The 8 Best Electric Heaters Doesnt Your 2020

The 8 Best Electric Heaters Doesnt your 2020

Although Brazil is a tropical country, dominated the hot weather in most regions; there are cities, mainly in the South, at least once a year face harsh winters with temperatures below zero.

For those who live in these places or like to travel to enjoy this warm weather, equipment very efficient which can help providing a more pleasant weather to the environment is the electric heater.

With intensity levels that can be adjusted making the place more or less hot, the heater raises the temperature in a matter of minutes, eliminating the use of various blankets and warm clothing.

With more compact options or models for pressing, this appliance is gaining more enthusiasts, aimed more convenience, efficiency and comfort on cold days.

The variety of models, types and main operating unit of the technical characteristics presented in this guide will make choosing the best electric heater 2020 even easier and more satisfying. So be sure to check every detail of this article and choose the ideal for your home.

Best of 2020 electric heaters

These models meet the very latest technology and the category of the market heaters.

With efficiency and quality guaranteed, either by the structure, resources or even the evaluation of buyers, these heaters will surely make a big difference in their winter.

Mondial brands, Cadence, Philco, Nilko and Britain, as well as being featured in sales also allow for more optimal use of the devices, as some have extra features such as ventilation and dehumidification.

Learn more details of each of these heaters and combines this information to your needs, so the choice will be without a doubt the best!

Review of the top 2020 electric heaters

Even for those who like that chill, there are days that the very low temperature becomes so uncomfortable as those days of excessive heat.

Since exaggerated nothing is good, alleviate this discomfort increased the degree of the environment ends up being a much-needed measure to regions of the country undergoing intense winters.

This is where the electric heater becomes an essential tool and very effective, since in just a few minutes can change the whole atmosphere of reality, providing more comfort, warmth and reducing the risk of hypothermia.

Despite all these benefits, to heat the air, it can also reduce the humidity of the environment, which leads to respiratory diseases. To avoid this problem it is recommended a controlled use.

See details of the best electric heaters 2020 and ensure hottest days of rapid, practical and effective.

Selection criteria: Electric Heater

Amid so many options yet the question is, what is the best electric heater 2020?

To decide from time, just look at some criteria for each model, such as running, power consumption, heat capacity and form of installation.

Through these factors, it is possible to adjust any of these above mentioned models, to your preferences and then define which of these best meets the needs of your home or work.

It is also important to analyze the conditions of the sites that will receive this equipment, such as the floor, the film, even if children have access, as there are already models with special features for these aspects.

Operation of the electric heater

The most common forms electric heater operation are: Halogens, for oil, ceramics and fan heater.

First you need to evaluate which of these options fall over the environment in which the heater is used.

These variants also have great influence on the device performance, energy consumption and air quality.

Electrical consumption

Currently, both for environmental reasons as for economic measures, pay attention to the household power consumption has become an essential criterion.

Devices that usually stay for several hours plugged in and need a relevant power to fulfill their propositions, as is the case of electric heaters, must have an energy efficiency index with seal Procel A or B.

Therefore it is important to analyze the amount of kW / h each heater uses. The appropriate consumption ranges 1 to 2 Kw / h.


The power of the heater set the room heating capacity, so the more volts, the greater the process of reach and speed, however, the consequence is an increase in energy consumption.

To heat a smaller space, 1000w heaters are best suited. They usually cover up to 15m, and ensure more savings in electricity.

As for environments from 25m, the heaters with 1500 power are more efficient. The 1800 or more can be used in wider areas with about 35m.


In addition to variations in operation, the heaters also have different options of formats.

This advantage allows a better and greater adaptation of this appliance on site to be heated.

Among the main models are the floor, table and wall.

The extra features of the heaters are actually considered more necessary than a bonus simple equipment.

Among them, the main thing is the safety device with automatic shutdown.

This element prevents eventualities, such as device overheating, for example. Overheating can lead to irreversible damage to the heater, including fire hazards.

Another feature that enhances the security of the heater is the fall sensor, which some models have. This system also automatically turns off the heater in case of fall.

There are multifunctional heaters, which in addition to heat bring benefits to treat air or ventilate the room.

What is the best electric heater of 2020?

The characteristics of the models presented in this guide are equivalent in terms of efficiency, cost and consumption.

What differs between these heaters are operating modes and design, including the possibility of mobility and type of installation.

Given these factors, the electric heater Philco PAQ2000B was named best 2020 heater.

It contains the main qualities sought in a heater, such as temperature tuning in up to three levels, extra ventilation function, mobility, because of their dimensions and carrying handle; moreover has security system that stops the operation in case of failure or overheating.

The modern design also ensures that the heater is provided in any environment, regardless of the decor.

Despite the high power of 2000W, the PAQ2000B Philco usually economic good in relation to energy consumption, using only 2 kWh per hour.

Best electric heater for money

Although the figures do not vary greatly from model to model, there are more affordable options in cost, such as Heater Fan heater Auros of Cadence.

The model is very similar to a fan, comes with two levels of temperature and ventilation mode, which makes the heating process quicker and comprehensive.

Compact and with carrying strap can be taken in a very convenient for the various rooms of the house, even while traveling.

Heater runs through the system, which distributes heat through the motion of the propellers instantly and effectively.

Another advantage of this heater is that it circulates and dehumidifies the air, ideal for rainy days or even to use the bathroom during or after bathing.

The value is the great advantage of this heater in relation to its competitors, very affordable, the Auros Cadence is also economical in terms of usage, consuming only 1.5 kWh of energy.

If the intention is to have comfort and warmth with the use of your electric heater, in addition to choosing the best model earlier in this guide, some measures can further ensure satisfaction, including, enhance durability.

Following these tips enjoy your heater to make your nicest cold days and check also other equipment that can improve the quality of your air as the humidifier and air conditioning.