The 7 Best Projectors (4K, Mini, Etc.) To Buy In 2020

The 7 Best Projectors (4K, Mini, etc.) to Buy in 2020

Every day, new technologies allow better conditions to develop our professional, educational activities, including leisure, such as projectors.

In addition to versatile use, the device that receives video signals and protect images on a surface through their lenses also guarantees more convenience when it comes to transmitting certain content due to the possibility of mobility offering.

Much smaller than a TV, the projector can be transported easily to work, a friend’s house or any other place that has adequate lighting.

With a smooth wall, screen or other clear surface can ensure a movie image in minutes, even to set its size, according to the structure of the site and your preference.

Is to watch movies, series, playing video games or even for professional activities such as presentations of works, lectures and conferences, the projector is certainly a very useful and functional investment.

The popularity of this item has been growing, as well as options to meet this public demand. Given this, we present some criteria to help in choosing the best 2020 projector, as well as the differences between each model.

Top 2020 Projector

In this ranking there are versions of professional projectors, mini projectors, and more basic models for use on a daily basis.

The techniques of each version features contain important information, which should be considered carefully, as they can optimize the operation of this device, as well as its durability.

Since the top seven of the best 2020 projectors also check every detail of these options to facilitate image projection for professional use or entertainment.

Review of Top 2020 Projector

The diversity of models of projectors available on the market meets the varied types of use and places that this device can be applied.

More compact and lightweight projectors for transportation, for example, are ideal for use in the classroom; since those with higher quality resolution are for leisure activities playing clips, soccer games and movies at home, bars or restaurants.

In order to optimize its use requires two care, the first to choose the surface that will be designed. It should be smooth, clear as a white wall or gray. For those who prefer even sharper images, better nothing that a specific screen to the projector.

The second factor that deserves attention is the place that will be positioned as the light can make all the difference in image quality, even if there is movement of people in front of the device.

With this information in hand, it’s time to check out more about the best projectors 2020. Check out!

Criteria Choose: Projector

Like any technological device, each version come new developments that in addition to leaving the most powerful and functional projectors also differentiate between brands and competitors.

Some criteria make all the difference to the effectiveness of its use, so before choosing the ideal projector, did we realize to what activity it will be used, place and frequency.

The resolution, contrast, brightness, size, weight and connectivity are among the main points to ensure that the projector choice meets your main needs.

The technologies of each unit also differ and can be found in versions LCD and DLP.

See more about these criteria and also the differences between each of these technologies.

Type LCD and DLP technology

The projection technology is the first criterion to be analyzed, since both the image quality, as the device value are directly related to this aspect.

Two options are very common in the market, LCD and DLP technology.


The rule is simple, the more pixels a projector has, the better the image quality. Resolutions up to 1280 × 800 are more suitable for professional use as presentations of works that do not require a lot of definition of images and colors.

Have to ensure that image film were recently launched projectors with 4K resolution to 3840 × 2160, technology with four times more pixels than Full HD, for example.

Inch screen

The height and width of the image projectors is indicated by the number of inches. This format can vary and also be configured according to the site and need to view.

Among the projectors of this ranking, this number varies from 80 to 347 inches.

To ensure image quality, rich in detail and clarity, a device from 100 inches is already very satisfactory. 100 inch equals approximately 124.5 x 221.4 cm, and is generally shown as 16: 9.

Contrast and brightness (lumens)

As well as the resolution, the greater the contrast the projector offers better picture quality.

This relationship between light and dark tones, and become more vivid and similar image to reality, also ensures more clarity in the details.

But the brightness directly influences the contrast of the image and it must be configured in accordance also with the lighting.

The projector brightness is measured in lumens, the greater the natural light, the greater must be the number of lumens, which can range from 1000 to 4000 and even internal spaces to external.

The compact projector can greatly influence its versatility, after all, carry it to work, classroom or other location is part of its main use objectives.

The variety of projectors models include laptops and minis devices that are ideal for those who need to charge the equipment to various locations.

Projectors with up to 1 kg are already considered compact, however, models with more than 3 kg, while heavier can bring more features than the other versions.


How will reproduce the content is linked to the type of connectivity that the projector offers.

The most common models come with HDMI, USB cable, input SD or micro SD cards; already the most modern also have VGA connection, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

On the computer, notebook, tablet or even your smartphone, you can adjust the settings and start showing.


Many use the projector to replace the TV in order to save space, but also ensure a larger screen for your moments of leisure and entertainment.

If this is the purpose of your search for the best projector, you know that a criterion that can tell a lot is the design of the device, as the device will be exposed in the living room or bedroom.

Most projectors launches already have more minimalist look and compact, others come in different formats such as capsules that closely resemble notebook speaker, for example.

Pay attention to the dimensions and weight may bring some reference to that object is and where it can be arranged.

What Best 2020 projector?

With so many unique and modern features, the Xiaomi WEMAX ONE Laser is gaining more prominence in the category of projectors.

In addition to providing image resolution 4K with 1920 x 1080 pixels, this device ensures a projection of up to 150 inches with only 50cm away.

The power connectivity of this handset is also impressive, besides the AV ports, USB, ARC, HDMI, USB and audio output, it comes with bluetooth system, wi-fi and voice command.

The battery is also another strong point of this projector, which can provide long hours of use without the need for a new shipment.

The compact and modern design to suit any environment with great discretion and the system top speakers line, sure to make your living room into a cinema.

With so many qualities and advantages before other models, the Xiaomi WEMAX ONE Laser was named best projector 2020 by our guide. It is noteworthy that the positive evaluations of their users were also prioritized for this choice.

What Best Mini Projector?

In addition to the unique design, very modern and compact, the Mini Projector Smart Portable Capsule Nebula Anker provides functionality equivalent to large projectors.

Starting with the connection possibilities. It’s possible to make cell mirroring HDMI cable, wi-fi, bluetooth, among other basic inputs like USB.

Weighing only 1.50kg, you can be carrying easily in the bag for college, work or even to a friend’s house.

The picture quality of this mini projector also contributes to its prominence in the ranking, as it offers 854×480 pixel on a screen up to 100 inches.

The sound quality also does not lack, it comes with built-in speakers that have 1 × 5W (360) audio.

With a single charge you can use it for up to 4 hours straight.

If your preference is for a mini projector with great features, make sure that the Smart Mini Projector Portable Capsule Nebula Anker is the best option to meet your needs.

Tips to optimize the use of your projector!

Despite the installation as well as the handling of this device is easy and convenient, there are some tips that can enhance its use, ensuring greater image quality and comfort when watching the projection.

Among the tips, location, lighting and position the projector will rely directly on their effectiveness. Check out!

Through these tips to use, even the best of 2020 projector statement, the result will be more immersive images that can transform your home or business in a real cinema.