The 6 Best Laptop Chargers (Power Bank) 2020

The 6 Best Laptop Chargers (Power Bank) 2020

You usually spend the day away from home and need all your electronic devices are always loaded? We have a great tip to help you, get a portable charger!

To help you choose the best portable charger, separated a ranking of the best products in 2020. Check and find out more!

Best Laptop Chargers (Power bank) 2020

In the ranking of best portable chargers in the market, we have brands such as Xiaomi, Anker, Pineng and Geonav. Shippers of these brands are quite evident in the market for the following reason: they have high power and excellent portability.

The products of these brands have positive reviews from the public and can meet the needs of consumers who must always be fully charged their electronics.

Currently, many people have sought to buy a portable charger because it provides load for all devices, even if no outlets nearby.

Including, this charger can be your best friend in times of struggle, or rather, when the load on your phone is almost over. Why is this so important to always carry a portable charger in your purse or backpack.

In the market, there are several product options with different characteristics. And to choose a good product, it is necessary to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of chargers and assess whether they meet your needs.

To find the best portable charger market and presents the best cost-effective, see the review below. Our ranking is made up of 6 quality products!

What compare the portable chargers?

There are some features of portable chargers you need to consider before buying them. This is because these technological devices have strengths and weaknesses, it is fundamental to evaluate them to make a good buy.

The main items to be evaluated are: Boot capacity, weight, compatibility and charging time. Ideally you buy a portable charger for high capacity, low weight and has ultra fast loading. That way you do get a great deal!

Here are what are the main points of a portable charger that you need to consider before purchasing the product.

Boot capacity

Porters different capabilities, such as 5,000, 10,000 and 20,000 mAh. The 5000 is ideal for those who need to recharge the phone only 1 time per day.

Already 10,000 are for those who need to carry the phone 3-5 times a day. This is the ideal charger for those who want to be free of choking and can not leave the cell discharge.

Finally, 20,000 are recommended for those who use social networks often play games cell, watch videos and need to load all day. With it you can charge your phone up to more than 5 times a day.

Remember that the amount of times the charger can charge the device varies. That’s because there are some phones that need little charge and others who need more.

So choose a charger laptop meets your needs and has the ability to charge your device several times a day.

Weight charger

Some models of portable charger having 150 g and others which have more than 200 g. Ideally, choose the thinner and lighter chargers as they can be carried anywhere.

With the lighter chargers, you can continue handling your phone while charging. Also, you can take it in your bag without having to carry a lot of weight.

However, it is worth noting that the most powerful chargers tend to be heavier. So it is necessary to balance the weight of the charger with its efficiency to make a good buy!

Therefore, consider whether you prefer to have portability or power and choose the charger that most suits your requirements.

Charger compatibility

When researching products to buy, we always try to get practical, is not it? It is therefore very important to analyze the charger compatibility!

Before buying the portable charger, review the integrated cables and the ability to implement new. This is crucial to see if the charger can be really helpful for your phone!

If you have a Samsung phone and find a suitable portable charger for Android system is ideal. So look for a charger adapted to your device!

Charging Time

When you are busy and need to charge your mobile phone, the ideal is that the charger laptop meets your expectations and charge your device ultra fast, is not it? Therefore, the ideal is to buy a product that quickly charge your phone!

Some devices have the QuickCharge technology and it serves to reduce the charging time, or makes your phone load faster.

So look for ultra fast chargers, as this feature can be very useful when you need!

Review of Best Portable Chargers 2020

To buy the best portable charger market, you need to analyze their characteristics and do a good market research. After all, the ideal is to buy a product that meets your expectations, right?

Despite the large amount existing brands, products of Xiaomi, Pineng Anker and stand out for their portability and power. Therefore, these brands produce lightweight portable chargers, high capacity and ultra fast loading. No wonder that the public approves the carriers of these brands.

In addition, by investing in technology, more and more shippers are becoming efficient. Even there is a new tool, called QuickCharge, which makes the chargers to charge your devices faster and faster.

