Best Portable Air Conditioning 2020 ⇒ What Brand Choose?

Best Portable Air Conditioning 2020 ⇒ What Brand Choose?

It is very common for people to have doubts when choosing what the ideal model of portable air conditioner, because it must first know what their priorities are.

If you are prioritizing the economy by month’s end, an attractive design to integrate seamlessly with the environment or who simply do everything it promises.

So you can answer your questions, we have prepared a special tutorial for you with all the details about the best portable air conditioners available in the market. Discover what the ideal model to meet your needs.

Best Portable Air Conditioning 2020

Review of Best Portable Air Conditioning 2020

DeLonghi Pinguino 12.000 BTUs

Best Portable Air Conditioning 2020 ⇒ What Brand Choose?

Considered a strong air conditioner that offers a cooling capacity of 12,000 BTUs. This unit is suitable for small and medium-sized offices, bedrooms, living rooms, computer rooms, etc. It employs advanced technology to recirculate the captured moisture to cool the air. This helps minimize the condensate accumulation.

In addition, this unit offers an intuitive interface and user controls to help control the environment of your room with ease and convenience. If you are planning to buy this air conditioner for your home or office.

It is designed exclusively to provide impressive ability to consume minimal power. In addition, this unit reaches the desired environment within a short period of time.

The PACAN120EW uses an advanced mechanism of condensate recirculation to minimize condensation buildup. This highly effective mechanism makes this air conditioning solution suitable for wet locations. This unit is capable of removing moisture to 54.95 liters per day when the air conditioner is in the cooling dehumidifying.

In the configuration of dehumidification only, the air cooling system is able to extract moisture until 86.65 liters per day. If you are looking for a unit that serves the cooling functions and the air dehumidification, this air conditioner is an appropriate solution.

In addition to cool and dehumidify your room, this air conditioner has a BioSilver air filter that effectively traps dust, pollen and bacteria. With this unit in your home, you get fresh air, fresh, clean and free of excess moisture.

Furthermore, this air-conditioned room has a remote control that lets you control the environment of your room without having to walk to where the unit is positioned. In addition, the PACAN120EW has casters that allow the movement from one position to another with ease and convenience.

Virtually all appliances that have a fan and a compressor produce an audible sound. This air conditioner produces an audible sound that can be disturbing for highly noise sensitive people. However, the unit does not produce an annoying sound. In addition, this air conditioner consumes minimal energy and therefore you do not have to worry about the increase in electricity consumption.

The PACAN120EW comes with a window ventilation kit that fits in most standard windows. Although the process is clearly elaborated in the manual, we note that can be time consuming if any improvisation is necessary for the unit to fit in your window. For most of the projected windows, minor modifications are necessary. If properly installed, the unit cools the room effectively to make sure your room has a comfortable atmosphere.

Ventisol Acp 10Btu 01 Premium

Best Portable Air Conditioning 2020 ⇒ What Brand Choose?

The model Ventisol of portable air conditioner has 950 W of power and 10,000 BTUs, a versatile model that can be used in different environments, with good features and a look that pleases consumers. At the top, it has a slightly rounded, with white color option and gray accents on its side. The product is well finished, maintaining a good visual standard. Its size is similar to other market models with 25kg and 420mm wide.

The air suction occurs on its side and the air distribution occurs at the top. The handles are on their side and also has wheels that facilitate transport between rooms. The instrument comes with the installation kit which includes a window fitting strip beyond the duct.

In the panel, the buttons are touch sensitive and embedded, which allow you to access the functions and also power cycle the device. The available functions are:

The sleep mode is interesting for those who feel very cold at night and ending waking up several times to change the temperature, triggers it, it increases 1 degree after 1h the temperature was scheduled after 2 hours, it increases plus 2 degrees temperature previous. The smart technology of this device means that the heat emission is lower during the sleep period, so the temperature change.

Use of this model is ideal for small spaces such as offices and single rooms of a house, measuring up to 20 square meters. Thanks to the range of functions, the function of dehumidifying the air is useful for environments that require less moisture to prevent the occurrence of mold.

For the environment, this model of air conditioning portable Ventisol is the best because it uses a refrigerant gas that causes damage to the ozone layer, being environmentally friendly.

Portable Air Conditioning

The portable option of an air conditioner is the best idea for those needing cool an environment, but still can not invest in a split air conditioner or does not have available space to put an air conditioning wall. This option is very common for those who live in a rental property where reforms, however small, are not allowed.

The portable air conditioner is much simpler and installation is very much in mind, not to mention that it is a device that can be moved between the rooms of your home and is independent. He makes a little more noise than the models of Split and some models are not as powerful, but it fits perfectly for small environments such as apartment rooms.

Portable Air Conditioning How It Works?

