Revised 3 Planetary Mixers Of Masterchef Ideal For You

Revised 3 Planetary Mixers of Masterchef Ideal For You

Whenever there is that special recipe becomes essential to have a mixer.

This statement is even more true if you are someone who likes to make candy designed to please the family.

If the interest is selling, a good mixer is an even more important factor.

In this case, it is recommended planetary mixers, they are known by different and specific movements of their scouts.

Having a device of this type makes it possible to choose the “perfect spot” for your dough, cake batter, meringue, whipped cream, etc.

Many confectioners selling custom to have two types of mixers to enhance productivity on a daily basis.

Thus, learn about planetary mixers of Masterchef, which bring the proposal to make the user’s life much easier due to practicality and efficiency provided by its highly developed features.

For 2018, the three planetary mixers are Masterchef Planetary MasterChef BA1001P, Planetary BA3001V MasterChef and MasterChef Planetary BA2001.

Planetary mixers Masterchef

Planetary mixers Masterchef are recommended for people who cook a lot, as they are considered more “resistant”.

Moreover, some of them have more than one mode, which allows users to use the mixer as well as a blender and meat grinder.

The availability of eight-speed allows the adjustment needs to user needs, while the high power ensures reduction of time in the production of income at the time of preparation.

With a functional design, some mixers also have antirespingos transparent cover, security lock and non-slip feet. These features reduce the risk of accidents and excessive dirt in the kitchen.

consideration points before buying

Consider mixer material on the purchase, the bowl made of plastic, for example, is more difficult to maintain properly sanitized.

In addition, plastic is not as sturdy long-term material. The best to use a metal bowl.

Depending on your intention to acquire the mixer, it is interesting to note the accessories that accompany the product. Some accessories are more appropriate to have certain effect on the masses, in the case of balloon beaters.

Power is something important, it is recommended at least 300w power. The greater the power, the greater the mixer’s ability to produce heavier masses.

So, I really think that item before you buy a mixer that will not be able to match your expectations.

The intuitive design of the mixer is also something to consider when buying the product, after all it is important to be practical to use on a daily basis.

For example, it should be clear to the customer how to use modes, removing accessories, changing speed levels, etc.

Mixers planetary ideal Masterchef for you

The mixer Planetary Premium MasterChef BA3001P is the most expensive, on the other hand is the one that offers more options to the user. There are eight levels of speed, eight accessories, 4.5 Liters and 1000W.

Items that comes with the mixer are: antirespingos transparent cover, meat grinder, 1 hook for pasta, 1 flat spade, fouet 1, 1 glass jar 1.5L, 01 bowl stainless steel 4,3L.

The great advantage of this mixer is that, as well as 2001V, it can be used as a grinder carde and blender as well, but it is necessary for the user to be very attentive to the activated mode of the mixer, they must be used separately, because they depend on one single engine.

With a lower price, the mixer Planetary MasterChef BA2001V also has eight levels of speed, however, seven accessories.

The size is also smaller: 4.3 liters and power remains the same, 1000W.

The list of items that come with the mixer are: stainless steel bowl 4,3L glass jar 1.5L, 1 fouet, 1 shovel flat, hook 01 for pasta, 1 meat grinder, 1 antirespingos transparent cover.

In all, the mixer with the lowest price is the planetary MasterChef BA1001V.

This contains eight speed levels, five accessories, 4.3 Liters and 700W.

It is ideal for people who are willing to do something more elaborate, however, are not professionals.

The advantage of this mixer in relation to the other is its weight.

While the first two have 4.2 kg, this has 3.84 kg, which can facilitate the moment displacement of the equipment or changes in travel.

The downside is that this product does not have the functions grinder meat and blender.

In this case, you must purchase the appliances individually.

Although not necessarily designed for professionals, BA1001V has a variety of accessories with features that take a more professional look to user needs common: aluminum hook for pasta, shovel aluminum flat pasta, stainless steel fouet bowl stainless steel, antirespingos transparent cover.

A major advantage for the three mixers is that all have non-slip feet, as the lack of control on the movement generated by the mixer is a recurring problem among confectioners.

The machine usually alone and move it must be very observant all the time not to an accident in the kitchen.

Where to buy planetary mixers Masterchef

The mixers are available for purchase online at various sites, including the brand’s own website, which offers free shipping to Brazil.

The products can usually be found in the red and black colors. In the online shop of the American, they are available only two models of Masterchef planetary mixer: the BA3001P and BA1001P.

However, the store provides a number of other brands of planetary mixers. There are still other sites that allow the purchase of mixers in various ways.

Other online stores that sell the product are Magazine Luiza, Free Market, Shoptime, Polishop, Carrefour and Casas Bahia.

Now, if you prefer other brands, the one given in our guide of the best planetary mixers that help you in choosing.