The 6 Best Treadmills To Buy In 2020

The 6 Best Treadmills to Buy in 2020

The walk is among the activities considered healthier and with very few restrictions, allowing people of all ages to practice this exercise on behalf of the cardiovascular system.

Due to climatic conditions, location, including security; an excellent choice to keep this activity on a daily basis is through the treadmill.

With it you can practice walking in the comfort and safety of home at the time you want or what is left, according to the daily tribulations.

The options increasingly innovative and technological market, allows this item to be disposed in your home or apartment compact and efficient way, since there are even folding models.

Easy to use and providing various benefits for both the health and the well-being, home treadmill may be the alternative that was missing for you to have a more active life and full health.

Best Track 2020 Ergometers

Despite the numerous choices of treadmills available in the market, we selected the six featured in sales, positive reviews and technological resources, which will certainly bring more ease of use, safety and comfort for your walk home.

Here we present models ranging from basic tracks for short walks, to instruments used by athletes to provide more performance in the races.

In common, all have a lot of functional quality and technology, however, are their differences that will drive the ideal choice of the best electric treadmill exercise 2020.

Review of Best Track 2020 Ergometers

Faced with varied choices of treadmills, highlight the differential of each model it is essential to direct the right choice, after all, so many resources, for the technical characteristics of each are given for specific purposes, and therefore, different users.

Apart from these details, pay attention to opinion of users is also a way to check if that option really meet your needs.

In view of this, we have compiled the technical attributes to buyers’ opinions of treadmills prominent sales to help you make the best decision at the time of your purchase.

Check out more information about each version, its advantages and disadvantages and then lower, the criteria that should be prioritized in the choice.

Criteria of Choice: Exercise mat

The purposes of a treadmill are many, among them, the heating before running other sports, such as weight training, for example; medical recommendation for rehabilitation and also for aerobic exercise aimed at fat loss and muscle tone.

So before you prioritize some aspects of the treadmill, the ideal is to identify your goal to use, after all, this fact can lead to varied options.

Remember that in addition to these criteria that make a difference in use, there are operating options, mechanical and electrical, as we shall see below for details.

Type mat: X Mechanical Electrical

First, a factor that makes a difference in the use and especially the value is the operating mode of the mat, which can be for propulsion, called mechanical or the latest models of electric system.


If the option was for an electric treadmill, one of the criteria that deserves attention is the engine power.

This number can range from 1 to 3hp, which directly influences the speed and also the sounds that the machine.

For users who prefer to use the treadmill for light hiking, engines from 1.5 HP are enough. As for those who enjoy a run on the treadmill, we recommend engines from 2-3 hp.


This criterion, beyond the resources to make it more comfortable and enjoyable walk, we will also highlight the structural features of the belt dimensions, so that perfectly suited the environment to be prepared.


Stopping the operation of abruptly treadmill may result in accidents, so it is important that it has a security feature.

The control of the initial speed and also the end of the activity, also guarantee more protection to users.


Speed ​​control interferes with the type of activity you want to run with the belt.

These settings range from 1 to 16km / h and more speed as it reaches more intensity or even the possibility of an effective race you will.

So if you’re looking for a device to practice more advanced training, running or walking more intense, prefer mats that reach at least 12km / h speed.

Digital panel

Many attribute the touch panel as an extra feature of the mat, however, it has increasingly become essential, especially to monitor data from health and prevent possible accidents.

The cardiac monitoring, for example, in addition to ensuring their health, may also indicate the best exercise intensity if you should increase or decrease the speed as his band.

Other information displayed on the panel also help in a more efficient and safe walk, such as:

We highlight a few extra features as well as essential resources, after all they guarantee greater security even reflected in practice intensity and quality of the walk.

These are the extra features also considered essential. There are other more technological attributes, such as connectivity of the mat with mobile, music, among others, that make your versatile, modern and integrated function.

What is the Best Treadmill Residencial?

In this ranking selected the best residential treadmills, which even turn into an approximate price range and more affordable.

Given this, the differences techniques and values ​​of each model are very subtle, however, always have one that can meet a greater number of different users and therefore the treadmill EVOLUTION SMART 40BR was voted the best of 2020 by our guide.

It meets the essential requirements and consumer needs of fitness equipment, such as power, practicality of use, ergonomics and of course, the compactness of the unit.

For starters, your engine has the amazing power of 3.0 hp, one of the largest of this ranking.

All this power ensures a speed of up to 12 km, which allows, in addition to simple walking, intense races.

Another uniqueness of this model is its user capacity, generally non-professional support mats 90-100 kg since the treadmill EVOLUTION SMART 40BR caters for up to 120 kg without losing power or speed.

The dashboard allows you to track everything that happens to your body during walking or running, by monitoring heart rate, calories lost, achieved speed, time, even listen to MP3 music.

Besides all these functional advantages, the mat EVOLUTION SMART 40BR has tilt modes, which can vary and intensify the exercise.

Your damping system impacts with the anti-slip canvas, provides a walk or run a lot more pleasurable, safe and what is best, healthy. It prevents possible damage to the knee and other joints during movement of the past.

These were the main factors that led to wake EVOLUTION SMART 40BR the first of the Home of the Best of the podium as the best treadmill for running or walking 2020.

Benefits of walking on treadmill

Practicing physical activity is essential at any stage of life, for in addition to the health benefits, other advantages as mental well-being, self-esteem and motivation are the result of this habit.

Walking is one of the most accessible and safe exercises, since constraints are almost rare, or almost everyone can practice according to their limitations and preferences.

With the residential treadmill, this exercise can be enhanced by following several programs arranged in the equipment, in addition, rain or shine, she’ll be there, available on the safety and comfort of your home, without having to leave the streets or face queues at the gym .

In addition to these advantages of convenience and comfort of having a treadmill at home, also let us see what benefits this product can bring to your life.

A walk on the treadmill helps in increasing the strength of the heart and blood circulation. These benefits, including lower blood pressure, bad cholesterol, and reduce the risk of other diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, arthritis and even depression.

Because it is an aerobic activity, which promotes the burning of calories, associate treadmill walking with a healthy diet can result in a significant reduction in body fat. The trick is to keep the routine of walking as a daily practice and during his habit, to hydrate with water.

Regular walking helps in strengthening the muscles, including some treadmills have intensified programs that contribute to the lean mass gain. Many users practice certain weight training exercises on the mat, such as the advance, a practice that the individual at every step makes a squat movement.

By practicing walking on the treadmill, the brain releases endorphins, a substance that causes the sensation of happiness. Moreover, download physical energy during exercise relieves stress, anxiety and ensures more motivation.

The results of a regular walk can still improve self-esteem, self-confidence and bringing more security to the individual.

There are so many benefits propitiated by the simple act of walking, which is impossible to resist a treadmill at home.

Takes this opportunity to start a healthy habit, including a pleasurable activity in their day to day.

The tips of the best treadmills 2020 you already have, now just follow with the motivation to have a more active and healthy life by choosing one of these options.