Building A Model Truck


Having considered some of the best model car kits on the market today let’s spend a few moments and have look at one of the most popular kits in today’s modelling, Semi Truck Model kits. Our review will provide insight on the basic features and then proceed to an outlook on the pros and cons and what other users experience has been like. Let’s get to our first semi-truck model kit.

What you need…

The needs of a semi-truck are quite identical to most model kits. In other words, basics don’t really change though there are a few related changes. Let’s get on board and see what we have in store.


This is an indispensable asset in any model building kit. It is always a must to make sure you get the highest quality otherwise you wouldn’t be wrong to get any building done.

Xacto Knife:

This is another staple in any personal kit. The knife serves multiple purposes from basic scraping to removing of excess parts.

Nail clippers/Sprue Cutters

Sprue cutters supplement the Xacto knife through providing a solution for cutting plastic model sprues. In the case where Sprue cutters are a bit too hard to get, Nail clippers can save the day and perform to near efficiency.


This plays a commendable role in fine tuning the framework in the case where you have gaps and seams. Putty works just perfect in maintaining the integrity of the surface in conjunction with sandpaper and the painting process.


It is hard to imagine modeling without any form of painting. This is what really enables the model to stand out and appeal to the crowd. Always visualize and decide beforehand which color scheme you need and follow through the process in a meticulous way.

Sand paper

Sand paper is the essence of refining and fine tuning of the model parts. It is hard to have a sleek and beautiful surface without the use of sand paper. It exists in different grits which are basically grades of sanding you choose from depending on the degree of molding you need.

Paint Brush/Spray Can.

This is another obvious need as it goes along with the paint. You can opt for a Spray can or a paint brush, it all comes down to your preference. The key is in getting the highest quality you can find. Always go for the most authentic models from manufacturers who have a good track record to show for it. Online review sites come in handy to expose the actual flaws actual users are facing concerning the models.

Having considered the basics, let’s have a moment to consider what we found as remarkable examples of semi-truck model kits. Thousands of models exist on the market and we went on a daring expedition to come up with two examples which show unprecedented class when compared with most of the semi track models on the market.

ERTL International Transtar II Eagle Cabover Truck Model Car Mountain Kit FS AMT

This semi-truck kit has a lot to show for in the features department and the performance seems to be promising upon a comprehensive consideration on the associated reviews. Without much blurb, let us proceed and look at what the package offers to the modeler.


The semi-truck kit features over 200 parts at your disposal and it has white as the principle color. It also features a highly detailed engine along with a chassis and detailed interiors. Additionally, it features expanded and improved decals in a well packaged retro deluxe style.


This truck provides an excellent semi-truck option in terms of overall build and design. The look is pleasing especially after a hard and determined assembly process. The instructions are easy enough to understand thus making the assembly process a breeze. The building material is durable and it goes the extra mile offering incredible wheel accessories. It’s a definite 4.5 out of 5 stars from us.


An expected positive review from current users vindicates any call for a try out on this model kit. A 4 star out of 5 stars isn’t a small achievement at all along with statements citing its impressive usability and durability in a consistent way.

AMT 1/25 Mack Cruise-liner Semi Tractor Plastic Model Kit Amt1062

Next up on our list is the cruise liner semi-tractor kit. This kit represents another one of AMT’s semi-tractor and trailer series masterpiece with a lot of features to appreciate. Let’s get forward and look at the features.


This is basically a 1/25 scale model and it belongs to the advanced skill level. It comes with 280 parts in total with white as the principle color. It also features a tilting cab, vinyl truck tires, an expanded decal sheet and requires paint and cement Tobe purchased separately. The packaging is deluxe in nature and the overall design is highly detailed.


Design wise, it is one of those highly detailed designs in both the exteriors and the interiors. The assembling instructions make it easy enough for any intermediate to advanced modeler and the build quality is exceptional. Going at an e-bay price of 35 dollars, it isn’t exactly an option to ignore as it provides a lot of value to the modeler.


Just like our previous semi-truck model on the list, there seems to be a good reception with much of it owing to the ease of assembly and the durable build. Three main themes came out from our exploration of the reviews and these were the beautiful design, durable build and an exciting assembling experience.