The 8 Best Cooktops Of 4:05 Bocas To Buy In 2020

The 8 Best Cooktops of 4:05 Bocas to Buy in 2020

Bringing more technology and sophistication to your kitchen cooktops have been replacing traditional stoves and spacious floor due to many advantages in functionality, design and practicality.

This stove thin, flat table can come in stainless steel finishes, glass or glass ceramic even works in gas mode, electric and induction.

In addition to modern, the cooktop enables more quickly during cooks food and cleaning is made easier by the fact that some models do not have trivets and lids.

Despite the compactness, the hob requires a more detailed installation space and with a specific counter resistant to heat and moisture. Keep it away from the refrigerator and sink further reinforce the safety and durability of the appliance.

A disadvantage of this appliance is that it has no oven, but to replace it simply integrate an electric fryer or oven in your kitchen and problem solved.

Among the many benefits, the variety of models just expanding and the difference is the brand criteria, functions, appearance and values.

Through these features choose the best cooktops 4:05 2019 mouths to ensure you all satisfaction resources and elegance in your kitchen.

Best Cooktops 2020

With excellent evaluation and more shopping, cooktops brands Brastemp, Consul, Itatiaia, Midea, Electrolux, ELETTROMEC meet the main functionality of questions, beauty and durability.

Some of these models have advantages that make the time to cook much more practical, quick and pleasant.

To check every detail of the best cooktops 2020 and decide once and your choice check the following information!

Review of the best cooktops 4 2020 Plates

cooktop in version 4 burner is the most used both to have a more compact size, and by exactly meet the expectations of use of an average family, for example.

This number of mouths allows the preparation of a complete meal simultaneously and spaces suitable pans safely and easily managed.

The cost benefit of this cooktop version is also great potential for your choice. Cheaper than models more mouths and providing as much functionality as, following this list below certainly you will find the best cooktop 4 2020 mouths.

Review of Best Cooktops 5 2020 Bocas

For the cook in enough quantity and enjoys room for multiple pots, cooktop 5 burners is a great solution.

With a larger table that facilitates the simultaneous preparation of several meals, this model ensures flexibility, efficiency and optimizes your time in the kitchen.

Some versions come with mouths in different sizes in order to meet the diverse needs of preparation and proportion of pots.

Be the induction operation or gas, these options will bring more modernity to your kitchen and speed in cooking.

Purchasing Criteria: Cooktops

In addition to the number of mouths, other features are key to ensuring the best cooktop 2020.

Functions, power fire, power consumption, design and other criteria should be scrutinized in order to meet all expectations and consumer preferences.

A 100% satisfactory purchase is one that fits your needs and so you should prioritize the following points below.

Operating mode

One factor that makes the difference in design, consumer and safety is the operation of the cooktop.

In the gas versions, electric and induction, each model has a different benefit when it comes to cooking.


Besides cooktops 4 and 5 burners already mentioned above, there are alternatives 1, 2 and up to 6 rings, the latter in most industrialized versions.

Many consumers often engage individual mouths next to the versions 4, 5 burners, for example, providing one more option of cooking without change cooktop.

Energy consumption

The gas cooktops models use electric power only for the automatic ignition system. To fire, the use is restricted to gas.

Already electric and induction models require the electricity throughout the cooking.

Like other appliances, the directions of the consumer category come in the description of each model. Prioritize the category results in more savings without losing the characteristic of speed and power.


The sizes of cooktops generally vary design and desired amount of mouths.

On average, 4 and 5 have mouths accustom approximately WxHxD (width x depth x height) 58 x 46 x 5 cm and 73 x 46 x 8.6 cm.

As important as knowing the cooktop size is to ensure adequate space for its installation.

The crowd usually have from 2 to 6 cm thick, including 5 to 7 cm each side left and hoods for use, they should be 60 to 75 cm approximately.


Regardless of the brand, the design of most cooktops often resembles.

Table Rectangular glass, enamelled trivets and linear buttons, however, a feature that totally changes the look of this appliance is the type of functionality.

gas cooktops to keep the trivets (bars) and similar burners with traditional floor stoves, as the versions on induction and electric do not have these accessories.

The smooth surface and the panel touch these electric and induction cooktops bring more modernity in a minimalist style that makes all the difference in the kitchen decor.


Despite the black being the most common among stovetops, there are colored versions that guarantee more joy and style to your kitchen, in addition to traditional stainless steel and white lines.

Among the colors preferred by consumers and can bring more beauty to your kitchen are:

In addition to prepared meals faster, modern design for your kitchen and easier cleaning with the composite material, the cooktops can bring even more benefits in functionality issues.

Some models come with extra features which facilitate and enhance the moments of cooking.

Ideas for those who like to combine technology in support of the preparation time, these cooktops come with the following extra features:

What better cooktop 4 burners?

Following the above mentioned criteria with the evaluations of consumers, we chose the Gas Cooktop Activate! 4 Bocas Glass Bivolt Black – BDD61 – Brastemp as the best cooktop 2020.

Besides being a great option for money, this model has reached 90% of positive ratings from consumers, which in addition to the design praised the power of the flames and practicality in cleaning.

The BDD61 Brastemp all tempered glass black and enamelled trivets brings more innovation to the kitchen either by design, or by its functionality.

Adaptable to any pot and much more economical than induction or electric versions, this cooktop will meet all your needs and optimize long time to cook.

What better cooktop 5 burners?

If the preference is for a larger cooktop that has room for more and larger pots, version 5 burners as the best according to the criteria of choice was the Consul CD075.

This gas cooktop, and work with any type of cookware has 1800W of power, providing more speed in cooking, saving time and consumption.

The adjustment knob flames comes with tips, indicating the power and exact time of each type of preparation.

The burners have varying sizes to meet any proportion pan.

And another great benefit of this model is the money, even as a cooktop 5 burners have a more affordable value with the Consul quality, most recommended among consumers.

Best Cooktop brand

In addition to the approval of 96% cos customers, cooktops Consul outperform other brands in the ranking due to some differences, such as tuning and power indication for each type of food, 1800W of power and mainly by the cost benefits of the product.

The sturdy and easy to clean material provides more sophistication and modern kitchen, the brand also invests in 12 months warranty cooktop.

Either version 4 as 5 burners are the best selling category and meet all the criteria mentioned above operation, power consumption, design and extra features.