To know everything about each one of the best portable chargers 2020, here’s the review of each product. So you get to choose the best portable charger for your day to day!

Geonav Portable Power bank Charger PB15000B

The 6 Best Laptop Chargers (Power Bank) 2020

Features Portable Charger

The Geonav Power bank draws a lot of attention for its sophisticated design. The product is very elegant and clean, ideal for those who want to present sophistication.

In addition, the product is ergonomic, as with its bar format, it fits right in your hand and can be loaded with the unit. The product also has a texture on the back that helps helps you handle it more easily.

The Geonav Power bank has two inputs, and you can charge up to two phones at once. In addition, you can perform up to 8 loads with this charger!

Because of all the features of this product, we can say that it is the best portable charger market. That’s because it is able to meet all needs, as good power, thin and lightweight design.

When buying this product, the consumer will have a charger that fits in your pocket and carry your phone quickly, several times a day. This is a great buy for those who need a lot of charge!

So if you own more than one unit to charge during the day, this is a good buy. After all, the Geonav power bank can provide all the assistance you need.

What is the best portable charger?

The best portable charger market is Geonav powerbank PB15000B. This is because the charger is perfect for those who want practicality and efficiency in one machine.

The Geonav has 15,000 mAh and so can generate load for your cell phone several times a day. Even if your device take to load it is possible to load necessary assistance in the time you need!

In addition, the portable charger has security clearance, so no need to worry and use it whenever you need.

Product design also draws much attention, with clean and elegant style. In addition, the charger is ergonomic and lightweight (170 g), and you can handle it while charging the phone. Wonderful, is not it?

With this charger you can have a product that combines portability with the power and can meet all your needs at the time of charging the device.

The charger also promises up to 8 daily loads up to 1600 mAh battery. Therefore, an iPhone 7, for example, can be loaded up to 4 times a day.

In addition, the charger has two entries – unlike other devices that have one – so you can charge two devices at once, or rather simultaneously.

Thus, we can conclude that this portable charger has a high capacity for charging and can meet your daily needs, helping you at the time of suffocation and whenever you need it!

What is the best portable charger benefit cost?

The best portable charger benefit cost is the Pineng PN 951. This product has one of the best qualities of the market and moreover has the right price, with the most cost-effective option.

This product has eastern arising load of 1,000 mAh, so you can charge your cell phone several times a day. An iPhone 6, for example, can be loaded up to 3 times.

Another good thing about this portable charger best cost benefit is the slim design. Because of the portability, this product can be brought into your bag without any trouble.

This portable charger is the darling of Apple lovers by adapter account to iOS device. In addition, you can also connect it with the Android system phones.

The product performs the loading of ultra fast, has two inputs and is fairly inexpensive, with the best price among the main products of the market.

Even better this charger benefit cost has more positives than other chargers that have a higher cost. So buy it is a great option.

Finally, this charger is totally safe! This is because the product does not get very hot when used and is approved by Brazilian authorities. So if you want to buy a quality product with low price, choose the Pineng PN 951!

What is the best brand power bank?

As much as the best portable charger indicated in this article is the Geonav powerbank, it is worth noting that currently, the company that have produced quality chargers is the Xiaomi.

This is because increasingly the company has specialized in this segment and invested in technology to deliver the best product for their consumers. The QuickCharge technology, for example, appears on most portable brand chargers.

Therefore, Chargers Xiaomi are known to be fast when loading devices. In addition, the products are also known for being lightweight and having fine and sophisticated design.

Therefore, when buying a portable charger, analyze the Xiaomi products because they have quality and can meet your needs. In addition, you can also see the other products of this brand, like cell phones, laptops and headphones because all are excellent.

If you buy any of the products listed above, no doubt will make a good buy. Therefore, follow our advice and buy a good device to help you in times when your phone runs out of battery! That way you have an excellent product that will never let you down!