The 7 Best Drones (Beginners And Cost Benefit) 2020

The 7 Best Drones (Beginners and Cost Benefit) 2020

Innovating various professionals and also entertainment activities, through its technology and power range, the Drone is gaining popularity more and more in the country and winning the interest of a wide audience due its many purposes.

This flying device driven by remote control was developed to expand the scope of monitoring and security activities, however, his outstanding performance earned other use proposals.

Currently the drone is also used professionally for photographs, filming, deliveries, searches in hard to reach places, including in the areas of engineering and agriculture for local measure or spraying crops.

There are several professional features of this device, but another great advantage is its use for means of entertainment. The possibility of reaching great heights and distances performs the desire and fulfills every expectation of those lovers of the sky and freedom.

A flight autonomous and free, in addition to the various features of images, GPS, among others; Drone makes an item as useful as fun, so to choose the best Drone 2019, worth checking out all the details of this guide and learn the time in the world of technology.

Best Drones 2020

With more specific options for certain jobs, as well as for distraction and hobbies times each Drone This ranking contains the main features techniques to make their use more efficient and satisfactory.

Another factor that strengthens the designation of these devices as the best 2019 were the evaluations of its users and the number of sales in a major virtual retail stores.

Now that one of these models is the best according to your usage expectations, just check the following information and unite them to your preference.

Review of Best Drones 2019

The Drone is one of the representations of the technological evolution of our time; and what makes it even more revolutionary is its easy access, as the variety of models and values ​​available.

Precisely because of this variety of functions, the choice of 2019 Drone best can be a bit more complicated, since the selection criteria changes according to every need.

Some prioritize the durability of flight time, others altitude and distance achieved, also has those who prefer drones with more powerful cameras more compact or smaller models.

Faced with such diversity, the best way to ensure optimal drone for its activities is first, set your priorities and associate them with the attributes presented in each model. For this we summarize the main information of the best drones 2019. Check out!

Drones: Choice Criteria

Best drone will always be one that perfectly meets your needs and it is necessary to define its primary use.

If your goal is aerial photos, drones with higher pixels and battery life are the criteria that should be prioritized.

For those who use the flying device for measuring areas, spraying crops, monitoring, screening or deliveries; altitude, extent and speed that the drone strikes, certainly will be key factors for effectiveness.

Learn more about each of these specifications and make the best choice when buying!

Flight runtime

Most drones is in the air for a period of 10 to 40 minutes. This factor is related to the durability of the battery.

Despite the possibility to carry an extra battery and make the switch, this process can be a bit laborious and time consuming. In view of this, depending on the type of activity that will be performing with his drone, choose devices with more autonomy.

Note also, that the more resources the drone has, the faster the battery depletion.


The altitudes reached by this guide drones vary from 5m to 10km. As with any criterion of choice, which will define this variant will be the activity to perform with the drone.

For professional applicability in mapping and capturing images of large, for instance, drones with high altitude capability, within 3km are the most suitable.

Now the case of use for fun or for a more specific activity, drones low altitude of 5 meters, already play their role excellently.


The length that a drone strike can reach 30 km, according to the models of this guide. The fact of losing the object of view can leave many apprehensive beginners, so if you will start the activities with your device now, better to start with a more basic, less far-reaching.

For professional use this feature is very important, as some are used for delivery or searches in places of difficult access, for example.

But if your concern is the battery going dead with his drone away, you should know that most models contain GPS for location, or if, constant before this load reduction, features such as “Return Home” button makes his return device quickly to the starting point.


For monitoring and security services, prompt response unit makes differential. Therefore, especially in this type of activity, it is worth investing in this criterion and drones that reach more than 50 km per hour.

The ability to control the speed and vary it according to your needs, makes the flying device even more versatile and practical.

This variable already present in the main releases d the category of drones.

Pixels Camera

One of the key features of the drone is the ability to capture aerial images of practice and quickly.

Apart from this function is used in various sectors, such as engineering, agriculture, security, among others, aerial photography has been innovating and enhancing the career event photo professionals.

With increased range and unique angles, the images captured by the drone guarantee incredible scenarios, especially when associated with high pixels resolution.

For professional-quality images indicates it is about 20MP resolution.

There are also models that record to 4k technology found in smart TV launches.


The compactness of the drone influences a lot in its applicability. Due to its proposal to extend the reach and sight of certain place, surely you will use it in various places.

For this it is essential that the transportation equipment is practical and often more discreet.

Of course, the more features, the heavier the device turns out to be, but there are also portable models with great efficiency.

Most models that dispense professional use does not weigh up to 250 grams, as from this weight you must have a legal registration in the ANAC (National Civil Aviation Agency).

As with any technological product with each release a novelty is the integrated functionality of resources and this would be no different with the drones.

In addition to improving the quality of pixels and the other acimas criteria, such as the ability to altitude, longitude and speed, the newest drones also have other advantages that further ensure ease and efficiency during use.

Among the main, we can highlight a few, such as activation commands by hand gestures, face recognition, GPS, obstacle detector and the “Return Home” function, which brings the drone back to the starting point quickly.

What better Drone?

The DJI Inspire 2 drone brings together the latest technological features of aerial devices, surpassing all other models, either in image quality of supported cameras and signal range.

With battery dual system, it ensures a flight time of approximately 27 minutes, reaching up to 94km speed.

The signal reaches 7 km away and height, 5km, moreover it does angles up to 360 degrees.

Among the main advantages of DJI Inspire are your photographic capabilities.

The cameras compatible with this device are the ZenMuse and currently releases X5 X5R and further leverage the picture quality through the resolution of 20MP and videos in 4K. You can also make panoramic images.

Other smart programs Inspire makes handling even more convenient and enjoyable, including its detection sensor objects reinforces safety and durability of the product.

What better Drone Cost benefit?

If use of the drone is not for business purposes, most economic models can greatly meet the needs of filming and breadth of reach.

The HJ14W, for example, is an excellent quadricoptero and has a much more affordable price than other models of this guide.

It comes with HD camera and is suspended for about 8 minutes in the air. It reaches 100 meters away and can be controlled by application on the phone.

Its material is ecological and anti-aging, and everything is compact and lightweight, easy transport to the desired location.

Available in white or black, HJ14W provides basic features, but with a lot of efficiency and accuracy before it is an excellent option to benefit from cost category.

Drone what better brand?

The DJI brand is one of the most used and well evaluated in the category of unmanned aerial vehicles.

It was founded in China in 2006 by Frank Wang and also leads in the development of flight control and propulsion systems, cameras and image stabilizers.

A variety of models provides a wider access by the brand, as it has drones of R $ 600.00 to R $ 100,000.00.

Besides the diversity in values, there are devices most suitable for capturing images with better resolutions and more flight autonomy. Other unique for services that require speed and real-time monitoring.

All materials and programs used by the DJI gives what’s newest and most unique in terms of technology.

So if your choice is for the DJI Drone, it is certainly getting a lot of quality device, power and good performance, according to the evaluations and recommendations of the own customers.

After all the information and details of the best drones 2019, there are some important information you should know before starting to drive your flying device.

Following these rules and choosing one of the models presented in this guide, surely you will have great satisfaction and efficiency when riding your drone, either for fun or business.

Enjoy and also choose a smartphone or smartwatch that can be used as drone control compatible applications.