The 8 Best Speakers Bluetooth Portable 2020

The 8 Best Speakers Bluetooth Portable 2020

Music has the power to bring various sensations and can be used for many purposes. For moments of fun, relaxation, even up to studies, this art makes all the difference, it is essential in some environments.

Currently, due to the convenience and connectivity of consumer electronics devices, many use cell phones, notebooks, tablets and even TVs to enjoy good music, dispensing with the old appliances and large speakers, however, the sound quality ends up being lower.

To solve this problem, did the Speaker Bluetooth, which is a more compact and portable sound system, which allows connectivity with other devices, such as those mentioned above, through the Bluetooth system.

Because of this system, these speakers require the use of cables and wires, making its use and transportation much more convenient, easy to comprehensive.

Among the advantages of Bluetooth speaker, is the power and sound quality that it provides to the songs of these devices. In addition to amplifying the volume, you can also reduce noise, enhance tones and leave any environment like a ballad, if the preference.

For those who like to hear good music, certainly a bluetooth speaker will be a very useful and satisfactory use in their day to day. And do not err on the choice, we present a ranking of the best bluetooth speakers for you to ensure great quality and efficiency in their leisure time.

Best Speakers Bluetooth 2020

Since the efficiency of Bluetooth speakers, the market and major brands of technology products intensified its characteristics and variety of models, making the choice of this item, somewhat complicated.

These models ranking, and contain advanced technical attributes were also positively assessed by its customers, ensuring classification as the best speakers of 2020.

For more detail of each model, check below the technical specifications, advantages and differences between the major brands.

Review of Best Bluetooth Speaker 2020

To know more about this handy item, versatile and very powerful, ensures that the choice of a Bluetooth speaker is safer and more effective.

With every release, the Bluetooth speakers come enhanced with more technological resources, coverage in compatibility, including capacity durability of the much larger battery.

Combine their consumer preference to proposals for each model is ideal so that it meets their needs and expectations.

There are brands that emphasize the compactness of the product, the other powerful sound, even some of the most dedicated can add all these features, providing effects similar to those of professional sound.

No matter what your choice, know that all these speakers will provide moments of great joy and satisfaction, since the music with quality always turns any mood and feeling.

Choose criteria: Speaker Bluetooth

The models of Bluetooth speakers on the market are many, so the choice must be careful in order to guarantee you a quality product that meets their consumer expectations.

Among the main features, know where you are going to use this equipment and for how long, are to factor decisive when buying, as some cases have features that enhance the range, battery life, even can be used at the pool or beach because they are waterproof.

Still others come with extra features that ensure greater compatibility with other devices and ease in handling.

Learn more about these attributes and set which serves more your need for so prioritize them at the time of choice.


The distance pairing via Bluetooth sound box with the device (smartphone, tablet or notebook) should be considered if the use of goal is in larger environments or large proportion of parties, for example.

From 10 meters range, it is already considered a good sign, although there models that go beyond this measure, reaching up to 30 meters.

Size and Weight

The dimensions and weight of the speaker can influence mainly on shipping. For portable be most models weigh less than 5 kg, however, there is still smaller versions, which do not 1 kg and can be carried discreetly in the bag.

Size does not interfere with anything in the capacity and power of the sound. JBL Go 2 is an example, because it measures only 12.7 x 8.6 x 16.3 (HxWxD) and has an excellent performance, according to the consumers themselves.

Now if use is tamer and you have a placeholder for this item, there will be no problems in acquiring larger boxes, which also may have more resources.


Also because of their mobility to be portable, battery life of Bluetooth speakers makes all the difference, especially if you intend to take it to other places.

There are models that are up to 24 hours non-stop running, as is the case of the Boombox. While others have less capacity, but can work connected to the USB cable that provides power.

The average reported is 12 to 20 hours for the speaker battery is considered efficient.

Most models of this ranking has long battery life, except Mondial Thunder Double Estreme with only 2 hours.

Intensifying the effect ballad, some Bluetooth speakers come with lights systems, which makes the experience of listening to music even more contagious.

The FM radio feature is also a very useful item, as well as UBS portability or microSD card, in order to validate the operation of the various ways box.

More advanced models allow even the drive search engines, such as Siri and Google Now. Other longer provide the service handsfree calls without interference from noise or echoes.


As the dimensions, the shapes of these speakers vary very much. Some have a cylinder shape, others small cubes and there are also options that resemble round keychains.

Anyway, the formats are numerous and full of style, depending only on their preference for the choice of the nicest model that best matches the location that will arrange it.

What is the best bluetooth speaker 2020?

Adding all these factors criteria, technical characteristics, number of sales and opinions buyers, highlight the Bluetooth Boombox Speaker JBL USB Black as the best of 2020.

Besides the unique battery life of 24 hours, the Boombox has a frequency of 50 Hz to 20 kHz and allows two devices to be connected to it, thus varying the playlist among friends.

With the dimensions (HxWxD) 46x26x18cm and weighing only 5.1 kg, the Boombox may be performed where desired with ease and convenience.

Waterproof, it can even be submerged, that none of this will decrease the sound capability, which even can be optimized for internal or external modes with automatic adjustment of volume, bass and others.

What better sound box bluetooth money?

As good as its value is the Speaker Bluetooth – 1.0 – JBL GO 2 – JBLGO2BLKBR. Cheap, it does not lack resources and efficiency, making it the best sound money 2020 box.

Very light, with only 18 grams and the dimensions (HxWxD) 7.12 x 3.16 x 8.6; this box can be carried everywhere, even inside the bag with the utmost discretion and comfort.

Its battery lasts 5 hours, an excellent mark because the compactness of the box.

Waterproof, you can listen to your near or even inside the pool music, since it can also be submerged.

In addition to the connection via bluetooth, JBL Go also comes with USB port allowing its use cable or pen drive, if the preference.

Very modern design, this portable box also comes in other color versions are available 12 serving varied tastes and styles, always with great efficiency.

What better speaker brand?

In addition to the very popular JBL was featured five times in our rankings, even with two models considered the best of 2020.

The American brand owned by Harman International, a subsidiary of Samsung and dominate the audio electronics market.

Each released version, JBL brings technological innovations that make speakers more powerful and efficient.

With different models, it serves different audiences, providing speakers of different prices and functions.

With so many qualities in technology and service to consumer preferences, the brand is a leader in sales of electronic and audio versions of the reference speakers.

So if your choice is JBL can be assured that satisfaction and high sound quality are the results of this decision.