The 9 Best Tallies 2020 | The First Is Professional

The 9 Best tallies 2020 | The first is PROFESSIONAL

No matter your hair type, the flat iron or board will always be a good ally to improve the appearance, including its functionality is no longer limited only to the smoothing.

With a lot of technology involved, this electrical appliance today, as also assists in various treatments of the wires surpassing the old design harmful.

ripple effects, curls or more volume can also be achieved with use of flat iron.

What made this product even more efficient and safe for the health of hair are the material composition of their boards. Before direct contact with aluminum finished burning the wires and dehydrating them with every step.

Currently these plates are coated with ceramic, titanium and tourmaline, which ensure a better distribution of heat loads and emit infrared or negative ion protecting the wires and allowing brighter.

Other benefits of this device and the ideal models for every need, you can see here in this guide of the Best 2020 tallies.

Best tallies 2020

It’s always great when technological innovations combine aesthetic benefits to health. Thinking about it, every release the Babyliss brand, Taiff, Gama, Philco, and Lizze Mondial bring new developments that aim to protect the wires and make them even more beautiful, according to the result you want to use the flat iron.

Is to smooth, finishing a hairstyle, curl or execution of chemical procedures and treatments; certainly one of those options guide of the best flat irons 2020 will fulfill its main demands in terms of efficiency, safety and results.

Review of Best tallies 2020

Amid so many brands and models, including features and designs like the question is: what is the best flat iron 2020?

The first tip to choose the right board is to adapt its characteristics to the hair type and desired purpose.

Temperature, the panel material, size and other factors influence the end result and therefore should be analyzed and selected as the hair and your needs.

Along these criteria, the opinions of professionals and users were also prioritized to bring you the best boards on the market.

Selection criteria: tallies

An efficient flat iron and besides smooth, protects the wires must contain some specific features.

The main one is the material of their boards, which can add benefits to the hair and accelerate the modeling process.

Other factors such as temperature, size and weight of the plates also ensure the agility of the process and the quality of the final result.

To learn more about these sloshing differentials check out the details below that will facilitate your choice.


Currently three types of materials are among the composition of the best flat irons, including ceramic, titanium and tourmaline.

Unlike aluminum, predecessor the panel material of the flat irons, these other elements do not damage the wires and not burn with proper use, including, provide several advantages emissions beneficial cargo hair.

Some models come with these three technologies associated, which makes the result of smoothing or modeling more efficient and secure.

beneficial functions for the wires

Besides the material, most of the models covered in this guide comes with features that add more benefits and health to the hair.

Emission of negative ions, which closes the cuticles and make them more silky hair; infrared that eliminates hair toxins and restores the health of wires and also the positive ions, suitable for professionals before chemical processes, they open the wire structure.

If Apart from the above materials, your board has any of these benefits can be sure that the result will be the hair healthy and beautiful as ever wished.


The temperature speeds up the process and is responsible for leaving the hair smooth during each pass of the board.

The beauty professionals recommend adjust it according to the type of hair, in order not to damage them and ensure the desired result.

If the iron is used by several people, ideally having to regulate the temperature adjustment following the preference and needs of each person.

Size of the plates

The plates, also known as pads may vary in size according to the needs of use.

For those with large and long hair are recommended wider planks to cover larger amount of locks and speed up the straightening process.

The thinner models are suitable for those who prioritize finishing details, as they reach the root, fringe and especially, can be used as a curler.


The weight of taps affects the ergonomics of the smoothing process. The lighter, better handling and less fatigue to the arm muscles.

Another advantage of the lightest models is shipping totes and bags to always be prepared in any place or occasion.

In order not to make the process of straightening or modeling with tiring boards, choose models with less than 900 grams.

There is difference between flat iron and board?

There is no difference, it is only a variation of the name of this device. You choose how you want to call, but the important thing is to select the correct model as your needs, preference and especially your hair type.

Among so many choices and presented features, now it’s easy to associate what you need most to the ideal flat iron right? If not, we will help a little bit …

What is the best flat iron?

A great quality of a product is its multi-functionality, which is the case of the iron Chapinha (board) Taiff Look Bivolt, it comes with external ribs that support the modeling process and waving wires, and of course, to smooth with all efficiency.

Super light and thin, comes to the root and difficult spots such as those hairs that grow around the forehead.

Its temperature is ideal for various types of hair and can be adjusted between 150c to 200c.

With ceramic plates and emission of ions through their light blue LED, Taiff Look is synonymous with efficiency and quality of operations.

Hair softer, brighter and more importantly, protected and healthy is the main objective of Taiff Look.

Best Flat Iron Professional

More temperature, more power and more quality in the final result, this is the proposal of PLANK / PLATE BABYLISS PRO NANO TITANIUM 1 1/4 – BY ROGER – 220 volts.

The popularity of the blue flat iron Babyliss PRO has raised many copies and imitations, so you need to pay attention to the Inmetro seal of security.

The temperature reaches 230C and 450F streamlines the smoothing process, by treating the yarn at the same time.

The titanium plates and ceramic coating protect the hair and transmit heat from the inside out of the wires.

In addition to issuing negative ions, this board has infrared benefits that returns moisture to the hair during each pass.

Its lightweight and slim design allows a perfect finish from the roots to the hair tips.

Best Flat Iron Cost Benefit

If the option is a cheaper flat iron without losing efficiency, we also have an indication: the Gamma Board Eleganza Infinity One Black – Bivolt.

It weighs only 255 grams and reaches a temperature of up to 220C.

The ceramic plates protect the wires that slide past each getting more shiny and soft.

Positive assessments also attest to the quality and efficiency of this product with a very low value compared to other brands.

Among the recommendations, durability and ease of straightening process or modeling were the main highlights.

The modern design also does not lack, making Gama Eleganza Infinity One the best flat iron for money market.

What is the Best Flat Iron Brand?

As in the 2020 ranking of the best dryers, Taiff appears among the best flat irons of the year with three models.

The diversity of models, compositions of the boards and variety of values ​​contribute to the brand forward more and more as the most affordable and efficient market.

In addition to the boards for domestic use, there are professional models, laptops and other modeling equipment that facilitate the process of beautification and care of the wires.

Among the most bought and recommended category, there is always a Taiff this validating this design.

Many buyers use the brand as the main criterion of choice and no doubt, if the bet is a flat iron of Taiff surely you also will not regret it!