The 6 Best Rotating Brushes To Buy In 2020

The 6 Best Rotating brushes to Buy in 2020

The rotating brushes have emerged to facilitate the process of drying and wire modeling. Your first working proposal was to replace the common brushes in salons to facilitate modeling along with the dryers.

With technological advances, the rotating brush exceeded the replacement position and today takes its unique space in hair care, including dispensing to the use of dryers, in some cases.

Its rotation system and the issue of hot air, dry and models the wires in a practical way, quickly and efficiently.

Some models come with various accessories allowing preparations and amazing results in every type of hair.

Recommended for those who like to be visually always up to date, but it requires time savings, the rotating brush has a variety of features that make the difference at the time of choice.

In order to facilitate your decision, we present the main features and details of this item next to the options chosen as the best 2020 rotating brushes.

Best rotating brushes 2020

These versions have been successful sales and buyers’ ratings, however, other factors such as the technical characteristics, for example, helped make them the best rotating brushes 2020.

To learn more about the operation of these rotary brushes, material and technology used, check the details of each model and make sure that your decision will be ideal for your day to day.

Review of the Best 2020 Rotating brushes

The combination of the rotating movement with the heat, in addition to dry and shape the wires, also provides other benefits to the hair such as brightness, smoothness and reduced frizz.

These advantages are enhanced with each brush material, which can generally come in versions of ceramic and titanium.

Plus extra accessories, models disengage the cable head, allowing the use of this item just like dryer. This option is a great advantage for travel, since the size of the brush is smaller than a dryer, for example.

With options of speed, temperature and direction of rotation, these rotating brushes detailed in this guide will certainly meet their prospects for a more beautiful hair, disciplined and healthy.

Choose criteria: Brush Rotary

Since convenience is the main purpose of the rotating brush, characteristics and materials of some models greatly influence the performance of this aspect.

Material brushes more robust and heavy end slowing down and tiring process, including some can weigh like a dryer, for example, which takes all its advantage of being compact.

The power and temperature variation also interfere with the brushing time, so if the speed remains the priority, ensure better with at least 900w.

The range of results can also direct your decision, after all, a multifunctional item there are options that act as dryer and curling iron.

These are the main criteria for choosing the best roller brush 2020, but if you’re still in doubt, we specify one by one in order to help you in this decision!

Temperature and Rate

As works with dryers, the higher the temperature the faster the drying process of the yarn, however, thinner sensitized hair and should not be subjected to a very excessive heat.

Some models, in addition to temperature adjustment have speed control, ideal for conducting the process time and avoid embarrassment in more complicated areas.

The beauty professionals indicate lower temperatures of 200c for fine hair and from 200c to thicker and voluminous hair.


Materials that distribute heat evenly are the most recommended to get good results with the rotating brush.

Ceramics, for example, is one of the most common and indicated. It addition to transferring heat to also wire, also protects and seals the cuticle, which ensures more shine and softness.

There are also coated brushes by tourmaline technology and Titanium, which like the hair flat irons, reduce friction to the hair through the issuance of ions. As a result, healthier hair with moisture preserved and less frizz.

Size and weight

The dimensions of the rotating brush directly interfere with the handling results, including the object of transportation.

Many acquire this item for replacing the dryer, especially on trips because of their size and weight. So it is critical before making the purchase check the product details, because this information varies greatly from model to model.

This variety reaches 500 grams of difference, so the importance of conferring the technical characteristics of each brush.

If possible, choose models with less than 600 g, which in addition to not tire the muscles of the arms during the preparation of the hair, yet are easy to carry in a purse or bag to anywhere you want.


Among the advances of technological beauty industry, it is common to combine extra features to products launched.

Consumers even longer seek this alternative, in order to ensure more savings and usefulness in the purchase.

Given this, the rotating brushes, being a reference in practicality and technology also have versions with the advantage of multi-functionality.

These models come with removable tips that can be exchanged according to the preference of the final result.

Some accessories have the same format, but vary in diameter; while others allow effects of curling iron, hair dryer and straightening brushes.

But it is noteworthy that among the majority of these accessories, only one allows the rotation. Others may even transmit heat, but with more limited functions.

What is the best roller brush?

Fulfilling all requirements of the selection criteria, including technical characteristics, effectiveness, value and above all, the buyers of the assessments, the Rotary Brush Ceramic Ion Brush Spin is undoubtedly the best roller brush 2020.

Besides coming with 4 different accessories drying, smooth, shape and define the various types of hair, the rotating brush Ceramic Ion Brush Spin has a thermal technology that transmits heat uniformly to the hair.

Its ceramic structure also protects hair while emitting negative ions, including rotational movement in both directions give more shine, softness and a different finish to each choice.

The possibility of speed and temperature setting combined with power 900w brings agility throughout the process of brushing, thus reinforcing its proposal for practicality.

To the same end to the lounge, it comes with cold air blast feature, which concludes the preparation of wires providing a silky and hydrated effect.

The durability of the product and efficiency were also featured in the ratings of buyers online retail sites.

Best rotating brush money

If the option is a rotating brush with more affordable value, however, without losing the quality of the result, the Rotary Brush Infinity Tourmaline Ion Mondial is the solution.

It comes with a ceramic coating and Tourmaline technology to preserve and benefit structure of the wires. The emission of negative ions also enhances the end result to seal the cuticles.

Its high power and the ability to adjust the temperature also streamlines and facilitates hair preparation, including the heat transmitted can reach 210c.

Mondial ER-03 also comes with cold air jet to finalize the hairstyles brighter and another key feature of the brand is safety. This brush has rotating shaft which facilitates handling and double rotation system, which in addition to different modeling also assists in untangling wires.

And finally the benefits of this model, it is noteworthy that the Mondial ER-03 is an extremely light brush, and can be transported easily and what is best does not make the process of tiring and exhausting brushing.

Best rotating brush mark

Various models, a lot of technology and proven quality to customer satisfaction, these factors led to Philco brand to the top of the ratings and purchase figures from the rotating brush category.

The diversity of brushes and their values ​​allow anyone to have access to the product, including, effectively for all hair types.

There are simpler versions, others with multifunctional, compact and even professionals. Whatever the choice, Philco ensures the quality of products offering up to 12 months warranty.

The materials used in the structure of the plates while protecting and caring of the wires are extremely tough and durable, which confirms the dedication of the mark as the best of the rotating brushes.

In this guide, including, it appears twice, in a more complete version and a more simple, however, with the same benefits in terms of functionality, efficiency and satisfaction of the final result.

The best brush in 2020 was also considered the Philco. The model Spin Ceramic Ion Brush meets all expectations temperature of technical, material, size, weight, including for monitoring various accessories for different modeling results.

Although it is extremely easy and practical handling of the rotary brush, a few tips can make the process even faster and very satisfactory result.

The first is to use the brush to damp hair. Although some models indicate their use in wet hair for drying the wire, the fact that its power be lower compared to the dryer, makes the process a little slower.

When used on damp hair to finish drying and ensure the desired modeling, its proposal is much more efficient.

Another tip is; to avoid the embarrassment of wires during rotation, the beauty professionals indicate its use in extension of the middle strands to the ends, ignoring the root even before his shape and larger diameter, root access already it becomes more complicated.

Now that you know how to use and choose the best rotary brush model in this guide, check also the best options in dryers, curling iron, flat iron and brush trowel to complete your kit for the sake of beauty and health of the wires.