.

As we have seen, the power determines the unit’s workforce. But each model has different possibilities of using this force.

Just as there are products that only work at the same speed, there are others who have to over 6 different speeds.

Thus, with more options, the intensity can be adjusted better to mix, beat and chop the beverage ingredients and foods.

Overall, simpler and cheaper models come with one or two speeds, while those more expensive and sophisticated feature 3-6 levels.

Review of Best Mixes 2020

Already we understand, therefore, that a good mixer requires that several of its features are analyzed. And to check if they are within your quality standard, you must know what you want to do with the appliance.

Thus, as we have seen, the power which will inform more and less strong apparatus for mixing ingredients.

The power consumption is a good comparative element between the available products.

Whether the mixer mixing only exerts its function or if it also works as beater and super processor is another important data.

Check even if the appliance is already accompanied by measuring cup and, if so, what its volume, can function as a tie element.

Finally, find out how many speeds the machine works also define if it has a more generic or refined work.

We took thus the key attributes of a mixer:

Added to these features, we use the reviews of customers and users of mixing plants to thereby get the best mixers of the year.

Check now, this selection of seven products:

What better Mixer

After all these analyzes, product by product, item by item, which is considered the best mixer of the year?

As we have seen, there are at least five essential characteristics to be analyzed in a blender.

Therefore, we evaluated the power of each of the 7 selected appliances, to see what the most powerful and which one that exerts less force.

Then data brought the energy consumption of appliances, to compare them with each other and thus ensure the best use of energy.

We saw that each of the phones worked just like mixer or also accumulated other functions such as batter and crusher.

Following, checked if the vines or not a product with a measuring cup and, if so, what was the size of this accessory.

Finally, we understand how each of the 7 mixers working the speed issue. After all, the more possibilities to control the unit’s operating levels of intensity, the better.

After all these observations, plus reports from people who have used the products, we conclude which machine has the best performance.

Thus, the Higher Power, the Oster brand, is considered the best mixer of the year.

With its high ability to mix, beat and process food and beverage, the device demonstrated high effectiveness in their work.

In addition, the support facilitator and other characteristics, as the protector of his four blades, the front differentiate to other products.

It’s a lot of power, versatility and convenience to your everyday life!

Mixer Cost-Effective

Another important analysis to be made is about the cost-benefit: which product offers more benefits against the amount paid for it?

Among the seven devices analyzed, one of them had excellent characteristics, surpassing even the competitors on price of larger groups.

With the largest evaluation score given by users, larger cup, large number of speeds and many other relevant attributes Walita Philips RI1364 / 41 is the mixer with best value of the year.

In its price range, it surpasses all competitors in power and attributes such as safety lock, non-slip base and ease of cleaning.

Factory warranty, including the model Philips goes forward even the most expensive of the mixers. And so, with his incredible 24 months warranty, promises more quality longer.

Finally able to identify the best model mixer and one that presents the best value for your needs? It was the same as we choose? Share your thoughts with us!