The operation of the portable model of the air conditioner is basically the same as the traditional models, it performs the exchange of hot air from the cold, and even though it seems a simple thing, it is necessary that the environment suffers some adjustments, being one of those adaptations that it is near a window or the extension tube is installed (best option). Thus, the hot air environment is eliminated, leaving freshly baked good environment.

Like all air conditioning models, due to the removal of moisture from the air, the portable model also has water accumulation, but is stored within the same product than what happens in the traditional models, the water is directed to the condenser. There are air conditioning models laptop comes to accumulate up to 20l of water inside.

The latest models have a different technology and smarter, where the water generated by the humidity, need not be ruled out, it is consumed by the appliance.

Choosing Air Conditioning Silent Laptop

The device aims not only thermal comfort, but also the silence, for the moments of rest, the greater the greater silence will be a feeling of rest, then one of the first conditions is a portable air conditioning quiet.

When choosing, check how quiet is the chosen device, so that the quality of your rest is not compromised. In large cities, noise pollution is a major concern, where people have to live with various sounds, electronics up alarms and police sirens / ambulance. Frequent exposure to noise can cause excessive tiredness, increased blood pressure and headaches.

The portable air conditioner is considered a noisy appliance when compared to other models, such as Split. The sound of a single line telephone can reach up to 60 decibels, which is the sound of two people talking, but there are models that are really silent, we will show you a result.

Why buy a Portable Air Conditioning Hot and Cold?

Despite a very nice weather we have in Brazil, the warm temperatures are present for much of the year, but there are places in some months of the year, the winter weather takes hold of the city, such as the South of the country . Thus, an air conditioning only cold function, would not be of much use.

So there are models that ensure the dual role, air conditioning hot and cold, so that in the warmer seasons, it cool and when the weather is cold, warms the atmosphere, keeping the temperature very pleasant for everyone.

In normal function of cooling, the device removes all the hot air that is present in place so that cold air can enter, as the hot function, it just works the other way, pulling cool air and bringing the hot air, pumping its interior.

Know what is the Air Conditioning Portable Inverter

Most modern appliances have a technology known as Reverse, which serves to regulate the flow of energy within the system, modifying the speed used by the compressor. This technology is designed to reduce power consumption when it is detected that the environment needs more or less cooling.

The Portable air conditioning reverse assists for the system to consume less power too early, reducing power surges as well as fluctuations due to the compressor does not shut down almost ever, it adjusts the rotation, so power consumption is reduced.

How to choose the portable air conditioner with the correct power

There are many doubts among consumers regarding the amount of BTUs required for a device can cool the whole environment so that really meets the needs, to have no doubt, end up buying the one with the most power, and therefore the most expensive. However, you may be paying expensive without the slightest need.

The BTU refer to the amount of cold that is needed to be able to change the temperature of a certain environment, assuming that will be necessary to cool pint of water to reach the temperature 0.56 ° C. To make it easier to know what really required amount is 600 BTUs for environment square meter, considering low incidence of sunlight, if high incidence, increase to 800 BTUs.

Other factors also need to be taken into account, such as: amount of electronics in the environment, lamps, windows and curtains. In addition, the movement of people should also be considered. Brazil’s region also need to enter the account, because we have the difference between the South and the Northeast, for example.

What are the most common questions about portable air conditioner?

We know that the time to choose for a portable air conditioner is not a simple task, the consumer usually needs a little help, so that all your questions are solved. So, we list the main questions at the time of device choice. Check out the following

Best Air Conditioning Brand Laptop?

Electrolux is a pioneering brand in the market, and portable air conditioner would not be different, it is a brand with quality reference. The PO10F model is very modern, combined with various decorating styles without losing the style. Innovation is on your dashboard, with 99% of the panel Touch, where only the On / Off button is off the panel. There is a number of interesting features, not to mention the quality of its material and its finish.

What is the Best Portable Air Conditioning?

Best Portable Air Conditioning Market

No doubt, we can elect the Delonghi Pinguino 12,000 BTU model as the best air conditioning in 2020, with a very intuitive touch panel and easy to handle. It has remote control, in addition to wheels for easy transport. It works with 3 modes, including the function of dehumidifying, as the team allows the device can be programmed to avoid energy waste.

Best Price Portable Air Conditioning

Springer Midea with 12:00 0BTUs has the best market price, compared to other models of other brands on the market. For those looking for a portable air conditioner, but can not invest in a more robust model, the Midea model is ideal.

Best Portable Air Conditioning Cost Benefit

The Ventisol brand is the least known among its competitors, but has a good quality in its products with a competitive price, making the best cost-benefit ratio in the market for the portable air conditioner. His power serves small spaces with good cooling, keeping the refrigerator. Its weight is similar to other models of other brands.